Family Camp

Make it a family tradition!

Families need to have fun and we’re really good at that, so join us for a weekend at camp. We’ll have a good mix of camp fun and free time; you can make new friends or just spend time together.

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  • September 4-6, 2020

What will we do?

  • Days will have scheduled activities, similar to camp, but everything is optional, so feel free to take it easy if you would like.
  • Nights will have camp-wide games, with a few campfires with s’mores sprinkled around, so play hard or eat well – it’s up to you.
  • We will also have a few special meetings to share a few thoughts on how to build strong families.

Where will we stay?

All the guys will be in one set of cabins and all the girls will be in another. There are also a couple of smaller cabins that families can have to themselves, but just a couple!

A son and father

A family hugging

Are there age restrictions?

Our youngest is four and there is no one too old for camp!

How much does it cost?

  • Adults- $320
  • Children- $250
  • Kids under 5- $140

What should we bring?

We’ll send a packing list a few weeks before your weekend, but you can expect warm days and cool evenings.

What if I have questions?

Give us a call (828-669-8766)