Activity Skill Levels

01 19


Beginner: No experience through swim 10 yards acceptable stroke

Intermediate: Swim 25 yards through 100 yards; front dive from side

Advanced: Swim 300 yards

02 19


Beginner: No experience through standing front dive from board, swim 100 yards

Intermediate: Front dive with correct approach back dive and one other good dive

Advanced: Front dive, back dive, inward dive, front somersault

03 19

Competitive Swimming

Beginner: N/A

Intermediate: Strong swimmer would like to start competition

Advanced: Swims with a club team and wants competitive workouts

04 19


Beginner: No experience

Intermediate: Knows correct grip, target, on guard, advance and retreat

Advanced: Knows correct lunge, parry and beat attack. May be on team.

05 19


Beginner: No experience through front and back rolls

Intermediate: Cartwheels and basic bounces on trampoline

Advanced: Levels IV and up.

06 19


Beginner: No experience

Intermediate: Some experience in a less-competitive league

Advanced; Plays in a competitive league.

07 19


Beginner: No experience

Intermediate: Formal instruction for at least one year.

Advanced: Formal instruction for at least two years and participated in a recital.

08 19

Studio Fitness

Beginner: I’m more interested in strength training.

Intermediate: I’m more interested in Aerobic training.

Advanced: I have a particular school workout that I need to continue.

09 19


Beginner: No experience but can swim at least 100 yards

Intermediate: Some experience. Can perform a wet exit, T-rescue, and swim at least 100 yards.

Advanced: Has on-side roll, participated in river trips, must swim 300 yards.

10 19


Beginner: No experience through unaided walk.

Intermediate: Unaided walk and posting trot.

Advanced: Walk, trot, canter, possibly started over fences.

11 19


Beginner: No experience

Intermediate: Has participated in range riflery; knows range safety procedure, proper sight picture, etc.

Advanced: Is consistently capable of making a pro-marksman score of 20 or better at 50 feet

12 19


Beginner: No experience

Intermediate: Has participated in range archery; knows range safety procedure, proper bow draw, release and position

Advanced: Is consistently capable of making a fair score and has earned archery achievement awards.

13 19


Beginner: No experience

Intermediate: Has gone on a few family type outings with or without a pack. Is physically capable of a short easy trip on rolling terrain with a light pack

Advanced: Has taken moderate trips with a pack. Knows the care and use of standard equipment. Is physically capable of short trips over mountain terrain with a light pack

14 19


Beginner: No experience through inconsistent back board work

Intermediate: Fairly consistent light volley, knows rules and how to score

Advanced: Can play the game, ready for lower level intramural or tournament play

15 19


Beginner: No experience

Intermediate: In good physical condition. Has climbed before, can tie harness, and is aware of belay commands.

Advanced: Knows figure 8 and square knots. Can use belay commands and climb 5.6.

16 19


Beginner: No experience

Intermediate: Able to form and strum basic chords and chord progressions.

Advanced: Proficiency in playing all major and minor chords as well as bar chords. Able to strum with rhythm and knowledge of major and minor scales.

17 19

Mountain Biking

Beginner: No experience

Intermediate: At least one summer of experience at camp or elsewhere. Able to bike uphill for 5 minutes without rest.

Advanced: Experience biking on trails. Must be able to bike uphill for 10 minutes without rest.

18 19


Girls scheduled by age. Everybody loves puppies!

19 19


Beginner: No experience

Intermediate: Familiar with the sport and basic techniques. Knows positions and how to bump, set and spike.

Advanced: Currently playing on a club or school team.