Meet Our Staff

As a Christian camp we believe that we are called to excellence in everything we do. As a result we want gymnasts who compete, riders who show, and boaters who paddle every chance they get. We do this because girls enjoy learning to do things well; they want to be proud of their growth in each skill.

That’s a lot to expect from a college-age counselor and that’s why we place such an emphasis on finding the perfect fit for each staff position. Merri-Mac counselors often begin as campers in our youngest cabins and grow into the remarkable leaders that shape each summer at Merri-Mac

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Program Director

Bonnie Gibson

School: Appalachian State University ’19

Major: Business Management

GPA: 3.2

Campus Involvement: Reformed University Fellowship (RUF), RUF Servant Team, RUF Music Head, RUF Community Group Leader, Intramural Sports, Entrepreneurship Center

Hometown: Asheville, NC

What I’m looking forward to: Being with my favorite people in my favorite place and getting to spend lots of time laughing and playing!

Activity: Programs!

Years at Camp: 3

Certifications: First Aid/CPR/AED

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NEXT: Sarah English Coggins
Yoga and Swimming Instructor

Ella Morton

School: Furman University ’20

Major: Math

Graduate School: University of Texas, Operations Research

Campus Involvement: Research, Math Resource Center Tutor, Men’s Club Volleyball Coach, Furman University Outdoors Club, Women’s Club Volleyball

Hometown: Aiken, SC

What are you looking forward to about camp: I am excited to become a part of the camp community and build relationships with campers and staff.

Activity(s) Teaching: Yoga and Swimming

Years at camp: First year!

Certifications: CPR/First Aid

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NEXT: Anne Darby Keating

Sarah English Coggins

School: Samford University

Major: Journalism and Mass Communication

GPA: 3.5

Campus involvement: ADPI sorority, Reformed University Fellowship, Intramural Flag Football

Hometown: Wilmington, NC

What are you looking forward to at camp: Continuing to grow in past friendships, meeting new people, and watching the spiritual growth of all.

Activity: Swimming

Years at camp: 11

Certifications: CPR/First Aid, Lifeguard

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NEXT: Madison NeeSmith
DIY Crafts

Anne Darby Keating

School: Wofford College

Major: Government and Pre-law

GPA: 3.95

Intended Occupation: Foster Care Attorney 

Campus Involvement: Chief Panhellenic Officer in Kappa Alpha Theta sorority, pre-law society, RUF, knitty gritty (knitting club), CO, Wofford Ambassadors, and Residence Life as an RA

Hometown: Spartanburg, SC

What are you looking forward to about camp: Learning all about camp and its traditions! I am also super excited to get to learn more about the Lord and each other with my campers this summer.

Hometown: Spartanburg, SC

Activity: DIY crafts

Years at Camp: First Year!

Certifications: CPR and First Aid

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NEXT: Maggie Dicks

Madison NeeSmith

School: Furman University

Major: Politics and International Affairs

Intended Occupation: Political Affairs Officer

GPA: 3.68, Graduated Magna Cum Laude

Campus Involvement: Pi Sigma Alpha political science honor society, President of Club Volleyball, Vice President of Club Powerlifting, Power and Fitness Club, Furman Outdoors Club

Hometown: Cornelius, NC

What are you looking forward to about camp: I am so excited to create new relationships/friendships and make great memories with other staffers and campers. I also look forward to teaching and sharing my love for volleyball and basketball while being able to watch everyone grow in their relationship with God. 

Activity: Yoga

Years at Camp: First Year!

Certifications: First Aid/CPR

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NEXT: Jaime Speichinger

Maggie Dicks

School: Miami University

Major: Microbiology and Public Health

GPA: 3.6

Campus Involvement: Equestrian Team, Young Life, Honors program mentor, Outdoor Adventure Club

Hometown: Smyrna, Georgia

What I am looking forward to about camp: Watching girls try new things and expand their comfort zone. As well as living in the beautiful simplicity and wonderful community that camp provides.

Activity Teaching: Backpacking

Years at camp: This will be my first summer at Merri-Mac!

Certifications: Lifeguarding/CPR/First Aid/AED

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NEXT: Cara Barker

Jaime Speichinger

School: Auburn University

Major: Biomedical Sciences

Intended Occupation: Dentist

GPA: 4.0

Campus Involvement: Sigma Kappa Sorority, RUF

Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri

What are you looking forward to about camp: I’m excited to help campers learn and grow throughout the summer!

Activity: Guitar and Cooking

Years at camp: This is my first year!

Certifications: Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED

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NEXT: Grace Billings

Cara Barker

School: University of Southern Mississippi

Major: Special Education

Intended Occupation: Applied Behavioral Analysis therapist  

Campus Involvement: Pi Beta Phi Sorority, Sexual Assault Prevention Ambassadors

Hometown: Petal, MS

What are you looking forward to about camp: I’m looking forward to meeting all of the campers. Since this is my first year at camp, I’m excited to learn all the traditions Merri-Mac has, and to be fully be a part in them.

Activity(s) Teaching: Pottery

Years at camp: First Year!!

Certifications: First Aid/ CPR

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NEXT: Hailey Fuller

Grace Billings

School: Asbury University 

Major: Engineering Mathematics 

Intended Occupation: Mechanical Engineering 

GPA: 4.0

Campus Involvement: Tumbling team, small group bible study, math modeling 

Hometown: Elizabethtown, Kentucky 

What are you looking forward to about camp: I am looking forward to meeting the campers, growing in our faith together, making new friends, and learning the camp traditions. 

Activity: Tennis 

Years at camp: First year

Certifications: CPR and First aid

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NEXT: Mae Howell
Riflery and Puppy Camp

Hailey Fuller

School: University of Alabama

Major: Marketing

Hometown: Savannah, Ga

What are you looking forward to about camp: I can’t wait for another summer of being in my favorite place with my favorite people, and growing in my faith alongside my campers and fellow staff!

Activity: Riflery, Puppy Camp

Years at camp: 10

Certifications: Lifeguarding, CPR/First Aid

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NEXT: Molly Kerr

Mae Howell

School: Auburn University

Major: Nutrition

Intended Occupation: Dietitian

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

What are you looking forward to about camp: I am excited to help girls to enjoy camp the way I did growing up. Also, I am excited to help campers grow in their faith.

Activity: Fitness

Years at camp: 9

Certifications: CPR and First Aid

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NEXT: Sarah Renshaw
Drama and Backpacking

Molly Kerr

School: University of Georgia 

Major: Double Major in Theatre with Entertainment and Media Studies with intended certificate in Musical Theatre 

GPA: 4.828 (high school weighted GPA) 

Campus Involvement: Youth Ministry, Confirmation Leader, Theatre Wings Apprenticeship Program (working backstage of plays), Wando Chorus, Wando Theatre Honors Ensemble, International Thespians Society, National Honors Society, National Beta Club, Wando AP Academy, Tribe Talk News Show

Hometown: Charleston, SC 

What are you looking forward to about camp: Sharing the experience of Camp Merri-Mac and the magic of theatre with campers as they grow, laugh, sing, and make new friendships.

Activity: Drama, Backpacking 

Years at camp:

Certifications: CPR/First Aid 

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NEXT: Lacy Frost

Sarah Renshaw

School: Auburn University

Major: Nursing

Intended Occupation: Pediatric nurse!

GPA: 4.00

Campus Involvement: Campus Crusades for Christ (Cru), Chi Omega, Reformed University Fellowship, Student Government Association

Hometown: Memphis, TN

What are you most excited about this summer:  I am so excited to see all my old friends and to make new ones, of course! I’m also really looking forward to growing in my relationship with the Lord while I spend time worshiping Him in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina!

Activity: Diving

Years at camp: 6

Certifications: CPR/First Aid, Lifeguard

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NEXT: Nicole Catania
Intermediate Cabin Area Director

Lacy Frost

School: Truett McConnell University ’20

Major: Psychology

Intended Occupation: Developmental Psychologist

GPA: 3.5

Campus Involvement: President of Psychology Leadership team, Wellness Center worker, Student worker for Psychology department, Young Scholars Tutoring Program

Hometown: Sandersville, Georgia

What are you looking forward to about camp: Another summer in North Carolina with my best friends & serving intermediate campers and counselors!

Activity: Intermediate Cabin Area Director

Years at camp: 3

Certifications: CPR/First Aid

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NEXT: Tessa Crider
Archery and Kayaking

Nicole Catania

School: University of Florida 

Major: English 

Intended Occupation: Teacher

GPA: 3.6

Campus Involvement: Reformed University Fellowship, Phi Mu

Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

What are you looking forward to about camp: I can’t wait to spend another summer in the beautiful mountains, seeing old and new campers, growing in faith in my favorite place, and singing in the dining hall!

Activity: Archery and Kayaking

Years at camp: 8

Certifications: CPR/ First Aid/ WFA/ LG

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NEXT: Molly Dwyer

Tessa Crider

School: Franciscan University of Steubenville

Major: Business Marketing and Management 

GPA: 3.5

Campus Involvement: Franciscan Women’s Basketball and Stella Marie Household 

Hometown: Tipton, PA

What I’m looking forward to at camp: I’m looking forward to investing time into relationships with my campers and staff! 

Activity: Soccer

Years at Camp: First summer!

Certifications: First AID/CPR

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NEXT: Lily Peck
Summer Reading

Molly Dwyer

School: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Major: Psychology, Minors in Creative Writing and Conflict Management

Intended Occupation: Career Counseling

GPA: 3.97

Campus Involvement: Cru at UNC, Cru Servant Team, Lab RA, Youth group leader at local church

Hometown: Hickory, NC

What are you looking forward to about camp: Everything! Camp is the best place on earth, and I can’t wait for another summer growing in the Lord and having so much fun with all the girls and counselors!

Activity: Summer Reading and Fitness

Years at camp: 3

Certifications: First Aid/CPR

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NEXT: Gracie Rae Hunkler
Mountain Biking

Lily Peck

School: Purdue University

Major: Genetics and Classical Studies

Intended Occupation: Pediatric Oncologist

GPA: 3.73

Campus Involvement: Honors College Ambassador, Structural Biology Research Group, Women in Science Programs, Cycling Club

Hometown: Shelbyville, IN

What are you looking forward to about camp: To share my love of cycling and see our campers grow throughout their time at camp!

Activity: Mountain Biking

Years at camp: First Year!

Certifications: Wilderness First Aid

19 57
NEXT: Ellie Hinton

Gracie Rae Hunkler

School: Creighton University

Major: Psychology and English

Minor: Dance

Intended Occupation: Lawyer

GPA: 3.63

Campus Involvement: Dean’s Fellow, Creighton University Dance Company, YoungLife, MedLife, and Pi Beta Phi Fraternity

Hometown: Saint Louis, MO

What are you looking forward to at camp: I cannot wait to get back to Black Mountain, grow in my relationships with my peers, the campers, God, and myself. I’m super pumped for IROQUOIS DOMINATION!

Activity: Dance

Years at camp: 11

Certifications: CPR/First Aid/AED

20 57
NEXT: Brooke Fielder

Ellie Hinton

School: Mississippi State University

Major: Special education

GPA: 3.58

Campus Involvement: Chi Omega Sorority,Younglife, Dance Marathon committee, Feed the Hunger, Future Educators of America, RUF, Access Program

Hometown: Oxford, MS

What are you looking forward to about camp: I’m excited to meet my campers and watch them grow in their faith! I’m also excited to watch Iroquois win the banner!

Activity: Swimming

Years at camp: 11

Certifications: Lifeguard, First Aid/CPR

21 57
NEXT: Morgan (Momo) Sarkin
Summer Reading

Brooke Fielder

School: Florida State University 

Major: Family and Child Sciences

Intended Occupancy: Child Life Specialist 

GPA: 3.1

Campus Involvement: Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority and Dance Marathon at FSU

Hometown: Brooksville, FL

What are you looking forward to at camp: I’m so excited to meet some incredible people, grow in faith and friendship with my campers, and make some unforgettable memories in the mountains!!

Activity: Summer Reading

Years at Camp: First year!

Certifications: CPR/First Aid

22 57
NEXT: Hannah Hickel

Morgan (Momo) Sarkin

School: University of Georgia

Major: Communication studies

Intended Occupation: Sales

GPA: 3.8

Campus involvement: CRU (Campus ministry), Chi Omega, Wishmakers on campus (benefits Make-A-Wish foundation)

Hometown: Madison, GA

What are you looking forward to at camp: I am looking forward to spending my summer on the dock, bonding with campers, and sharing my love for Jesus and letting His light shine through me all summer!

Activity: Canoeing

Years at Camp: 12

Certifications: CPR, Basic First Aid, and Lifeguard

23 57
NEXT: Grace Evans

Hannah Hickel

School: Asbury University

Major: Social Work

Intended Occupation: Social Worker (or potentially counseling), hopefully with kids with special needs or children and families!

Campus Involvement: I compete on the swim team, who are some of my best friends, and basically family! And this fall I will be an RA and am really looking forward to serving First Crawford!

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

What are you looking forward to about camp: I am super excited to see all my friends and campers from last summer, seeing God in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, hanging out with my pal, Lake Doris, and of course, Iroquois dominating!!

Activity: Swimming

Years at camp: 2!

Certifications: Lifeguard, CPR, and First Aid

24 57
NEXT: Anne Dillon Loflin
CIT Director/Mountain Biking

Grace Evans

School: University of Tampa
Major: Bachelors in Nursing
Intended Occupation: OB Nurse
GPA: 3.3
Campus Involvement: Delta Gamma, Radiant Church
Hometown: Tampa, FL
What are you looking forward to: I am looking forward to working with the CIT’s and to develop amazing staff! And to also shred some gnarly trails!
Activity: CIT director/mountain biking
Years at camp: 10
Certifications: BLS, Lifeguard, Wilderness First AId, Epi
25 57
NEXT: Merri-Mac Hostess

Anne Dillon Loflin

School: The University of Alabama 

Major: Theatre 

GPA: 4.0

Campus Involvement: UA Honors College, Mortar Board, Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Psi Omega Theatre Honor Society, Church Choir member/Worship Leader, Tide Turners Dance Program for students with special needs

Hometown: Huntsville, AL 

What are you looking forward to at camp: Meeting new campers and reuniting with old ones, being in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina, and experiencing the gospel through friends and adventure! 

Activity: Drama

Years at Camp: 11

Certifications: CPR/First Aid/AED

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NEXT: Hunter Skidmore
Quin Johnson

Merri-Mac Hostess

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NEXT: Kristie Garren

Hunter Skidmore

School: Vanderbilt University

Major: Medicine, Health, & Society

Intended Occupation: Health Professional

GPA: 3.6

Campus Involvement: Tri Delta, RUF, Vanderbilt Students Volunteer for Science, Panhellenic Judicial Board

Hometown: St. Petersburg, Florida

What are you looking forward to about camp: Days on Doris & watching Choctaw win the banner

Activity(s) Teaching: Diving

Years at Camp: 10 years

Certifications: CPR, Lifeguard, EMR

28 57
NEXT: Hannah Griffin
Evening Activities Director/Backpacking

Kristie Garren

School: Montreat College

Major: Double Major: Youth Ministry & Outdoor Education with a concentration in Leadership & Adventure Education.

Minor: Adventure Based Counseling

GPA: 3.66

Campus Involvement: Women’s Soccer Team

Hometown: Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

What are you looking forward to about camp: I am looking forward to the Iroquois winning the banner this summer! 

Activity: Backpacking

Years at camp: 14

Certifications: First Aid/CPR, WFA 

29 57
NEXT: Mandy Beavers

Hannah Griffin

School: Clemson University

Major: Philosophy/ Political Science, Dance

Intended Occupation: Child Advocate Attorney

GPA: 4.0

Campus Involvement: Early College Associate in Arts Degree recipient, Youth Group Ministry, SCDT principal ballerina, Beta Club, Civinettes, NHS, and Spanish NHS

Hometown: Florence, South Carolina

What are you looking forward to about camp: Seeing the bright smiles on familiar and unknown faces when they experience the joy of being a Merri-Mac girl!

Activity: Dance/Fitness

Years at camp: 12

Certifications: CPR/First Aid

30 57
NEXT: Samantha (Sam) Ray
Mother's Helper

Mandy Beavers

After a long hiatus from serving as camp hostess, Mandy is returning to camp as a Mother’s Helper. Bringing 3 of her 4 children, she cannot wait to share the special traditions and friendships of Merri-Mac and Timberlake with them.  They will be great assets to the best tribe ever- IROQUOIS!!  As a camper Mandy enjoyed games, backpacking, cabin life and looked forward to open faced tomato sandwiches.  She has kept camp memories near and dear by singing the songs to her children and staying in touch with the friends made there.

As a military spouse, she has enjoyed exploring the world as a substitute elementary teacher, fitness instructor, Sunday school leader and facilitating small groups with her husband. After their recent move from Alaska to Louisiana, she is looking forward to the mild temperatures of Black Mountain!

31 57
NEXT: Jenna Barron
Lacrosse and Fitness

Samantha (Sam) Ray

School: University of North Carolina Greensboro

Major: Social Work

Campus Involvement: UNCG club lacrosse officer, CRU, and Rescued Network

Hometown: Summerfield, NC

What I Am Looking Forward To: I am super excited to spend this summer with so many amazing campers and staff members and continue not to only help the campers grow in their walk with Christ, but continue to grow my own. I am so happy to be a part of the Merri-Mac family.

Activity: Lacrosse and Fitness

Years At Camp: 1st year!

Certifications: First Aid/ AED/ CPR

32 57
NEXT: Caroline Marinac
Puppy Camp

Jenna Barron

School: Samford University

Major: English

Intended Occupation: Editor/Writer

GPA: 3.5

Campus Involvement: Tri Delta Sorority, Catholic Students Association, Sigma Tau Delta (English Honor Society)

Hometown: Birmingham, AL

What I am Looking Forward To about Camp: Creating a bond with the campers and giving them all a great camp experience!

Activity: PAWS puppy training

Years at Camp: First year!

Certifications: CPR/First Aid

33 57
NEXT: Julia Cappiello
Swimming and Tennis

Caroline Marinac

School: Texas Christian University

Major: Speech Pathology 

Intended Occupation: Speech Pathologist 

GPA: 4.35

Campus Involvement: Tennis, Service Leadership Board, Leader of Blessings in a Backpack, Outdoor Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

What I am looking forward to about camp: I am so excited to spend a whole summer of serving girls and watching them grow in their faith. I am also extremely excited to see Iroquois dominate!! I cannot wait to make new friends and reconnect with old ones! 

Activity: Swimming and Tennis

Years at Camp: 5

Certifications: Lifeguard, First Aid/CPR/AED

34 57
NEXT: Molly Kathryn Cornelius
Junior Cabin Area Director/Pottery

Julia Cappiello

School: Clemson University

Major: Marketing & Brand Communications

GPA: 3.4

Campus Involvement: Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Reformed University Fellowship, Women in Business, Intramural soccer

Hometown: Charleston, SC

What I am looking forward to about Camp: Showing campers and staff the beauty of the gospel through pottery & throughout their time at camp.

Activity: Pottery !!

Years at Camp: 10

Certifications: First Aid & CPR

35 57
NEXT: Cydia Walker
Evening Activity Director/Fencing

Molly Kathryn Cornelius

School: Birmingham-Southern College

GPA: 3.2

Major: Bachelor in Fine Arts

Campus Involvement: Chi Omega, Reformed University Fellowship (RUF)

Hometown: Huntsville, AL

Years at camp: 11

Activity: Evening Activity Director and Fencing

Certifications: CPR/First Aid

What are you most excited about this summer? I cannot wait to see old friends and meet new campers!

36 57
NEXT: Paige Krispin

Cydia Walker

School: Samford University

Major: Health Sciences

Intended Occupation: Occupational Therapist

GPA: 3.7

Campus Involvement: Tri Delta and Samford Crew

Hometown: Valdosta, GA

What are you looking forward to about camp? Coming back to the Blue Ridge Mountains, meeting new people, and making more camp memories!

Activity Teaching: Drama

Years at Camp: 3

Certifications: CPR/ First Aid/ AED

37 57
NEXT: Wendy Tillman
Infirmary Supervisor, Camp Nurse

Paige Krispin

This is Paige’s 7th year at Camp! This will be her 2nd year as the Infirmary Supervisor and 7th as Camp Nurse during session 3A.  As far as she is concerned, there is nothing more fulfilling than working at Camp!  She says, “I love seeing what camp does for kids…how they grow and develop and learn new skills. I love being just a small part of that.”  Paige holds a BS in Biology and a BSN in Nursing. She is licensed as an RN in Georgia and North Carolina. She also has a Master’s degree in Nursing, specializing as a Nurse Practitioner (NP). She is certified by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) and is licensed by the State of Georgia and the Georgia Board of Medicine. She is currently teaching Nursing at Valdosta State University full time and practicing part-time as an NP at Valdosta Family Medicine in Valdosta, GA.  Paige has been a Teaching Leader for Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) International for 7 years, a calling she loves and has been married to Jon for 23 years and they have 4 children. The whole family comes to camp in July, and this year Paige, Jon and their oldest daughter Andie will all be on Staff together! Two Timberlakers and another Merri-Mac girl round out the clan…all proud Seminoles!!

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NEXT: Leslie Loughran
Camp Nurse

Wendy Tillman

Wendy will be joining us this summer as one of our wonderful camp nurses.  Wendy has three children at camp, two as campers and one as a CIT.  She joined our staff six years again as a Mother Helper then became a camp nurse after attending Nursing School.  Wendy has her BSEd in early childhood education, was a stay at home mom for 14 years and went back for her BSN in 2012.  As a nurse Wendy worked in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit for two years and currently the Cardiac Cath Lab. Wendy says, “Camp Merri-Mac and Camp Timberlake have instilled confidence, life skills, and provided friendships for my children that my husband and I believe they could not have acquired anywhere else. Camp is a magical and special place that all children should get to experience. ” We are thrilled to have Wendy back with us this summer as a nurse.

39 57
NEXT: Dan Riethmuller

Leslie Loughran

Occupation: High School Ceramics Teacher, BCHS

Owner/Cook Little Black Dress Catering

Community Involvement: Vanderbilt Presbyterian Church, Empty Bowls of Naples, Relay for Life

Hometown:  Naples, Florida

What are you looking forward to at camp?  My two kids spent 9 summers in Black Mountain as campers and staff…both will tell you that their experiences here changed their lives.  I look forward to being part of this summer’s life changing moments, to cooking good food with good friends, and to reuniting with my camp family in one of my favorite places on earth.  Merri-Mac: First, last, and always.

Years at Camp:  11

General Certifications:  First Aid, AED, CPR, FL Food Handlers Card

Teaching Certifications:  Art: K-12, Elementary Education: 1-6, Family & Consumer Sciences:  6-12, National Board Certified Teacher: Art/Early and Middle Childhood

40 57
NEXT: Luisa Burgess
BME Climbing

Dan Riethmuller

41 57
NEXT: Rebekah Smyre
BME Backpacking

Luisa Burgess

42 57
NEXT: Emily Cowser

Rebekah Smyre

School: Appalachian State University 

Major: Elementary Education with a concentration in Global Issues

Intended Occupation: Elementary School Teacher

Campus Involvement: Reformed University Fellowship, Sigma Alpha Omega, Appalachian Educators 

Hometown: Claremont, NC

What are you looking forward to about camp: Meeting and getting to know all the girls and spending the summer in the mountains!

Activity: Volleyball

Years at Camp: 2nd!

Certifications: CPR/first aid

43 57
NEXT: Kathryn Garrison
Canoeing and Kayaking

Emily Cowser

School: Messiah College

Major: Adventure Education and Biblical & Religious Studies

GPA: 4.0

Campus Involvement: Outdoors Club trip leader; Sunday School teacher

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

What are you looking forward to about camp: I am excited to be outside and around people after spending so much time inside the past few months!  I also look forward to meeting my campers and sharing my love of paddling.

Activity: canoeing and kayaking

Years at camp: This is my first year!

Certifications: WFR, CPR, ACA Level II Canoeing Instructor (Solo and Tandem), LNT Trainer


44 57
NEXT: Julia Pearce

Kathryn Garrison

School: Auburn University

Major: Elementary Education and Spanish

Intended Occupation: Teacher / Youth Leader

GPA: 3.9

Campus Involvement: Youth Grant Leadership Team, Interact Club, Future Business Leaders of America Club, First Priority Officer, Habitat for Humanity, Fresh Air Farm Healthy Snack Initiative, Donna Greene Bible Study, Circle of Friends, and Community on the Rise. 

Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama

What I’m looking forward to: Being back at my summer home!! I love camp and can’t wait to share that love with all the Merri-Mac girls! Camp is everything a kid needs, especially during these crazy times! I cant wait to watch them connect with life long friends, build relationships with the wonderful foundation of the Lord, and grow in their faith through it all!! And of course I cant wait for Choctaw to win the banner:) 

Activity: Swimming

Year at Camp: 12 

Certifications: Lifeguard, First Aid/CPR/AED

45 57
NEXT: Collette Campbell

Julia Pearce

School: Sewanee: The University of the South

Major: Neuroscience 

GPA: 3.5

Campus Involvement: Sewanee Health Professions Society, Theta Pi sorority, Sewanee Outreach Program, All Saints’ Book Club

Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA

What are you looking forward to about camp: I’m so excited to be back in the mountains for my 10th summer at camp! I’m looking forward to contributing to the camp experience much like my counselors did for me as a camper. 

Activities: Climbing

46 57
NEXT: Morgan Patty
Riflery and Soccer

Collette Campbell

School: Fordham University 

Major: French Language and Literature 

Intended Occupation: Bilingual Therapist 

Campus Involvement: Fordham Dance Marathon, Fordham University Women’s Club Soccer, Lean On Me, Campus Ministry Retreat Team 

Hometown: Atlanta, GA 

What are you looking forward to about camp: I’m so excited to spend the summer with everyone, create new friendships, and grow in my faith! 

Activity(s) Teaching: Riflery and Soccer 

Years at Camp: 1

Certifications: CPR / First Aid, NRA FIRST Steps 

47 57
NEXT: Holly Hutcheson

Morgan Patty

School: Vanderbilt University 

Major: Psychology & American Studies 

GPA: 3.7

Campus Involvement: Vandy Votes, Holocaust Lecture Series, Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority, The Afterschool Program (tutoring)

Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA

What are you looking forward to about camp: I’m pumped about returning to my second home with some of my closest friends. I can’t wait to meet this summer’s campers. I’m looking forward to the cooler weather and the views from the mountains. 

Activities: Climbing

48 57
NEXT: Drake Miscall
Tennis and Swimming

Holly Hutcheson

School: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Major: Pre-Business

Intended Occupation: Accountant

Campus Involvement: Kappa Delta, Intramural Tennis, Carolina Women in Business

Hometown: Durham, NC

Activities: Tennis, Swimming

Years at camp: 10

What I am looking forward to about camp: Bonding with amazing campers and staff, singing ratlin bog in the Tucker Inn, and watching the Noles win the banner.

Certifications: CPR/First Aid, Lifegaurd

49 57
NEXT: Corrina Gill
Kayaking and Swimming

Drake Miscall

School: Georgia College and State University 

Major: Business ( until I decide what I really want to do!) 

Campus Involvement: Alpha Omicron Pi, RUFF, Intramural Basketball and Soccer

Hometown: Macon, GA

What are you looking forward to at camp: Meeting so many amazing new people, growing through camp experiences, and helping others grow in their faith as well as grow in mine! and watching Choctaw win the banner of course!!!! 

Activity: Kayaking and Swimming 

Years at camp: 9

Certifications: First Aid, CPR, Lifeguard


50 57
NEXT: Virginia Horn
Guitar and DIY

Corrina Gill

School: Belmont University

Major: Commercial Voice (Performance Emphasis)

Intended Occupation: Musician 

GPA: 3.78

Campus Involvement: Beltones acapella group, intramural volleyball

Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee

What are you looking forward to about camp: There’s so many things i’m looking forward to as a first year staff member! I’m so excited to get to know new campers and staff, to chow DOWN on some taco in a bag, and cheer on the seminoles!!!

Activity(s) teaching: Guitar & DIY

Years at Camp: 9th!

Certifications: CPR/First Aid

51 57
NEXT: Tyler King

Virginia Horn

School: Auburn University

Major: Graphic Design

Intended Occupation: Social Media Coordinator/Designer 

Campus Involvement: Reformed University Fellowship, Christ Presbyterian Church

Hometown: Biloxi, Mississippi

What are you looking forward to about camp: I’m so excited to get to capture the fun times and good memories at camp! 

Years at Camp: 2nd!

Certifications: CPR/First Aid/AED

52 57
NEXT: EllaNell Miranda

Tyler King

School: Mercer University

Major: Graphic Design

Minor: History and Advertisement

GPA: 3.75

Campus Involvement: Graphic Design Studio Founder, Study Abroad, Video Game Society Member

Hometown: Rome, GA

What I’m looking forward to at camp: I’m excited to capture all of the awesome moments our campers are going to have this summer!

Years at camp: It’s gonna be my first and the greatest!

53 57
NEXT: Hollis Baroody

EllaNell Miranda

School: Liberty University
Major: Nursing
GPA: 3.8
Activity Teaching: Soccer
Years at Camp: This is my 1st summer!
54 57
NEXT: Alyssa Highberg

Hollis Baroody

School: The Ohio State University 

Major: Dance

Intended Occupation: Dance Therapist 

Hometown: Columbia, South Carolina

What are you looking forward to about camp: Being a positive role model for campers through adventure, fun, and by example at my favorite place on Earth. 

Activity: Guitar 

Years at camp: 7

Certifications: CPR/First Aid

55 57
NEXT: Ashley Lauren Jones
Puppy Camp

Alyssa Highberg

School: Indiana University

Major: Animal Behavior

Intended Occupation: Marine Rescue and Rehabilitator

Campus Involvement: Hoosier Catholic, Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority

Hometown: Carmel, IN

What I’m looking forward to: Becoming a part of this family, making new friendships, and  growing in my faith alongside great girls.

Activity: Dance and PAWS

Years at Camp: First summer at Merri-Mac!!

Certifications: First Aid/CPR/AED

56 57
NEXT: Zach Lancon
DIY Craft/Pottery

Ashley Lauren Jones

School: Biola University

Major: Cinema and Media Arts: Writing for Film and Television as well as being in the Torrey Honors Program

Hometown: Portland, OR

What are you looking forward to about camp?: I am so thrilled to spend another summer in the beautiful Blueridge Mountains with my favorite people! Getting to be a part of the girls camp experience, watching them grow in confidence, deepen their faith, and make lifelong friendships is what makes coming back to camp so exciting!

Activity: DIY, Pottery

Years at camp: 9

Certifications: CPR/First Aid

57 57
NEXT: Bonnie Gibson
Head of Climbing

Zach Lancon

School: Montreat College

Major: Outdoor Education

GPA: 3.5

Hometown: Jackson, MS

What are you looking forward to about camp?: Helping campers grow in their knowledge of climbing skills and see them succeed.

Activity: Head of Climbing

Years at Camp: 1

Certification: WFA, CPR/First Aid