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New Camp Intern


We are thrilled to tell you about our newest addition to our staff! Claire Lippy will be our year-round camp intern. Claire graduated from Western Carolina University’s Nursing School in May 2016 and worked as the Head of Climbing during Summer 2016. Since then she has been working at the hospital in Asheville on the Pediatric floor. Claire came back to camp during the summer of 2017 as a Camp Nurse! She is very excited to be here at camp full time through next summer. Claire is originally from Atlanta, GA and grew up going to an overnight camp in North Georgia. She is excited to bring her experience and passion for the outdoors to the team and is ready to give the girls a summer they won’t forget!


This picture is from a waterfall rappel trip that the climbing program takes!

This picture is from a waterfall rappel trip that the climbing program takes!

Taco Tuesday!!

We were awoken by a calming rain this morning after an incredible day of staff appreciation! Our Dreams and Sunnyside girls did such an awesome job leading cabins and teaching classes yesterday.. we are so proud of them! The younger girls loved getting to have the older campers help them out all day! It was such a fun day to appreciate such an awesome staff!

We had a few trips out today to continue the adventurous summer these last few days! Zadie H., Clover M., Savy S., Senica V., Grace M., Claire M., Georgia H., and Virginia C. took a nature hike on Balsam Nature Trail for lunch to Mount Mitchell! They returned this afternoon with the brightest smiles and awesome stories! Mary Emma W., Julia W., Gracie H., Josie M., Lila Jane L., Lillian R., and Evy V. took a water skiing trip to Lake James this morning and had such an awesome time getting to experience the lake! Although we were welcomed by rain this morning, we didn’t let that stop us. Dreams End camper Hailey F. said “one of the best things about camp is that even when it rains, we use it to make things even more fun!” And I couldn’t agree more! We see rain as a beautiful thing to play in and not let it deter our activities of the day! We also had two fan favorite meals today which automatically calls for a great day! We had a yummy breakfast of pancakes and bacon! Then for lunch we were treated with the terrific tacos in a bag! Following lunch we went to our cabins for rest hour to relax and reflect on the day’s events thus far. Tray Po was filled with lots of snacks and cheerful supports for camper led tournaments including a running tournament held by Allie B.

We were all thrilled to find out that tonight will be Fine Arts Night! We are so excited to get to see our girls show off their outstanding talents! It is a night that we get to find even more reasons to be so proud of our girls bravery and abilities! We cannot wait for you to hear about their performances and how awesome of a night it will be!

From this haven,
Mills Thumser
Tweedle Dot Counselor
Proud Choctaw

Staff Appreciation!

After a restful Sunday, the girls jumped out of their bunks with excitement for today’s activities.  Today was a very special day at camp as it was Staff Appreciation Day.   The Sunny Side and Dreams girls took over the exciting roll of waking the campers up in the morning, picking up the trays of yummy food, teaching exciting activities, and spending time with the younger campers today. After doing cabin chores and spending some morning time with the older girls, campers ran down the hill and into the Tucker Inn for a wonderful breakfast of biscuits, scrambled eggs, sausage, and breakfast potatoes.  Next stop, Chapel.  We sang three beautiful songs today and ended with our Camp Psalm.

The Sunny Side and Dreams girls did a fantastic job of teaching their classes today.  Glory W. and Scout L. taught gymnastics and made it a super exciting and interesting day for the girls who participated.  Archery was also a very exciting class today as M.E. G. worked on her silver bar.  Cooking class, taught by Holly H. and Mae H., made guacamole and quesadillas that could be stuffed with spinach, cheese, chicken, salsa, and many other vegetables.  This made for a very creative day in cooking as the girls made all sorts of quesadilla combinations.  Campers got to have one of their favorite lunches at camp today, ham and cheese wraps with camp potato chips and cantaloupe.  It was delicious and eaten very quickly.  Staff members had the honor of choosing the tribal songs after lunch today.  The Choctaw, Iroquois, and Seminole girls stood on their benches and cheered with all the spirit they had after lunch today.  We’ll see who wins the BANNER.

Trading post opened up right as the bugle went off and a stampede of Tweedles, intermediate, and senior girls got in line for their delicious soda, candy, and goldfish. Also after Rest Hour, the Merri-Mac clothing room opened up,  so girls all around were showing off their brand new Merri-Wear.  Pottery was very exciting today as the campers glazed each and everyone of their beautiful pots, mugs, bowls, and other creations.  Ava W. and Claire H. worked on their bars in swimming today by treading water and floating on their backs for long periods of time.  Girls anxiously waited outside of the Tucker Inn for a yummy dinner of jambalaya, fried okra, and honey corn bread.  After dinner was finished we were all treated with a delicious desert of sugar cookies.

Tonight’s tribal activity is tribal trivia! Each tribe will get to show what they know as questions are asked and the competition heats up.  The three tribes are neck and neck in who the banner will go to, will it be the Choctaw, Iroquois, or Seminoles?  Girls are looking forward to Fine Arts Night tomorrow.  Each girl has the option to show off a special skill or talent.  Merri-Mac is so lucky to have so many talented girls with so many different gifts.  We are so excited to see what tomorrow brings!

From the Haven
Sydney Howell

Sunday Sweetness

After a wonderful extra hour of sleep this morning we skipped, hopped, and jumped down the hill to tasty cinnamon rolls. We sang beautiful songs praising God and his wonderful creation at the end of breakfast and at chapel. Sunnyside gave a spectacular chapel about Joseph and his multicolor coat. With a lunch of fried chicken and a cookout dinner every camper feels great American pride! The morning was full of tennis, basketball, gaga ball, and soccer tournaments for some; and tether ball games, working on bars, attempting to create one match fires, and relaxing with friends for others. Big Dipper took a cabin trip to the Boyd’s to swim in their pool, while Tweedle Dum ventured in Craggy Gardens for a beautiful picnic lunch. The afternoon began after an hour-long rest hour, with trading post and hours of free swim (including blobbing, kayaking, and sliding down the water slide). Sunnyside topped off a wonderful day playing paintball! At vespers, our very own Black Mountain Oysters led fun, pop songs between skits put on by counselors and chapel songs before the sermon.



Emily Kibbe

Big Dipper Counselor

Satisfied Seminole

PJ Party

The campers seemed to have leapt out of bed this morning when the bugle went off, ready for a day full of excitement and growth. The girls enjoyed a breakfast of eggs, potatoes, sausage and biscuits. After breakfast, Anna M. gave a wonderful chapel talk about how Jesus heals us from the inside out and we read from Matthew 8. Afterwards campers headed to their tribe meetings to practice chants and new songs.

There were some exciting trips that went out today–climbing, white water rafting, water skiing and backpacking. In our classes we perfected our technique and learned new skills. In cooking the girls used the grills to make their own personal pizzas. Kelsey W. said she loved using all the different kinds of cheese as her pizza topping. In canoeing the girls swamped and un-swamped canoes and even flipped one over to use as a slide. In backpacking we learned how to properly filter water and made hot chocolate with a camp stove.

At lunch the girls were very enthusiastic because we had a camp favorite, chicken nuggets and fries. We then settled down for a bit to have some rest time and then ran down the hill as fast as we could to get trading post when the bugle rang.

We had lots of fun in our 3rd and 4th period classes this afternoon. This evening we had ravioli with garlic bread for dinner. Evening activity was a pajama and ice cream party… we had a blast! Tonight we will wrap up the day with our cabins and get ready for a good night’s rest. Tomorrow is Sunday, which means sleeping in an hour, wearing our whites and spending the day out of activities so we can rest and enjoy each others company.

From this haven,

Amy Jameson

A Note from the Director: What is White Feather?

Each week Merri-Mac gathers at the teepee. Legends are read, awards are given, and handprints are left on standards. We do this because we think it is important to recognize growth in our campers, and equally important that they recognize it in themselves. It is important because we are made to live life together, to be challenged, grow and succeed, and to engage our world. These things are always best learned in families, but we believe they are next best learned at camp. We also believe that the things that happen at camp help girls grow, and so we have designed our White Feather program to lay breadcrumbs on the trail for growth at camp.


As part of White Feather, girls accumulate “marks” based on activity achievements, elective challenges (solo backpacking trips, running Tomahawk Trail, lighting a one-match fire etc.) and cabin leadership. Each mark takes them a step closer to their next “promotion” toward the highest rank of White Feather. With each mark and each promotion girls receive pins and necklaces, which we encourage them to keep on their camp pennant. The result is that through their years they will build a record of their camp accomplishments.

In the end, the most important part of Merri-Mac Council comes after the ceremony is over. During cabin time on the evenings that we hold council, the counselors will go to each camper to describe the gifts and abilities that they have noticed in her.  This is where a girl who may never earn a White Feather promotion, or a Gold Bar in an activity, or be elected to a tribal office, can be told about what we see God doing in her life and her and her contribution to the camp family.

– Adam

Swimming in the Rain!

August fourth was similar to most wonderful days at camp. Everyone was happy to have another calm day of activities after the excitement of Tribe Fest yesterday. The girls woke up to a morning that was a little warmer than past mornings, and chocolate pancakes were a very nice surprise at breakfast. As the girls headed off to Chapel some clouds started to form, but that did not stop the girls from singing with their whole hearts to their favorite Chapel songs. Adam led the talk about who Jesus is, and the girls headed off to their cabins to get ready for the day. The girls were busy outside all morning in their activities. Some of our intermediate girls got to enjoy rappelling at Upper Creek Falls, and rafters had lots of fun rowing down the French Broad River on Section 9. A favorite meal, mini corn-dogs and mac’n’cheese, was devoured during lunch, and everyone loved it so much that the Sunnysiders called out the Kitchen Staff to thank them for such an incredible meal. Thirty minutes of rest then the Tweedles stampeded out to Trading Post for their candy. The older girls are always a little slower because they love to sleep during Rest Hour.

The clouds got darker during third and fourth period and then the rain came. There was no thunder so many activities continued on as usual. There is nothing better than playing in Doris when it’s raining. The rain make kayaking more fun by hearing the rain pound the water and the kayak as the girls flipped over. Because it was Free Swim Friday, the girls loved jumping off the Blob in the rain as well. The rain did not stop an overnight mountain biking trip went out to Black Balsam and Dupont or Holly H. and Hayden W.’s overnight backpacking trip to Lookout Mountain. We were so proud of our Sunnysiders for leading this trip.

The rain really picked up right before dinner, so the girls rushed in a little damp. After a dinner of Barbecue Chicken and Hash-brown Casserole, White Feather began. The White Feather ceremony was held in the Tucker Inn due to the rain. So many promotions and commendations were given! We were so proud of our girls. After White Feather everyone headed to Cabin Night. The rain continued, but everyone found ways to have fun despite having to change some plans. Stardust went to the Boyd’s which is always a special treat. Some girls had free swim, others played games, and some even did scavenger hunts. It was a night to remember. Everyone went to bed exhausted but ready for another great day tomorrow!

Today at lunch we celebrated many birthdays! Happy Birthday to Addison K, Ashley J, Rose R, Sarah M, Leigh R, and Ella S.


Camper Commendations:

Mary Emma W., Oleanna E., Gemma W.,  Amy W., Josephine V., Clarissa S., Eleanor T.,  Ellie G.,  Mary Margaret L., Avery C. B., Lillian R., Isabelle O’B.,  Jessica G.,  Ashley Lauren J., Patterson G., Mallory B., Zoe H.,  Loy H., Jenna H., Breland B., Willa M., Mira S., Ashley P., Mary Elizabeth G., Kennidi G., Francesca B., Molly M., Gretchen N., Anna H., Virginia L., Chloe Vosdoganes F., Sarah Katherine E., Bailey Z., Marianna S.,  Sofie Q., Hannah F., Harper Van G.,  Dayton K., Clover M., Savannah S., Grace M., Elli B., Lacey C., and Elizabeth G.


Counselor Commendations:

Reagan M., Olivia G., Gabby A., Jillian C., Lindsay J., Carolina D., Eleanor T., Emaline C., Gracie H., Grace Virginia D., Charly S., Cecilia G., Isabelle O’B., Virginia C., Heather C., Grace R., Lilly Hemm., Clare M., Nicole F., Mae R., Breland B., Margaret H., Sarah P. Lucy T., Claire H., Kelsey W., Ava W., Kate A., Maddie L., Leighandra R., Eliza G., Sabina S., Kate B., Drake M., Brigitte N., Holly H., Avery J., Georgia N., Caroline C., Lane H., Stella D., Nora F., Zadie H., Caroline B., and Zoe K.



Tumbleweed: Reagan B., Paton C. Carolina C., Eleni F. Leah G. Dayton K. Jacqueline N. Alice N. Georgia N. Georgia H. Allison B. Allie P. Clover M., Senica Van H. Legare S. Grace G.

Eva D. Margaret Miller, Ashley S. Kennedy A. Carolina B., Elizabeth G. Sadie M.

Groundhog: Lane H. Zadie H. Lacey C.

Badger: Stella D., Grace M. Elli B, Zoe K.

Arrow: Regan M. Jillian C. Kathryn C. Abby S. Eleanor T. Mary Margaret L. Amelia M. Lillian R. Callie S. Isabella G. Jenna H. Elizabeth M. Clare M. Isabella S.,

Crazy Creek: Carolina D., Cate L., Lillian F., Nicole F.

Longbow: Clarissa S.

Running Deer: Bella C. Isabelle O’B. Christina J. Morgan S. Erin W. Olivia W. Aubrey W. Sarah P.

Red Tail: Grace A. Jessica G. Sarah P. Kate A. Claire H.

Junior Feather: Virginia C. Hailey F. Patterson G. Drake M. Julia B.

Tribe Fest!

Campers rolled out of their bunks
And grabbed their tribe jerseys out of their trunks
Sarah Kate announced it was tribe fest
Every camper knows this day is the best
Red, grey, white, black, yellow and blue paint was smeared on faces
and all other sorts of places
The first activity started out with a bang
Just as the Big House bell rang!
Gold rush, always a blast
Got heated real fast
Bandits and Campers and Judges oh my!
The stories needed to win gold were clever and sly
Pizza for lunch, always a favorite
I think all of the campers crave it
Right after rest hour, came swim fest
Many campers aquatic skill put to the test
Tribe cheers and chants, sometimes shrill
Could be heard throughout the hills
And before all the sweet campers say goodnight
A game of inferno will be a real (safe) fire fight
From the Haven
Zena Davis
Little Dipper counselor
DIY instructor

A Wild Wednesday!

As the fog rose up and off the Blue Ridge Mountains early this morning, campers woke up and rushed down to the dining hall to everyone’s favorite breakfast of pancakes (which one table of Blue Heaven girls claimed to have eaten 45!). After that, everyone hurried to chapel to enjoy another service and true story told by Adam.

As activities began, everyone enjoyed a cool cloudy morning, after some of the hot and sunny days that we’ve had. Around this time, one of the trips that went out was a climbing trip to Ship Rock, including M. Smith, A. Wilhelm, K. Hanks, Sophie S., L. West, and Elizabeth W.. Audrey W., Hannah F, Bailey Z, Claire H, Julia B, and Holly H. also headed out to kayak on the Lower Green. Back at camp, DIY class constructed very detailed flower crowns, and pottery focused on learning how to spin their clay correctly on the wheel. Cooking made delicious chocolate cupcakes, and up at the lake, kayaking worked on t-rescues and rolls, and canoeing got the chance to swamp canoes, which is when the girls in the canoe flip their canoes and attempt to flip them back over after.

After a wonderful Greek lunch of chicken pita pockets and homemade potato chips and rest hour, campers sprinted to trading post to snag recently restocked candy and drinks. As the third period bugle rang, campers Drake M, Ivy C, Virginia C, Everly H, Hailey F, Alex W, and Scout L. returned from a two night overnight ending at Shining Rock! We are all so proud of them! In fencing, girls continued to learn more fencing skills and technique to become pros. In climbing, girls had the opportunity to climb to even greater heights at the upper tower and the boulder at Spencer’s Green (on the far side of camp). Guitar ended the day by learning even more chords and how to play the song Wagon Wheel, and riflery finished up shooting and carried their rifles down to store in the Mike.

After dinner tonight, campers will split up in to Junior Camp, Intermediate Camp, and Senior Camp to enjoy evening activity. Junior Camp will head to the slip and slide on Mackey’s Green, Intermediate Camp will play a high energy game of Kickball on the tennis courts, and Senior Camp will play the highly anticipated Pirate Ball, where a ball rotates all around from rafts, canoes, kayaks, and water polo run and played by campers. At the same time, a camp wide treasure hunt will be happening with girls fencing for clues. Its sure to be wild and so much fun! Another day at camp has been so great, and we’re so glad y’all have shared your daughters with us this summer!!

From this Haven,
Emma McGahan
Sunspot Counselor (best cabin!)
Proud Seminole

Base Jumping into August

It has been a Merri first day of August here at Merri Mac! The girls started off their day waking up to the morning bugle and doing their chores, singing and laughing with their cabin mates. They worked hard to keep their perfect cabin scores competing for the next cabin cake. The girls then headed to breakfast to have the amazing baked oatmeal and blueberry muffins that the girls absolutely adore. This led them straight into camp songs led by Sunnyside which they all so enthusiastically sing and stomp to, making the dining hall smile and laugh on this glorious morning. The girls then head to chapel where we get to sing Pharaoh, Pharaoh Baby, which is followed by the camp hymn and a wonderful message by Biscuit. The girls are then released to go to their tribe meetings where they learn new tribe songs and chants such as IROQUOIS is number one and don’t you forget! SEMINOLE pride! SEMINOLE power! And GO CHOCTAW! After tribe meetings the girls head to their first and second activity periods.

On Lake Doris the girls enjoy some canoeing, kayaking, and swimming while listening to fun background music. In PAWs they team up with their partners and play with the puppies and then take them for a walk around camp. Cooking is fun with all the batter and icing as the girls make chocolate cupcakes. YUUUM! Up at archery and Riflery the girls learn accuracy and precision as they work on their bars. Climbing is at the upper tower doing fun belaying techniques and getting to the top of the wall without falling. Drama and dance work on monologues and pirouettes. Meanwhile, guitar is learning new chords and songs to play for chapel.

At lunch we had the infamous taco in a bag, one of the girls all time favorites! After, Sunnyside led the girls in rounds of disney songs, so naturally everyone was screaming the lyrics to the top of their lungs. Once the disney songs ended the girls filed in chanting their tribe cheers and we gathered to sing to the princess Gracie R..

The girls then headed to rest time #besttime for a little while before heading to the most treasured part of camp: Traypo (the land of candy, chips, and soda!!) After the long lines at TrayPo died down the girls headed to their third and fourth period activities. In riding the girls learn how to move up and down with the horse as well as go on adventurous walks with them around camp. Backpacking learned how to tie knots which was demonstrated by a human knot made up by the whole backpacking class, SO COOL! In DIY the girls made cute flower crowns, which made each one look like little princesses.

Once at dinner the girls ate some nice poppyseed chicken casserole and broccoli which was followed by delicious chocolate cake. The girls then ended dinner by singing their cabin songs and heading to the evening activity (Base Jump). Base Jump started with a boom and the girls ran and played trying to not get caught by one of the counselors. The tribes competed for spirit and game points ending in so much cheer. After Base jump the girls head to their cabins to have post evening activities and devotions with their cabin, ending the day in a sweet, sweet communion with friends, counselors, and Jesus.

This August 1st couldn’t have been better!


In Christ,

Hannah Lancaster