Dear Parents,


This is the day the world started again, at least at camp! It’s been 24 months since we’ve had a first session and it felt just right to have all you guys with us to celebrate. First of all, thank you for jumping through so many hoops to make camp work for your girls. We feel like you’ve worked as hard as we have with tests, quarantines, etc., and now it’s up to us to make it the best summer of their lives. It’s our favorite kind of challenge.


We officially started today with “Discover Doris,” a little time in our lake, followed by spa time (a.k.a. lice check), and then fried chicken dinner and cabin songs.  It’s always fun to see the girls sing their new cabin songs, but you can also feel the excitement building as they prepare to sing tribe songs tomorrow. But before they could think about that, the girls met to elect their new tribal officers.


The officers this year are:


Molly McCollum (Golden Eagle)

Taylor Schweitzer (Black Bear)

CoCo Nevill (Red Wolves)


Sarah Temple (Golden Eagle)

Courtney Williams (Black Bear)

Eve Quisenberry (Red Wolves)


Enley McCollum (Golden Eagle)

Savannah Temple (Golden Eagle)

Hallie Berg (Black Bear)

Cooper King (Black Bear

Lucy Bond (Red Wolves)

Lynley Threadcraft (Red Wolves)


Carolina Campbell (Golden Eagle)

Stella Chamberlain (Golden Eagle)

Lia Brooks (Black Bear)

Bridget Connolly (Black Bear)

Olivia Steimle (Red Wolves)

Uma Venegas (Red Wolves)


After dinner we went up the mountain for initiation.


The new Merri-Mac Golden Eagles are:

Anne Pennington

Delaney Caldwell

Alexandria Miller

Ava Middleton

Charlotte Chamberlain

Swayzee Brown

Alice Rogers

Anne Douglas Tanner

Susanna Allen

Virginia Beard

Anna Clair Holmes

Meriwether Lewis

Ruthie Lewis

Bizzy Leebern

Mary Ellis Shiver

Harriet Edwards

Lucy Cibula

Summer Hanks

Candler Lott

Katherine George

Collins Hussion

Ashlyn Romero

Eleanor Bailey

Madison Prince

Mary Adams King

Camille Cleland

Mary Edwards

Maggie Cibula

Sydney Clay

Reed Irby

Corinne Hudson

Maya Coleman

Sofia Leo

Campbell Medford

Kennedy Mayberry

Victoria Coleman

Claudia Hanks


The new Merri-Mac Black Bears are:

Giovanna Bredeson

Louise Mayfield

Jane Zoghby

Anna Dedeaux

Winnie Abney

Mary Reagan Clement

Annie Collins

Birdie Wilson

Anna Rumpf

Anna Lovett McClure

Evie Coppedge

Virginia Boyle

Nancy Chamblee

Lynlee Chamblee

Harvin Wood

Anneelise Wood

Emmy Lumpkin

Percy Ewald

Paige Olson

Erin Cremin

Emma Forrest

Caroline Gray

Vivian Robertson

Sloan Jordan

Sierra Koehler

Mollie Morgan

Kaitlyn Davis

Annie Wsterman

Keaton Chamblee

Conley Clark

Molly Harris

Anna Harris

Mary Shelton Thomas

Emerson Milazzo

Elodie Graham

Ella Reyn Duckworth

Maggie Jones

Ella Tobe

Caroline Reusch

Sophie Burby

Janey Lemon

Sophie Drost

Campbell Frye

Anna Lamb

Anna Huffaker

Eliana Hill


The new Merri-Mac Red Wolves are:

Isabella Gaffney

Molloy Haley

Poseybea Sanford

Sellers Kindard

Lottie Sykes

Rachel Garner

Evie English

Miller Givens

Juliet Schar

Audrey Lippens

Frances Sanford

Eloise Edwards

Caroline Stokes

AnnaGrace Plaster

Ela Sykola

Tinsley Graham

Blair Arberg

Julie Irgin

Hadley Dixon

Lillie Kate Dixon

Eloise Givens

Lilah Schar

Nicole Canin

Laney Plaisance

Maggie Alma

Reagan Canin

Kathryn Plaisance


Later, several cabins were seen sneaking out with their staff for their own special cabin initiations. There are lots of girls becoming Merri-Mac insiders tonight and that is what we love!


We wanted to end by thanking you again for sharing your daughters with us; we’re so proud of our Merri-Mac girls, and so grateful to have them back with us. We also have some very exciting days lined up, so we’ll keep you posted.


Great Camping!

Adam and Ann