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Attack Adulthood….Become a Camp Counselor!


So you are in college and it has recently dawned on you that adulthood is absolutely unavoidable.  You will graduate in a period of 1-3 years (hopefully) and you will inevitably enter the “serious” time of your life when a career, spouse, house, children, 401K, and long term care insurance (just kidding…maybe?) will begin to change you from the free-wheeling good time person you are currently into an early to bed, gotta get up in the middle of the night to pee type of person with a mortgage.

This is beginning to weigh on you, right?  You don’t feel ready to become an adult and you aren’t sure what could possibly give you the tools necessary to become one.  Well then I have the perfect solution!  You need to become a summer camp counselor.

Why in the world is this the perfect solution for me you might be asking?  I am trying to be more responsible and become an adult.  How would spending the summer with a bunch of children help me in this?

Glad you asked!  Here are a few different reasons:

  1. Being a camp counselor means you get to act like a kid for the summer.  Do you like throwing water balloons?  Do you enjoy being outdoors and getting paid for it?  You need to be a counselor.
  2. Watching kids grow and learn is powerful and you see yourself better because of it.  After reason number one you might have thought this job was a cake walk, right?  Yeah, sorry about that.  It’s really hard.  And you will have to learn how to put yourself second (or last) a whole lot.  Kids make mistakes and helping them navigate that is not easy, but it is such great work.
  3. More and more employers are recognizing that summer camp counselors are better problem solvers and team members than the average candidate for employment.  Try navigating a homesick camper situation on their first night away from mom and dad (ever?) and tell me you haven’t learned a skill!  Check out this blog by one of our former directors on what employers can expect when they hire a person who has been a summer camp counselor.
  4. You will make the best friends ever.  Kids are hilarious in general so there is the relationships are usually built upon humor, living in close quarters breaks down barriers so you feel genuine with these folks, being in the woods makes you feel alive anyway, nights off from camp are super special because you finally have less responsibilities.  Relationships at camp are set up for success.

Are you still wondering if you have what it takes?  Check out this article on more benefits of being at a camp.

Lets get you Up to date on our Updates!


I am sure you have all wondered at one point or another about what exactly goes on at Camp in these cold months of January.  With warm cups of coffee in hand, we are always moving forward on new projects around camp to help make your summer here the best few weeks of your life.   This week we laid new floors for a an update in Moonmist, Blue Heaven, and Little Dipper cabins!  We recently completed a new covered Pavillion on Mackys green and are in the works of giving a face lift to our pottery studio and DIY craft room.  Along side all these thing and many more, we spend our time counting down the days until you all arrive here at camp!  139, can’t wait.

Welcome to our Home

Camp Merri-Mac 2014_Sunday Grant Photography (36 of 43)

There is a moment that I am sure you all know very well.  You have driven off of Merri-Mac’s property, your daughter has commenced her camp adventure, and the car is suddenly quiet. You drive straight onto the highway to head back to wherever home may be. But, what if, next time, instead of hitting the road and joining the melancholy hum of cars buzzing away, you stuck around for a while?

As we share our Merri-Mac home with your daughter, we also want to share our Black Mountain home with you!  In Black Mountain one is offered so many great local experiences that you can only find here in our lovely little town. So here it is, your 101 guide to our beautiful little town of Black Mountain.   So next summer, drop your daughter off, then stay awhile.

Dripolator Coffeehouse or Dynamite Roasting Company: These are two of our favorite local places to go and grab a quick warm cup of joe.  Delightful pastries and of course locally roasted coffee beans fill the air in these two cozy shops.  On any given day, you are likely to see some of our staff resting while on their day off.  

Montreat Trails: Just up the road from camp you can find the historic Montreat Gate.  Park here and enjoy the simple walking trail up through Montreat to the lake and back. It is  about a 3 mile walk filled with beautiful trees and sunshine.  You can also continue up to the nature center and get a map of their many other trails heading high up into the mountains. ( )

Lake Tomahawk: Head to the lake located just four minutes away from Merri-Mac.  Pull out a fishing pole or take a stroll around the water.  Picnics are highly encouraged and made easy when you grab a gourmet to-go dinner from Red Radish. (

Our favorite breakfast/brunch places include Louise’s or Blue Ridge Biscuit Company because of their exceptional locally bought and made food.  The homey atmosphere makes anyone feel welcomed here.  They are both another favorite of our staff on their days off.  ( )

For dinner head over to either Mill Pizzeria or Trailhead restaurant.  Both local, both great.

End your day at the Red Rocker Inn, a cozy bed and breakfast guaranteed to make your stay in Black Mountain a good one. ( )

I hope that next summer you will get a chance to enjoy our home while feeling like a local.  We cherish the opportunity to share the places we love with the families we love most.
Merri-mac, first, last, and always.

2016 CIT’s head to Costa Rica


Screenshot_2015-12-26-10-59-41-1Today many of our CIT’s for summer 2016 head down to Costa Rica with our CIT director Davie Boone and Assistant Director Dave Johnson to learn about leadership, team work, and the love of the Lord.  Join us in covering them with love and prayers this week as they grow through friends and adventure and help us make camp next summer the best one yet!

From the Director


We were with a group of friends the other day trying to explain the camp princess. We described the song, humming a few verses. We explained the party, with everyone dressed in their camp best with flowers and thrones and escorts. We even talked about our relationships with their families and how princess alumni come to visit and how we name our camp dogs after them. None of it seemed to help until one of us said that camp was a place where all of this made sense. At that point they all nodded, agreeing that there are things about their own lives that only make sense from the inside. They understood that there was no understanding without being in the middle of it, without being part of the story. Details are usually like that. They only make sense in the context of a larger story. We love the story at camp. The first part is that friends matter. There is nothing more fun than making new friends, and there is not much that is more important. God has made us to be together and camp is a place where it is easy to do that. The next part of the story is that risks are rewarded. Whether a girl is learning to roll a kayak or scheming capture the flag she is committing to a plan that could go either way. And at the end of every camp day she will be ready to try it again. Finally, the story at camp is about having fun.

We are supposed to die very old with lots of laugh lines. Kids know this and they listen best to people who know it too. The powerful part is that all great stories last; they build muscle memory. As girls learn to make friends, take meaningful risks and have fun at camp it becomes easier to do the same thing at home. Finally, when they do it every summer, year after year, it becomes a habit. Thank you for letting your girls be a part of our story at camp.

And by way of shameless advertising – we want you to be a part of the story to – so join us for the Mother Daughter weekend!  From This Haven…

Adam and Ann

Welcome Ally!

Ally Gudeman joined our camp family summer of 2015 and serves as one of two assistant directors. She is originally from Ventura California where she lived her whole life until moving to Iowa for her undergraduate degree.  She completed her Bachelors of the Arts in Religion at Northwestern College in Orange City Iowa.  Throughout her time in Iowa, Ally participated in collegiate track and field, lived abroad in the Middle East, and worked on staff with Younglife camping.    Ally and her husband Brett were married in 2015 and moved to Black Mountain to begin jobs with Merri-Mac and Timberlake immediately after.  Ally has loved learning the traditions, songs, and overall grandeur of camp here at Merri-Mac and Timberlake and is looking forward to the summers to come.

The Best Gift Under the Tree


This Christmas give the gift of Merri-Mac!  Tribe Charms as well as shirts, sweatshirts, crazy creeks, water bottles, and pillow pets are all available for order this holiday season.   Please call the camp office at 828.669.8766 to place an order.  Supplies are limited and orders will be filled on a first come first serve basis.  See Camp Merri-Mac’s Facebook page for photos of available gifts.

With all the joy and love we can offer, we wish you a wonderful Christmas season!



First Camper for Summer 2022 Enrolled


image000000We celebrate with the beloved Anne (Archer) Yetsko and her husband Daniel as they welcomed their beautiful baby girl, Mary Archer into the world earlier this month.  Mary Archer already can’t wait for her time in Tweedledee cabin come summer 2022.

The Secret Staff


|Available positions for Summer 2016|

|Available positions for Summer 2016|

When you think of summer camp staff, it is easy to let your thoughts go immediately to the camp counselors.  While these positions make up the vast majority of our staff, it is important to remember that there are always many other positions to fill.  The Water Skiing Instructor, Videographer, Cooking instructor,  Riding staff and Maintenance team all play unbelievably important roles at Merri-Mac on a daily basis.  These positions, along side the cabin counselor, allow us to give your daughter the best possible experience at camp each summer.   So next time someone asks you about what they should do as a summer job, suggest Camp Merri-Mac for Girls, because there are always more jobs available than what meets the eye!

Director Travels

Loved seeing Ella Grace at our most recent Charlotte meeting. Charlotte, NC is one of our favorite Merri-Mac towns. With great schools like Providence Day School and Charlotte Latin it’s a great place for a Merri-Mac reunion!