Opening Day

There are lots of important things that happen on a girl’s first day at overnight camp, and they all begin with check in at The Mike.  Here you will meet Adam and Ann Boyd who will begin the check in process by giving you your cabin assignments.  Next, you will be with the camp nurse for a quick health check and review of the health form. Finally you meet with Ann Boyd and will shop for any clothing you would like.  This is a great chance to get some Merri-Mac gear!

Welcome to the Cabin

After check in, parents will drive their girls to their cabin where their counselors will help introduce them to the other girls, and help them move in.  Parents might also want to give the counselors any special instructions regarding how to best care for their daughters.   After this parents are welcome to stay as long as they would like; we give camp tours each hour, but you will want to head out as soon as you are comfortable so your daughter can begin becoming a camper.

The Swim Test


After the girls arrive counselors will give them a tour of camp, before they head to the waterfront for the “swim test.”  Don’t worry, it’s not the kind of test a girl can fail.  Then it is back to cabins for showers before dinner, and that is where camp really gets going.  After dinner the girls head up the mountain for initiation into their Indian tribes, and then back to cabins for evening devotions and a much needed first night’s sleep.

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