Merri-Wear is in and we wanted to share the photos. Remember, we do not ship but these items will be available for purchase on opening day and throughout your child’s session at camp. Have fun!

1. Camp Picture

2. Seminole Jerseys: Left–’45 on the back tribal jersey; Right–retro Seminole jersey, back by popular demand!IMG_4767

3. Iroquois Jerseys: Left–’45 on the back tribal jersey; Right–retro Iroquois jersey, back by popular demand!IMG_4770

4.  Choctaw Jerseys: Left–’45 on the back tribal jersey; Right–retro Choctaw jersey, back by popular demand!IMG_4773

5. Tribal Track Shorts




6. Tribal HeadbandsIMG_4758

7. Tribal BandanasIMG_4831

8. New Comfort Colors T-shirt! IMG_4761

9. Tri-blend Baseball tee–super soft! IMG_4752

10. Classic Comfort Colors logo t-shirt–a camp favoriteIMG_4753

11. Comfort Colors sweatshirt–new color!comfort colors sweatshirt

12. Retro crew neck–original design from the 80s, back by popular demand! sweatshirt

13. Classic logo sweatshirt blanketIMG_4783

14. Rain PonchoIMG_4786

15. Embroidered baseball caps–new colors!hats

16. Ceramic coffee mug and 16oz NalgeneWaterbottle-mug

17. Canvas laundry bag–perfect for camp laundry! IMG_4784

18. Mini Maglite with batteriesIMG_4757

19. Quick-dry towel–the best camping towel there is!IMG_4764

20. Polka Dotted PJ pantsPJ

21. Crazy creek chair–perfect for Sunday cookouts and campfiresIMG_4789

22. “I love Merri-Mac” shoestringsIMG_4760

23. Camp Pet–Black Bear with Merri-Mac bandana!bear

24. New Pendant Necklace




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