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Princess Party Day









At the sound of reveille this morning, girls were springing out of bed to get a jump on the day. Why? It’s arguably one of the best days of camp; princess party. A few days back, all of the cabins voted for a princess who would get to play a role in Amelia’s skit for the night. These girls slaved away all day, memorizing lines and choreography to ensure a smooth performance tonight. After we got the cabins all clean, we headed to Tucker Inn for an even bigger surprise; BAKED OATMEAL. The girls who have been here before were all starting to wonder if it even existed anymore, and this morning, we got our answer. What a wonderful way to start the day!

Chapel was absolutely wonderful with the sound of our voices alone. No instruments were to be heard all over camp as we sang “Pharaoh, Pharaoh,” and “How He Loves Us.” Caitlyn Conyers gave us a great message on the question “What does God require of us?” She pulled from Jeremiah 29:13, which tells us that all He requires is that we seek Him out daily. We all mulled this over as we headed to our activities. Over in Archery, Bailey S was working towards her silver bar, pulling back about seventy pounds of resistance on her bow. Sarah Kate E was also very determined to get her silver in riflery! The paws class was also having a great day, frolicking in the sun despite the heat. On the lower side of the hill, in knitting, the girls were keeping cool on the Patti-O. There were several headbands in the works. As soon as the cooking kitchen door opened, the sweet aroma of cherry and chocolate chip muffins wafted out, tantalizing many of those sitting just outside. To top it off, they also made smoothies to wash the muffins down with.

Lunch was a true blessing, comprised of both mini corn dogs, mac & cheese, and tribal switch day. At lunch, we sing the songs of our tribes, but today, we sang songs from other tribes, replacing words to make them our own. Rest time was accompanied by some much needed rain, for it had become almost too hot to bear. Luckily, it slacked off just in time for free period. Trading post was crazy busy as per usual, but there were a significant number of campers who decided that naps were higher on the priority list than candy.

It was a very peaceful afternoon in fitness today, where they were doing yoga to the sound of the second rainstorm. Pottery seemed fairly placid as well, as girls were finishing up their pots before time to leave. Preparations for closing have started, and as the girls chanted earlier, “we’re not leaving!” O, that camp could last forever. After fourth period, the girls were able to put on their best dresses for the princess party. They came down to dinner looking so very beautiful, ready to bask in the glow of all of Amelia’s hard work. We’re ready to close out the day with an evening devotional, and do it all again tomorrow in a million different ways. That’s all folks!

Counselor Taryn

#Camp Is Great









Another great day at Merri-Mac to add to the books
Every girl displayed a grin and very joyful looks
A camp favorite for breakfast; yes, circle eggs
“Can I please have seconds?” each camper begs
Then off to chapel where “Who is Jesus?” was learned
Followed by tribal trash pickup, so the banner can be earned
An hour of free time spent playing in the creek
What a way to enjoy session 3A’s final week
A bugle rings for class to start and each girl must run
Off to fencing, guitar, or canoeing in the sun
In gymnastics everyone worked on their stretching
And in lacrosse there were many balls to be fetching
In fitness, the class ran several laps
Yes, they are tired and will be asleep before taps
Pottery shaped and molded their clay
Cooking was thrilled for chicken taco day
Backpacking roasted s’mores on the fire
And a scrimmage in soccer came down to the wire
Taco in a bag is what was devoured for lunch
Adding in toppings with fritos and making a crunch
Princess party practice took place to rehearse the play
Tomorrow we will find out the theme and honor CIT Amelia Gay!
Reading and writing was done during rest hour
Followed by trading post with treats sweet and sour
This afternoon was spent in more classes
Growth through friends and adventure was achieved by the masses
Kayaking practiced and perfected their rolls
Archery hit bullseyes and exceeded their goals
Swimming worked hard to improve their four strokes
Rifelry saved targets to mail home to their folks
Tonights evening activity; my favorite for sure
The Great Escape: a scavenger hunt all tribes must endure
The winning tribe is the first to ring the bell
Followed by cheering and a victory yell
Another day at Merri-Mac gone and away
But back up on Wednesday for more chances to play
Whats in store for tomorrow? Its a surprise; we must wait
Just one more reason of why #campisgreat

From this Haven
Anna Moon
Tweedle Doe Counselor (Best cabin)
Volleyball Instructor (Best activity)
Proud Choctaw (Best tribe)

A Monday of the Merri Kind










To close yesterday’s beautiful Day of Rest here at Camp Merri-Mac, we enjoyed a Sunday Vespers service. We laughed at hilarious skits the counselors put on and The Black Mountain Oysters (a world—er, camp—famous band made up of Merri-Mac and Timberlake staff members) played worship songs and popular songs, such as Riptide and Shut Up & Dance With Me. Then, counselor Becca shared about God’s unconditional acceptance of His children. It was truly the perfect Sunday to conclude our first week of the session and it provided the rest we need for another fun-packed week at camp.

This Monday morning, campers made their way down to the Tucker Inn to find a delicious surprise: pancakes for breakfast! After enjoying the syrupy goodness, we filled the chapel and sang Star of the Morning, Amazing Love, and Let My Light Shine (which, as a matter of fact, was stuck in my head all day). Then, Adam spoke about a Wynton Marsalis concert. He’s a hero, a prodigy, in the jazz world. One song in particular at this show was especially magical, but right at the height of the song’s magic, as eyes gleamed at Marsalis in amazed enchantment, a cell phone rang. Eyes pierced the phone’s owner like daggers. Oh, the shame this man must have felt! One critic wrote on a napkin, “magic ruined.” Marsalis, however, to the crowd’s astonishment, paused and then imitated the ringtone, and then began to improvise with the tune, eventually beautifully weaving it back into the original song. He was a master at his art, able to take something deemed ruined and make it beautiful. Jesus, in the same way, takes us for who we are, in our brokenness, and makes us beautiful. Adam concluded with Ephesians 4: 22-24, in which Paul writes about taking off the old self and putting on “the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness.”

Activities today were packed with fun, learning, friends, and adventure! In Cooking, campers made chicken tacos, complete with guacamole and homemade tortillas. In Climbing, campers learned about different climbing gear (including cams, nuts, and carabiners) and practiced traversing technique. Many campers practiced their T-rescues and rolls in Kayaking as they enjoyed Lake Doris on this hot day. Backpacking classes learned techniques for lighting fires, including which types of wood should be used (never rhododendron), types of kindling, and how to get sap from trees. Campers in Horseback Riding classes rode around camp. Fitness classes did abs workouts as they jammed to some Taylor Swift tunes.

At lunch today, we ate the ever-anticipated Stromboli. But, there were a few tables of campers absent at the meal – Where were the Sunnysiders? Well, while their fellow campers enjoyed a hot, action-packed day at camp, they embarked on the Sunnyside Trip, a long-lasting Merri-Mac tradition. This morning, these girls hiked to Max Patch, a bald mountain peak about an hour and a half from camp, where they played games like Spikeball and Frisbee and had a picnic. They returned to camp this afternoon and got all dolled-up for a night out. Tonight, they are enjoying a dinner at a hibachi restaurant and going bowling.

Meanwhile, this evening at camp, it’s Cabin Night! The Tweedle cabins have a Free Swim at Lake Doris followed by a campfire and s’mores. Stardust is camping out at The Shelter, which is located on camp property a mile up the Tomahawk Trail. Milky Way is eating their fill of s’mores at the Teepee campfire. Comet campers are getting their creative juices flowing as they write and perform skits in the drama room. Blue Heaven found the perfect cure to this hot North Carolina day: the slip ‘n’ slide on Mackey’s Green! Little Dipper is enjoying an evening by the pool at The Boyd’s. Big Dipper is playing games and camping out at the Mark at Spencer’s Green. Moonmist is enjoying a big game of Laser Tag. Rainbow is cooking something up in the Merri-Mac Kitchen. The Dreams cabins are having a pancake second dinner in The Tucker Inn (lucky girls—pancakes twice in one day? It doesn’t get much better than that).

Tonight, as some girls will fall asleep in sleeping bags under the stars and others in their cozy cabins, I remember the camp psalm:

The Lord watches over you—

The Lord is your shade at your right hand;

The sun will not harm you by day,

Nor the moon by night.

                                    (Psalm 121: 5-6, NIV)


Goodnight, Merri-Mac family!

Maddy Mudd

Seminole, Big Dipper Counselor & Rock Climbing Instructor

Sunday, Sunday










It was a lovely Sunday here at Merri-Mac. With the sun shining down and girls in white the day couldn’t have started better. After sleeping in the girls went down to the Tucker Inn to enjoy a breakfast of cinnamon rolls. Today’s chapel was given by our wonderful director Adam B. The message came in story form. He told the girls about two brothers, the elder a wise and kind man and the younger a foolish, rough man. The elder brother spent his life wisely and to the good of others, keeping nothing for himself. A wild existence is what the younger brother kept. Years had past and the two brothers had traveled very different paths and were reaping the results. The younger had fallen in with the wrong crowd and had committed many crimes to keep his life style. The elder brother was the owner of a small, but well to do, printing company. One night the elder brother heard a small, exhausted knock at his door. His younger brother had killed a man and had no where to turn. The older brother into his house, cleaned him up and put him to bed. When the police came looking for the younger brother, they found the older in his clothes. The older brother had made himself to look like his younger brother. The police could tell no difference and took him away. The older brother received his younger brother’s punishment. But before his punishment took place he wrote a small note, ” I have died your death for you, now you live my life for me.” The entire story was to illustrate how Jesus has taken our punishment and how we should live for him.

After chapel concluded to girls went off to enjoy their free-time and friends. Many cabins, such as Tweedle-Dee and SunSpot, decided to put on a spa-day with hair-does and nail-painting. Several activities, such as basket ball, fencing, and back-packing were open so campers could work on their bars. In guitar the girls worked on a Mumford and Sons song, while in tennis they were working on serves and game play. One of the Intermediate cabins, Comet, went on a cabin trip to Catawba Falls. All of camp was ecstatic about today’s lunch, which consisted of fried chicken, green beans and mashed potatoes.  After a hour long rest period the girls went off to have free-swim in Lake Doris. Many of the campers not only enjoyed the “Blob”, but also the water-slide. In Pottery today the young ladies were able to finish their pieces before they were put into the kiln to be fired. Tonight for dinner the girls had a cook-out with burgers, hot-dogs, potato salad, and cookies. Now they are all headed for Vespers, a long-standing camp tradition.


Counselor Caroline

Merri Christmas to All, and to All a Goodnight

unnamedIt was a Merri morning at camp! After enjoying an extra hour of sleep, girls dashed from their beds decked in green and red to meet Bobby Boyd’s truck, stocked with fresh donuts and hot chocolate. As they waited for this special Christmas morning breakfast, they sang along the Mariah Carey’s, All I Want For Christmas is You— a camp favorite! The girls then returned to their cabins with donuts for their counselors to find stockings filled with candy (and of course, an apple) waiting for them.


After breakfast, girls sang along to Christmas tunes such as Joy to the World and O Come All Ye Faithful at chapel. After chapel, girls went on to their second period activity. Girls in climbing learned how to boulder on Spencer’s Green, a technique of climbing without a harness at low heights. Down in the kitchen, cooking class worked on Christmas pastas with red (marinara) and green (pesto) sauce. Yum!


For lunch, girls enjoyed meatball subs and pasta salad. For desert was everyone’s favorite: S’MORE POCKETS! Campers and counselors alike devoured the gooey treat quickly so they would have time to sing more Christmas songs after lunch. Everyone danced around the dining hall to Justin Bieber’s Mistletoe. Some older girls even started swing dancing between the tables. The Christmas spirit was alive and well at lunch time, but the girls were ready for some rest time after lunch.


Despite the candy and donuts and s’more pockets enjoyed today, the stampede down the hill to Trading Post was just as heavy as ever. Everyone at camp knows that the bugle that ends rest time is usually sets off a mass of little feet, storming down the hill to beat the lines to get their favorite candy, and today was no different. Girls enjoyed their candy with their friends while playing tetherball or hanging out with counselors.


After free time, girls went on to their third and fourth period classes. Girls in DIY crafts worked on bracelets made of strings and buttons and beads and lace, and girls in knitting relaxed on the patio while working on their scarves and headbands. Meanwhile, up at Lake Doris, an intense game of kayaking water polo was going on. Just inches away, girls at Puppy Camp took puppy Motley for a swim. Even though Motley knows how to swim, he seemed to most enjoy sitting on a paddleboard while the girls floated him around the lake. The puppies like to relax just like the rest of us!


The kitchen staff prepared a delicious, traditional Christmas dinner of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, and peas, followed by peach cobbler for dessert. The girls really enjoyed the classic meal that many enjoy at home during the holidays. After dinner, we sang “We Were’s,” instead of cabin songs. This is when girls sing cabin songs from cabins they’ve been in during previous years. Every girl enjoyed listening and seeing what cabins their counselors and friends had been in before.

After dinner, girls went on to a Christmas Dance Party started by Santa himself! Girls danced with friends and counselors until they couldn’t dance anymore! After the dance party, girls returned to their cabins to get ready for bed, little did they know, the fun wasn’t over yet! Girls left their cabin and ventured up the trail to watch a special Christmas fireworks show. Intermediate camp even got to roast hotdogs at the council ring while they watched.


When the fireworks ended, most of the girls returned back to their cabins to sleep after a long day of Christmas festivities. However, Sunnyside, Sundrop, and Cloud 9 went back to their cabins to find a scavenger hunt awaiting them. They followed the clues around camp, thinking they would end with a trading post raid. Really, they got the Christmas present they had been waiting. It is a tradition for our oldest campers to receive clipboards with their names and tribe shields as a sign that they are close to being able to be on staff. The girls loved their clipboards, and awed over the pretty designs while munching on milk and cookies. It was truly a very Merri Christmas!


Wishing you and yours a Merri Christmas,


Arianna Jain

Cloud 9 Counselor. Hardcore Choctaw.

Go dawgs.

The Eve of Christmas









Another wonderful day at Merri-Mac! We woke up with fog around the mountains and perfect cool weather. Because the winner of America Color Wars on Wednesday was the fierce Blue team, all the members didn’t have to do chores! What a well-earned break. After the cabins were all tidy, we walked down to breakfast and were met with a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs and biscuits. Sunnyside led us in morning songs when we were done, and we all headed up to Chapel.

After some free time to play in the creek, play games in the cabin, or hang out with friends, we were off to activities. Girls were learning and doing all kinds of new things across the camp– whether it was making bracelets in DIY, trotting over poles in Riding, or ascending the boulder in Riding. After two activities, though, we were tired and ready for a break. Luckily we had Greek pitas and chips waiting for us in the Tucker Inn!.

Lunch was made doubly exciting because we got to discover the winning tribe of both Sock War and Base Jumping: BOTH Choctaw! (Seminoles won spirit points, though.) To make it even better, we ended lunch with a visit from two very important guests–Santa and his elf! We all knew what that meant, and girls went absolutely wild at the reveal of tonight being Christmas Eve.

After rest hour it was back to activities, and even though it was a bit less sunny, spirits were just as bright. We even got to see the PAWS puppies go for a swim in Lake Doris! When activities were over, girls knew they needed to bring their A game for Christmas spirit, and the outfits we saw at dinner did not disappoint. The Christmas spirit and cheer werw almost tangible as we ate Christmas dinner. Girls went to Merri-Mac Council at the Teepee after dinner to be recognized for their Marks with White Feather promotions. Now, they’re all in cabins being babysat by older girls and waiting for their counselors to come caroling. What a joyous time for a Merri Mac-er. Good night for now!

Counselor Robyn

A “Merri” day in the Rain










It was another amazing day here at Merri-Mac. The girls started off the day with a delicious breakfast of French Toast sticks and bacon. After running up to Chapel and singing songs such as “Pharaoh, Pharaoh”, they heard a message about how God is more than their mistakes. Allie G., our new assistant director, gave the message and the key verse was from Colossians chapter 3.

The morning activity started off with a splash as the girls in PAWS taught the puppies how to swim. Sahara N. from Sunspot had a great time with this activity. In Cooking today the young ladies learned how to scramble and poach eggs, along with a variety of muffins, Mia P.seemed to enjoy this very much. In DIY crafts the girls learned how to stitch, while Pottery was working of pinch pots and mugs.

With the afternoon came the mountain rain, but that didn’t stop the Merri-Mac girls. Despite the rain the girls in Kayaking learned how to roll and flip. Backpacking combated the rain by learning how to set up tarps and the proper knots to keep them up. Climbing kept it fresh by having the girls climb the “Over-Hang” inside the Mike. After the day’s activities were over the young ladies donned their “Sunday Whites” for the camp picture. Once the picture was taken they were off for a wonderful dinner of Chinese food and laughter. Now they are all getting in the tribe gear for tonight’s evening activity BASE JUMPING!

God bless,

Caroline D.

A Classic Day in Camp Life









As reveille went off at 7 am, many girls hopped out of their bed, while others slowly crawled out from the warmth under their covers. The sun shined through the cabin windows as the campers scrambled to get their chores done before breakfast. Girls ran down the hill to the Tucker Inn to be delighted by a meal of breakfast pizza and sausage. The dining hall was filled with smiles and laughter as we all stood up and sang “Boom Boom Ain’t it Great to be Crazy” and “Hambone,” two camp classics.

Afterwards we all made our way to the chapel. The words of “The Banana Song” and “Isaiah 43” echoed throughout camp. We then got to hear another “true story” from Adam. He talked about a time when his basement flooded with sewage, yet everything above it in the house seemed to be working perfectly fine. That was compared to the fact that even though as humans we are broken, we try to do everything we can to cover that up. His message left all the girls thinking as they headed up the hill to get ready for their first activity.

The sun began to grow hotter as girls heard the first bugle and ran to their activity. In Backpacking today, the girls learned how to set up tarps and tie the knots necessary to support them. Every group of girls seemed to get the concept and the backpacking hut was surrounded by tarps everywhere you looked. Campers in cooking were seen chopping vegetables as they learned how to make scrambled and poached eggs, which were incredibly delicious. In guitar, girls learned many new songs such as Riptide, Wagon Wheel, and Light the Fire.

After our first two activities, campers headed back down the hill and were ecstatic when they found out it was chicken patty day. We feasted on chicken sandwiches and sweet potato fries, and a dessert of Italian ice. After lunch, the clothing room was opened and girls sprinted to be the first in line to buy some new merri-wear. With clothing in hand, everyone headed to their cabins for the most peaceful time of the day, rest hour. After 30 minutes, you could see girls’ feet dangling over the beds as they prepared to run down the hill to get candy and soda at trading post. After an hour of laughter and tetherball, girls headed to their next set of activities.

Volleyball was working on many skills, including the typical bump, set and spike. In gymnastics, girls were flipping everywhere on the balance beam and tramp in order to prepare to test for their bronze bars. Girls in lake activities such as kayaking, swimming and canoeing could be seen smiling from ear to ear as they played in Doris on this beautiful day. Dinner tonight was served and the girls enjoyed pork, peas, and cheesy au gratin potatoes, with oreo banana pudding for dessert. Campers then sprinted outside to begin a game of America color wars, staff vs. campers. If the campers win, staff will do their chores in the morning, but if the staff wins, they get to sleep in for 30 extra minutes. As another successful day at camp winds down, cabins go off to do their own post evening activities, such as making s’mores, sleeping out or even free swim. Devo signals the end of the day, as girls climb into their beds, exhausted from the wonderful day they have just had. It’s been another merry day at Camp Merri-Mac


Jessica Goldman

Stardust Counselor

Choctaw Tribe Dominates


Merri-Mac Tuesday!

11722202_10153508805968674_7561369771868390905_o (1)







Today, Camp Merri-Mac awoke tenderly as we realized that last night’s storm had passed.  Then the girls sprang out of their beds to clean their cabins and then sauntered down the hill to hang out on the back porch before breakfast.  We enjoyed a meal of French toast sticks and sausage patties with extra options of yogurt, fruit, and grits.  After all the tables had been cleared and it was announced that tonight’s evening activity would be Apache Race, we trekked up to chapel.   Once we were situated, Lainey answered the question of “Who is God?” by contrasting God and herself.   She exemplified this through her tale of campers who were hidden from her and whose real names were she didn’t know.  She explained that God always knows where we are and knows every fiber of our being, including our names, and read us Psalm 139:1-4.

After organizational tribe meetings and a few enthralling games of tether ball, the girls headed to their morning activities.  Fencing had a fashion show where one girl modeled the correct way to wear all of the fencing safety equipment.  In camp craft, the girls acted out safety rules and the principles of leave no trace.  The diving girls practiced the 3 step approach on the dock in a large group and then again in pairs.  Each girl in dance pretended to be an animal as they pranced across the floor in the lodge.  In cooking, they baked and ate cookies and learned about the history of chocolate chip cookies.  In DIY crafts, girls cut out everything from the eyes of celebrities to the letters in their names and glued them onto journals.

For lunch, we were blessed with taco in a bag and mini cherry pies.  We tired ourselves out by shouting tribal songs at the top of our lungs, so then we headed up to rest time.  When the bugle loudly rang to signal the end of rest time, the girls sprinted down to trading post, where they were allowed two items of their choosing.  After a few more games of tether ball, we headed to our afternoon activities.  The volleyball class got to know each other by finding out their spirit animals.  With great enthusiasm, the girls in kayaking learned the parts of the boat and paddle.  In pottery, the girls made pinch pots to serve a variety of purposes.  For soccer class, they split into four teams and played a dribbling game.  The girls in drama took turns playing a “normal person” and a “weird person” sitting on a bench.  When the bugle played at 5:30, the girls skipped up to their cabins to put on their tribe jerseys and to collect any other supplies they might need for Apache Race.

Following a dinner of barbeque chicken and veggies, the girls participated in Apache Race any way they could.  Some girls ran with their tribes’ flags between activities while other girls helped by doing the activities.  Girls blobbed, went down the water slide, rode horses, shot bows in archery, and packed backpacks for their tribes.  Iroquois just hoisted their flag up the flag pole to win this Apache Race, and right now the girls are singing Side By Side, proclaiming that they are “three of a team, like sisters it seems, side by side.”  After a few more hours of fun, we will all cuddle into our beds for another good night’s rest.

Audrey Ellis

Proud Seminole

Blue Heaven Counselor

Merica Monday











Third session has officially started, with a full day of camp ahead of the campers, they climbed out of bed with the sun shining through the many cabins, and the counselors whispering a soft good morning to them, and a couple minutes later the campers would hear, “seriously, it’s time to get up.”

The new morning started out with a nice cool air, and a slight breeze. The girls ran down to breakfast to set the tables, and soon all the campers would be bowing their heads in prayer together, and awaiting the scrambled eggs and potato squares that were for breakfast. The dining hall, as usual, was filled with many conversations, and a lot of laughter as the morning started. The girls received their schedules for their days at camp while at breakfast, and many cheered as they found out that they were placed into the classes that they had requested.

As the girls grabbed their things, and headed to chapel, they were greeted with the newly built chapel shining under the sunlight, and they all gathered around to sing a couple of songs. Chapel was then brought, and it was a story about how when Ally was younger, she was left home alone, and during that time, there was an earthquake. It was small, but it had scared her. Yet, her house remained in tact. She talked about Psalm 118, and how it refers to Christ as our cornerstone, our solid foundation. The final thing that she ended with was that when Christ is our solid foundation, and the earth shakes, we are still safe and secure in his arms because he does not shake.

After chapel, the girls separated to their separate tribes, for a tribe meeting. The day continued, and as it did, the sun rose further into the sky and the day slowly became hotter and hotter. Rooms that were usually cool were surprisingly hot. Throughout the day different activities were introduced, the safety talks were given, and introductions were made as girls learned new counselors names, and counselors got to know the girls in their classes even better. It was a great first day! Gymnastics went over some goals that the classes had as a whole. Competitive swimming started out the day by doing their warm ups, and trying to keep up with their routine of swimming while being at camp.

The pottery classes learned how to make pinch pots, and some of the current four-week campers that were at Merri-Mac during second session continued to work on their pieces from the previous weeks. In diving, Janie C. did her back-tuck from the springboard to the water for the first time. After being scared for a couple of minutes, and a little bit of encouragement from Elizabeth O. and her cabin counselors, she finally went for it, and was successful! She peaked her head up out of the water and the first thing she said was, “that scared me so much,” to which a counselor replied, “but you did it anyway!” We were all very proud of her!

Throughout classes, campers learned the different terms for a kayak, some of the swimming classes relaxed a little for the first day by playing a couple of rounds of Marco-polo, and the cooking classes made chocolate chip cookies, and oatmeal cranberry cookies as well. They were really good! They had ended up altering the recipe and adding a half a cup of flour, “so that they will taste better,” Becca V. said as the girls dumped their ingredients into a mixing bowl.

After lunch, the search for the great hatchet began; this would mark the opening of the tribal games! After an extensive search, the Iroquois came out yelling with the hatchet held up in the air. According to legend this means that the Iroquois will win the banner.

(But between you and me, they have dug up the hatchet every session and Seminoles won first session, and Choctaw won second session.) So we will see who wins the banner! It is currently up for grabs by any of the three tribes. During lunch, the evening activity was also announced. We “broke it down” and sock war was announced as evening’s activity.

Girls continued to rest, and go through their classes, and the sun, still shining and beaming it’s hot rays down on us continued to make all the campers and counselors sweat. Right as the dinner bell was ringing, the clouds made their way through the sky, getting darker and darker, and the girls rushed to the dining hall as the rain started to come down. For dinner, we had pasta with tomato sauce, some cheese and meatballs. There were mixed veggies and some garlic bread to go along with it. The girls sang proudly when it was time for their cabin to sing, and then went off to sock war.

Tonight, as the rain continues to trickle down every now and then, the cabins will separate and do their own things to bond even more, and get to know each other better. My cabin, will hang out, settle down and do devotionals, and as the lights are turned out, I will have the pleasure of reading to them out of the book of Matthew as they close their eyes and go to sleep.

It has been another successful first day at Merri-Mac! May God bless this camp, and keep looking out for the girls as the weeks continue!


Becca Garber


Proud Choctaw

Eastern Michigan University Student

Gymnastics Instructor

Blue Heaven Counselor