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New Day, New Classes

There is no such thing as the Monday Blues here at Camp Merri-Mac! The girls began their day by cleaning their cabin to perfection to attain a perfect ten on cabin scores, before heading to breakfast. The girls devoured their scrambled eggs, bacon, potatoes, and biscuits. After the meal, the girls headed to chapel, where Emily K. explored the topic of “who is God.” From here, the tribes headed to tribe meetings and the tribal leaders taught the younger girls a few tribal songs!

There were a few trips out today! Bailey Z., Kate B., Ashley Lauren J., Mae H., Libby M., Patterson G., Claire H., Ava W., Lizzie H. woke up early to take a morning yoga hike to Craggy Gardens.  Drake M., Ivy C., Virginia C., Everly H., Hailey F., Alex Anne W., and Scout L. began a two-night over-night trip for backpacking class. Riley M., Janie H., Kelsey W., Glory W., Riley P., Nora Q., and Kennedi G. went on a canoeing trip!

In our classes, the girls were introduced to their Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule. We began classes with safety talks and then jumped right into the activity. In cooking, the girls made scrumptious homemade biscuits and my favorite, pumpkin spice biscuits. So delicious! In riding, the girls loved getting to meet all the horses and ride them around the ring. Soccer, volleyball, and basketball sparked a competitive edge in the girls, and riflery and archery taught the girls accuracy and precision. In Paws, the girls were assigned their puppy and gave them all the love and attention a dog could ever ask for! On the dock, the girls in kayaking showed off their rolls and other tricks, while the girls in diving practiced incredible dives.

At lunch, the girls enjoyed meatball subs and pasta salad, before screaming their tribe songs. Then, they headed back to their cabins for rest time to patiently await Trading Post: everyone’s favorite supplier of candy and soda. Then, the girls headed to their 3rd and 4th activities. At dinner, we had pork loin, potatoes, and peas. But the highlight of the meal was dessert, the most coveted smores pockets!

After dinner and cabin songs, the girls ran up to the Mike to begin Battle Ball, the most intense game of dodge ball you will ever see in your life! Hopefully the Staff will be able to pull out a win against the Sunnysiders and Dreams girls! After Battle Ball, the girls will spend time with their cabin and finish the wonderful day with devotions before bed. It was a happy Monday for all!

From this haven,

Margaret Virgin


Sock War Sunday

The first full day of camp is a potluck of discovering things, new experiences, and figuring out just where that one class is located on the mountain. Campers were woken up by the 7:00 bugle, where caring counselors gently but firmly urged them out of bed. After tackling the chore chart, the girls headed down to breakfast. All nerves were dissolved at the sight and smell of iced cinnamon rolls, and the usual “which cabin can eat more” game commenced. The girls squealed when they received their schedules and compared classes and times.

The morning chill was beginning to fade while campers trotted up to the chapel. After a few fun, upbeat songs, like ‘I Like Bananas’ were followed by the camp hymn. Adam Boyd did a short story that illustrated how God desires our whole heart, not just our empty words. The girls then separated into their Tribes for a meeting. As 10:30 rolled around, you could see older girls taking the Tweedles and new girls by the hand and showing them where their classes were. As per usual, the first day is mostly introduction games and safety talk. For some classes, this simply means ‘Don’t eat the clay,’ and ‘Let’s not use the knitting needles as weapons.’ However, for classes such as Riflery, Archery, and all lake activities, the safety talk is more extensive.

The day heated up as first and second period flew by. Pottery class began one the first stages of a pinch pot, and DIY was stringing together braids and beads for friendship bracelets. Climbing was on the Traverse wall, where some brave new girls scaled the steep incline. Gymnastics did warmups, followed by the trampoline. Basketball eased into some simple passing and shooting drills. By 12:30, everyone was wondering what was for lunch. While waiting for the lunch bell to ring, the girls played tetherball or lounged on the grass, swapping stories and enjoying the sun. The girls sat with their cabins and enjoyed grilled cheese sandwiches, fries, peaches, and vegetable soup. The girls stood for their Tribe songs, and for some of the girls it was their very first time joining in the chants and cheers. However, just one day into camp, old and new girls are undiscernible in a sea of red, black, and blue. Everyone has the same tribe spirit.

After a much-needed rest time, where girls colored, wrote home, or maybe even slept a bit, they raced down the mountain to Traypo for their favorite snack and candy. 3:30 marked the start of 3 rd period, and the excitement continued. PAWS class got to meet the adorable Goldendoodle they would be taking care of, and riflery jumped into firing rifles at targets down range. In Drama, charades and improv games brought laughs that could be heard from all around. Archery class was dedicated to figuring out the girl’s dominant eye and which bow they would shoot from. In fencing, proper form and equipment were explained. At 5:00, the girls dressed in their whites and smiled for a camp picture, then raced to change into their tribe uniforms for the evening activity – Sock War, a camp-wide favorite evening activity.

Welcome, Session 3B!

Merri-Mac, we have truly saved our best for last! We are so excited to welcome in 3B campers today; the hugs between old friends and the sweet introductions of new friends show us that this session will be a great one. We loved meeting you as you explored camp and moved your daughters and loved ones into their new cabins. Tonight, all of the cabins are getting to know each other through “cabin talks,” and their unique cabin culture is beginning to form.

After you said your goodbyes, we plunged into Lake Doris for our swim test, fondly known as “Discover Doris.” Today was absolutely perfect weather, and we’re headed into a mild week of weather as well! The breeze stirred the ripples on the lake as your daughters swam their hearts out.

A scrumptious dinner of spaghetti and vegetables greeted us in the Tucker Inn. The dining hall was especially vibrant today as we sang our favorite songs and caught up with great conversation. We learned the traditional songs for our new cabins, which we’ll perfect over the session until we can truly own them as ours.

After dinner, we all headed up to the Council Ring, a special part of our property reserved for this event called Initiation. Tonight, all of our new campers became insiders as they were initiated into one of our three wonderful tribes, the Seminole, Iroquois, and Choctaw. These tribes are made up of girls from all ages at camp that compete together for the Banner, which will be awarded at our Closing Ceremonies! Tribes are special in that friendships can form between all age groups, so you’ll see one of our 16-year-old tribal leaders bonding with a new 6-year-old Tweedle. You don’t see that every day at home!

Initiation was truly wonderful tonight as each girl was called by name and welcomed into her new tribe with a stripe of paint on her face. Here are our new initiates and their tribes.

Seminole: Georgia H., Clover M., Georgia N., Alice N., Ashley S., Harper V., Reagan B., Payton C., Eva D., Anne M., Ella S., Cecilia G., Gracie H., Avery B., Emaline C., Emmy L. Katie W., Katherine S., Ella F., Eliza G., Kelsey G., Stella J., Ella M., Mya P., Stella G., Carmen M., Chloe V., and Evie B.

Iroquois: Sadie M., Maclaren M., Caroline B., Eva B., Evie B., Allison B., Jacqueline N., Leighandra R., Kennedy A., Elizabeth G., Leah G., Anna H., Ducara V., Sally M., Mallory B., Willia M., Lucy T., Allison F., and Avery J.

Choctaw: Caroline C., Ayla H., Dayton K., Grace G., Palmer M., Allie P., Grace D., Emmaline D., Zoe H., Ava H., Josephine M., Sophia S., Mae R., Anna S., Julia W., Abigail M., Maya S., and Sophie S.

Tomorrow, the tribal competitions toward the Banner will begin. Tonight, everyone has a home here in a cabin and a tribe, and we can’t wait to see our girls begin or continue their activities tomorrow! From our puppy training program, PAWS, to Diving, to Riding, to Pottery, we have something for every type of girl here, and their growth is just beginning here at camp. Thank you for trusting your young women with us, and check back here each evening for a new daily update!

In Christ,

Maddy Mallory
Social Media Director
Counselor-in-Training Director
University of Virginia ’17
Proud Seminole

Happy Thursday!

What a happy Thursday here at Camp Merri-Mac! The girls started the morning with chicken biscuits and hashbrowns for breakfast and then headed up the hill to praise Jesus in our beautiful chapel by singing songs such as “Every Move I Make” and “How Great Thou Art!”

After Chapel, girls rushed back to their cabin to find out their cabin score, and 3A girls started packing up their belongs to sadly prepare for their departure tomorrow. To interrupt the no-fun packing, the bugle rang loud and proud for girls to go to their first class on this beautiful Thursday.

At the Camp Craft hut, campers were learning how to build a fire and were roasting delicious smores, a Camp Merri-Mac favorite! The smell of grilled chicken filled the air where girls were cooking sizzling chicken fajitas. Huge smiles were prominent while sitting knitting headbands in the Knitting Pavilion. In the Enchanted Barn, Pottery class was finishing up glazing their pots to take home tomorrow!

For lunch the wonderful kitchen staff made a favorite camp meal…PIZZA! Blue Heaven ate 102 pieces of pizza! All the fun makes our girls have a big appetite. Pizza was followed with campers standing and stomping on the benches singing their tribal songs.

After lunch, Sarah Kate P. had a very important announcement to make: THE CABIN CAKE WINNERS! Every week, the cabin with the best cabin cleanliness score gets awarded a cake. This is a big deal. We had three winners. Small Cabin Winner: Tweedle Dee! Medium Cabin Winner: Dream’s End! Large Cabin Winner: Moonmist!

After all the Cabin Cake excitement, the girls headed up to rest hour and were welcomed with a little bit of rain. But that didn’t stop the fun! On the dock, girls enjoyed free swim and blobbing. In gymnastics, girls were doing flips and tricks on the trampoline. Guitar was learning songs from the hit musical, “Hamilton.”

Tonight, we’ll head up to our White Feather ceremony, where girls are recognized for different areas of growth at camp. Check back on the blog tomorrow for a letter from Adam going into greater depth into that ceremony! Here are the awards given.

Counselor Commendations (awarded for character growth in the cabin by their counselors):

Lily K.Summer W.Daley C.Alice C.Lauren V.Ashley P.Grace L.Trista R.Caroline C.Sarah M.Ella Grace W.Olivia H.Alexandra J.McKinley L.Caroline M.Patterson G.Macie D.Marin D.Mary Kate F.Liza M.Kate S.Olivia C.Lucie K.Amelia L.Claire H.Janie C.River L.Allie S.Kate C.Caroline L.Callie J.Kate R.Keely W.Kate B.Eleanor P.Sofie H.Flannery P.Caroline G.Lucy D.Coco B.Regan M.Ila R.Nora F.Cecelia G., and Lauren D.

Camper Commendations (awarded for character growth in the cabin by their fellow cabinmates):

Lexi F.Adrianna B.Grace C.Sophia N.Mollie R.Aubrey A.Katherine J.Lainey J.Caroline C.Ava S.Julia B.Elizabeth W.Hollis B.Candler C.Caroline K.Heather C.Emily W.Annabeth M.Jillian V.Bays Q.Carly G.Lucie K.Claire R.Avery W.Adeline G.Kate A.Mary Elizabeth G.Martha P.Kate C.Spencer C.Bradley M.Bennett B.Sarah Katherine E.Bailey Z.Margaret Anne W.Caroline H.Wallace T.Polly M.Emma F.Helen G.Olivia W.Caroline M.Helen C.Libby F., and Allie J.

The following girls received promotions, earned by a certain number of marks. Marks are earned through things like commendations, bars in activities, and electives such as going on trips or hosting a tournament.

Groundhog: Lucy D.Polly M.Ali J.Emma F.Lauren D.

Bader: Regan M.Eleanor F.Helen C.

Arrow: Lily K.Aubrey A.Marin D.Kate C.Griffin B.Gigi N.Caroline S.Annabeth M.Bradley M.Grace L.

Crazy Creek: Kate O.Mollie R.Lauren V.Summer W.Ashley P.Caroline C.

Long Bow: Sophia N.

Running Deer: Hollis B.Alexandra J.Cici C.Amelia L.Emma P.Avery W.Ava W.Ava D.Candler C.Emily W.Carly G.Alexa L.Kate S.Lucie K.Bailey Z.

Red Tail: Ava D.Ava W.Sarah Katherine E.Lily T.Liza K.Lexie J.

Junior Feather: Keely W.

Four girls were awarded the highest rank of White Feather. Those girls are Corrina G.Margaret Anne W.Eleanor P., and Grace G.

Camp is SO great and I could not think of happier place to be. This is my 8th summer at camp, and I fall in love with this place more and more everyday. I’m forever thankful for the lessons I have learned, the friendships I’ve made, and the memories that I will hold with me for the rest of my life.
With Love from Merri-Mac,
Carley Margetts




Merri-Mac means family and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten. A motto originating from Gracie Ray’s Lilo and Stitch themed Princess Party rings true throughout a Merri day at camp. Here in Black Mountain, friendships continue to deepen and strengthen through another adventure-filled day at camp.    


After a brief trip to France in the dining hall with a breakfast of fluffy French toast sticks, girls began the journey to the chapel. There, campers heard a story from Adam about freely and joyfully giving everything you have for that which you find beautiful. He challenged us to find Jesus so beautiful that giving up our lives was nothing to the relationship we would pursue.


After the ring of the first bugle. smoke rose up in tendrils from outside the Backpacking hut as girls learned fire-building, and smiles ensued as the backpackers-in-training were rewarded by cooking sugar-coated biscuits. Sizzling chicken greeted hungry camper’s ears as they sauntered into cooking class ready to make homemade chicken fajitas (parents- don’t worry about making dinner anymore, they have got you!). The twang of the bow and sighs of accomplishment that follow the thud of an arrow on the target are very common sounds indicative of the archery range. In drama, girls grow daily in confidence performing in front of their classmates, working to the ultimate gold status of performing a monologue in front of the entire camp. The girls of dance twirled and leapt as they learned new styles to express themselves.


After feasting on a camp classic lunch of taco in a bag it was time for a well-deserved rest followed by an arguably well-deserved Trading Post time. With new found energy from rest and sugar, camp activities commenced in full-swing.


The afternoon on the dock brought contentment as the sun rose and warmed the rest of camp up. A perfect day to splash in the water, kayaking played paddle ball, and swimming enjoyed the blob and diving boards. More than anything else, the dock was blessed by the presence of multiple fluffy, 4-legged bundles of joy wrapped safely in life vests. Campers and puppies both received a needed share of the wonders of Lake Doris.


The sounding of the bugle released girls from classes to rush up to cabins and change out of the classic camp-fit of athletic shorts and a tee-shirt to the dresses and beads announcing the arrival of the highly anticipated princess party. The evening concluded with treats from an ice-cream truck and reminders of family and friendship brought to us by Lilo and Stitch. I hear that Stardust might have a bit of extra candy coming to them from Trading Post, but that’s all I can say for now. I now have the urgent business of signing off to go find out for myself.


Good Night Merri Mac

And a hush fell over the camp,


Billie Niznik



Backpacking Instructor

Big star in Stardust

Big star in Merri Mac

A Merry Camp Christmas

Greetings, fair friends and family! It’s Gretel here, the Christmas Elf.  I had the pleasure of visiting Merri-Mac today to celebrate Christmas and oh, what a joy it was!

The girls started the day off by sleeping in an extra hour (thanks, Santa!) and then were woken up by the sweet sounds of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” as the blue truck drove around camp to deliver sweet treats. Smiles and sugar-filled giggles all around as we all enjoyed donuts and hot chocolate for breakfast wearing our Christmas pajamas. Then a healthy dose of cabin chores and on to chapel we went! My little Christmas heart was so full as we sang Jingle Bells, Joy to the World, and Silent Night as the sun rose over Lake Doris. Adam read us Luke 1:31-33 and shared with us a message about how we know what Jesus says is really true.

During activity time, I watched girls all over camp show courage, strength, creativity, and focus as they built their skills in each activity. A few highlights include girls working through the lower ropes course in Backpacking , Trail rides in Riding class, and world cup games in Soccer.

For lunch, we enjoyed a delightful Christmas feast featuring turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, peas, and chocolate cake. Boy, was I stuffed! After lunch, I snuck into a Tweedle cabin to take a nap during rest hour. I hope they didn’t mind! Then, on schedule, we stampeded to and Tray Po and had free time, which was full of gaga ball, tether ball and earning bars in activities.

Then we were back to activity time where girls continued to glaze pots in pottery, cook Christmas colored pasta and garlic bread in Cooking class, swim with the puppies in Paws, and climb the upper tower in Climbing. A few girls earned bars today including Adrianna B. (silver in Drama), Clarissa S. (silver in drama), Claire M. (bronze in drama), Cici C. (silver in climbing), Alexa L. (gold in climbing), Helen G. (bronze in tennis), and Ila R. ( bronze in tennis). Also earning bars today were Kate R. (bronze in guitar), Caroline S. (gold in gymnastics), Trista R. (silver in swimming), and Sarah R. (silver in swimming). These girls are absolutely amazing!

As is camp Christmas tradition, we ate breakfast for dinner. Eggs, bacon, hash browns, and biscuits were passed around as we all reflected on a splendid Christmas day. We also sang cabin songs and heard a fantastic slam poem performed by Martha P.

After dinner, we donned our green and red apparel and played Christmas sockwar! It was exciting game full of tribe cheers, jail breaks, and flag stealing! The girls spent the rest of the evening with their cabins enjoying each other’s friendship and singing away the last few tender moments of Christmas.

But wait! There’s more! In addition to the festivities at camp, we had a few girls partake in trips out of camp. Lily T., Lizzy H., Haden W., Sohpie W., Caroline H., Holly H., and Adeline G. left for an overnight backpacking trip. Margaret M., Kennedy O., Eva S., Sarah M., Savey S., Coco B., Winter H., and Elizabeth W. came back from an overnight packing trip. Finally, Korina G., Cici C., Roads R., Ansley S., Molly P., Katherine C., Ashley Lauren J., and Bailey Z. went kayaking!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

Sincerely yours,

Gretel, the Christmas Elf

(Gretchen Mull, Pottery Staff, and Comet Counselor)

12 Days of Merri-Mac Christmas

Today was a Merri Christmas Eve here at Camp Merri-Mac! Here’s one of our carols…

In the first hour of Christmas Eve, Camp Merri-Mac gave to me a basic breakfast – so yummy! This morning, the girls enjoyed a nice, hardy breakfast composed of eggs, sausage, diced potatoes, and biscuits.

In the second hour of Christmas Eve, Camp Merri-Mac gave to me two guitars at chapel and a basic breakfast – so yummy! After breakfast, the girls went to chapel where we sang “Pharaoh, Pharaoh,” “Let My Light Shine Bright,” and “Father, I Adore You” to the sound of two guitars.

In the third hour of Christmas Eve, Camp Merri-Mac gave to me three girls with gold bars, two guitars at chapel, and a basic breakfast – so yummy! Kate O., Keely W., Drake M., and Holly H. all taught swimming classes today to earn their gold bars in swimming.  Drake M. and Holly H. taught their class together!


In the fourth hour of Christmas Eve, Camp Merri-Mac gave to me four class periods, three girls with gold bars, two guitars at chapel, and a basic breakfast – so yummy! Today during tennis, the girls worked on serves. In canoeing they practiced swamping their canoes, and in pottery they glazed their pieces.

In the fifth hour of Christmas Eve, Camp Merri-Mac gave to me five girls in a tennis tournament, four class periods, three girls with gold bars, two guitars at chapel, and a basic breakfast – so yummy! Eleanor P. and Margaret Anne W. hosted a tennis tournament during free time.  Kat G. and Haley F. won!


In the sixth hour of Christmas Eve, Camp Merri-Mac gave to me six camp puppies, five girls in a tennis tournament, four class periods, three girls with gold bars, two guitars at chapel, and a basic breakfast – so yummy! Today the girls were assigned to new puppies in PAWS.  They then took their new dogs up to Spencer’s Green and completed an obstacle course.

In the seventh hour of Christmas Eve, Camp Merri-Mac gave to me seven girls working on monologues, six camp puppies, five girls in a tennis tournament, four class periods, three girls with gold bars, two guitars at chapel, and a basic breakfast – so yummy! In drama class, the girls were working on monologues that they later presented to each other.

In the eighth hour of Christmas Eve, Camp Merri-Mac gave to me eight girls in a climbing tournament, seven girls working on monologues, six camp puppies, five girls in a tennis tournament, four class periods, three girls with gold bars, two guitars at chapel, and a basic breakfast – so yummy! Grace C. hosted a climbing tournament during free time.  Counselor Mattie Y. won!

In the ninth hour of Christmas Eve, Camp Merri-Mac gave to me nine girls on an overnight, eight girls in a climbing tournament, seven girls working on monologues, six camp puppies, five girls in a tennis tournament, four class periods, three girls with gold bars, two guitars at chapel, and a basic breakfast – so yummy! Today Anna Gordon S., Margaret M., Kennedy O., Eva S., Sarah H., Savannah S., Coco B., Winter H., and Elizabeth W. all went on an overnight backpacking trip to Catawba Falls.

In the tenth hour of Christmas Eve, Camp Merri-Mac gave to me ten Tweedles making a craft, nine girls on an overnight, eight girls in a climbing tournament, seven girls working on monologues, six camp puppies, five girls in a tennis tournament, four class periods, three girls with gold bars, two guitars at chapel, and a basic breakfast – so yummy! Tonight the Sunnyside and Dreams cabins babysat the girls while the counselors caroled to all the cabins.  Before the counselors got the cabins, each Tweedle cabin (with ten girls each) worked on a Christmas craft.

In the eleventh hour of Christmas Eve, Camp Merri-Mac gave to me eleven pieces of stromboli, ten Tweedles making a craft, nine girls on an overnight, eight girls in a climbing tournament, seven girls working on monologues, six camp puppies, five girls in a tennis tournament, four class periods, three girls with gold bars, two guitars at chapel, and a basic breakfast – so yummy! Today for lunch we had stromboli and Tweedle Dee at eleven pieces!

In the twelfth hour of Christmas Eve, Camp Merri-Mac gave to me twelve dozen pumpkin spice muffins, eleven pieces of stromboli, ten Tweedles making a craft, nine girls on an overnight, eight girls in a climbing tournament, seven girls working on monologues, six camp puppies, five girls in a tennis tournament, four class periods, three girls with gold bars, two guitars at chapel, and a basic breakfast – so yummy! In cooking, the girls made pumpkin spice muffins to celebrate Christmas.  They also made red and green pasta and oatmeal chocolate cookies.


From This Haven,

Mary Catherine Camacho

Extremely Proud Seminole

Riflery Insturctor

Tweedle Dot Counselor


Sunday Funday

To start off this beautiful Sunday morning, the girls woke up and cleaned the cabin for the day ahead of them.  For breakfast we had cinnamon rolls and bagels. Today was a special day for our sunnysiders. It was the sunnyside trip where they were surprised during breakfast for a fun and special day. The Sunnysiders went tubing and returned to camp to get dressed up for their nice dinner in downtown Asheville. In the meantime, the dreams girls helped out around camp today. They led songs during meals and helped out at chapel. Many trips went out today! Moonmist girls went to the Boyd’s house where they laughed and swam in the pool. A rafting trip was held today and as always they had a blast!

It was a typical Sunday. At lunch we had fried chicken and mashed potatoes (YUM!).  Oh and we can’t forget Trading Post which was after rest hour. Lots of treats can be found in Trading Post and don’t we all just love some sweets. Sundays are a day to rest at Camp Merri-Mac and a day away from activities. Even though we don’t have classes on Sundays, many activities were open for girls to get bars in like archery and climbing. Bars are a great way to help the girls grow and teach them new skills. Today a tennis competition was held and the munchkins in Tweedle Dot hiked the Tomahawk trail (which is 2.5 miles!!!).

We had very short showers this afternoon, but they cleared right up for the Sunday cookout. The girls enjoyed burgers, hotdogs, potato salad, watermelon, and a multitude of assorted cookies for them to choose from. Our wonderful CITs helped set up the cookout and served everyone. (THANKS 3RD SESSION CITS). Proceeding after the cookout, the girls headed up the hill to watch skits led by their counselors called Vespers. Vespers is a Sunday tradition at Camp Merri-Mac and it lets the girls sing along and laugh with each other. It was a great Sunday which ended with devotion in all the cabins where they talk about what happened in chapel and learn more about Jesus. Overall it was a great Sunday full of girls growing, hanging out with friends, and lots of laugher.

From this Haven

Julia C


Saturday at a Glance

This morning started out like all of our campers here – super sweet! Syrup was poured all over french toast sticks and the day was deemed Disney-themed as songs from High School Musical, Mulan, and The Little Mermaid rang out from the dining hall. The girls headed to Chapel as the sun rose in the sky – the day already noticeably hot. Counselor in Big Dipper Kristie G. shared another true story from the book of 1 Samuel about how God makes everyone unique and different to fulfill His purpose. 

Girls rushed back to their cabins to check their cabin score – Little Dipper got an awesome score of 9.6! Fingers crossed that we will get the cabin cake! 

First and second periods kicked off with a Backpacking trip on the Ridge March (a trek from Greybeard mountain and ending back at camp on our Tomahawk trail) and a rafting trip. Zentangles were crafted in DIY, and hot chocolate was made on a camping stove in Backpacking. 

Athletes practiced their serves in Tennis and their lay-ups in Basketball. 

Lexie J. and Grace C. practiced gates in canoeing. 

Drama played movie character guessing games while Gymnastics practiced tumbling and uneven bars. Climbing had many adventurous campers climbing the overhang in the mike while others practiced on the traverse wall. 

 The motto “WATER IS POWER!” was fully enforced today as it felt like the hottest of the summer yet. Mini Corndogs and Mac & Cheese were excitedly consumed and evening activity was announced this afternoon! Everyone is super hype for “Cabin Night,” where each cabin plans a special activity to do together. Moonmist will be sleeping at the mark and Comet and Little Dipper will secretly raid the trading post! 

Afternoon activities included making s’more brownies in Cooking and walking the pups in Paws! It’s been a hot and exciting day here at Merri Mac, so we are all excited for a restful Sunday tomorrow! 

Sweet Dreams, 

Zena D.
Little Dipper Counselor
DIY instructor

A Friday at Camp!

No matter where you are, there is always something great and exciting about a Friday, but at camp, Fridays are even better! Fridays always have the best evening activities, many trips out, great food, and everyone is in the full swing of camp life. The morning began bright and early with the fog rising over the mountains and a breakfast including eggs and potatoes. Chapel kicked off today with everyone’s favorite, The Banana Song, and a message about seeing Jesus in our daily lives from Lainey G.

As the sun rose higher, girls rushed to their first and second period activities after some free time of games including tetherball and gaga ball. Everyone wanted to be in Cooking class today as smells of brownie and marshmallow s’more bars drifted from the kitchen. Up at Paws, all six of the puppies got squeaky clean from the baths given by girls in classes. Girls in both Archery and Riflery continued perfecting their aims and working towards their bars.

After a delicious lunch of pasta salad, subs, and fruit (and loud and proud tribe cheers) as well as a relaxing rest hour, girls raced out of their cabins and down to trading post, fully stocked with all of everyone’s favorite candy and snacks. The bugle then rang for the final two activity periods of the day. A kayaking trip headed out to the Pigeon River including Drake M., Eleanor P., Sarah R., Alexandra W., Katherine G., Heather C., and Corrina G.  In Climbing, Eva S. managed to finish all the requirements for her bronze bar! Over at Lake Doris, classes like Swimming and Canoeing enjoyed an exciting free swim period, including the blob and the water slide. Backpacking class learned how to carefully operate a gas stove in different groups, and cooked tortillas with Nutella and whipped cream.

Girls then hurried to dinner decked out in tribe wear for everyone’s favorite activity, Gold Rush! In this tribal event, all tribes search around camp for gold items large and small (including some gold people!) and avoid being caught by bandits (the counselors) in order to earn it for their tribe. But before Gold Rush, everyone headed up to the tee pee for the weekly gathering of White Feather. Girls earn promotions and commendations from counselors and campers by earning bars in activities, completing tasks and activities, and showing quiet leadership. Tonight, many many girls moved up in their White Feather rankings, which we are so proud of!

Tumbleweed (1 Mark) : Goldie G., Frances T., Emma F., Polly M., Alloway W., Coco B., Olivia W., Libby F. Alie J., Pearl T., Ann Calvert W., Flannery P., Lucy D., Caroline G., Mary P., Harper W., Kennedy O., Lauren D., Cecelia G., Reagan L., Gray W., Cana P.

Groundhog (3 Marks) : Alyssa F., Ann Caldwell M., Sarah M., Eleanor F., Margaret M., Wallace T., Samantha D., Helen C., Kate S.

Badger (5 Marks) : Helen G., Avery C., Caroline R., Brooke B., Savanna S., Caroline M., Ila R., Anne Gordon S.

Arrow (3 Marks) : Alex L., Merritt G., Sarah M., Ava S., Liza M., Bennett B., Callie J., India S., Alexandra D., Olivia H., Kate R., Elizabeth W., Bays Q., Spencer C., Kate R.

Crazy Creek (7 Marks) : Lexi F., Paisley S., Martha O., Grace C., Eliza Dunn T.

Running Deer (5 Marks) : Marilou C., Jessica G., Ashley Lauren J., Ella T., Maggie D., Ivy C., Lauren D., Sienna N., Libby M., Riley M., Madison W.

Red Tail (10 Marks): Alexandra W., Ivy C., River L., Glory W., Riley M., Martha P.

As the girls finish up Gold Rush and go to their cabins for devotions and bedtime, everyone continues to anxiously a wait Christmas in July, and get excited for Saturday activities! Thanks so much for sharing your girls with us this summer!

From this Haven,
Emma M.
Sunspot Counselor