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Sparkling Sunshine & Smiling Faces

After a blustery night of thunderstorms that made us content in warm and dry beds, the sun rose high and warm over the Blue Ridge Mountains. A breakfast of Belgian waffles, topped with whipped cream and blueberries, and sausage patties filled hungry bellies. We sang our traditional morning songs to start off a busy and energetic day and then headed to chapel! As the sun’s rays danced over and dappled Lake Doris, we sang sweet worship songs such as “Isaiah 43” and “On Jordan’s Stormy Banks.” Counselor Kate G. spoke in chapel today about how God is our Father who disciplines us for our benefit—He always gives us what we need. She read from Hebrews 12:7-11 and told a personal anecdote from her childhood to supplement the lesson. Tonight, individual cabins will discuss together the message from chapel in age-appropriate settings to ensure comprehension or delve a little deeper.

There were quite a few trips that went off camp today! Because of Merri-Mac’s prime location nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, we have access to some of the premier rocks, hiking, and rivers in all of North Carolina. The following girls went on a kayaking trip today: Lindsay A., Aynsley R., Kaitlin P., Eleanor P., Hailey F., Katherine M., Andie K., and Margaret P. Margaret and Aynsley both did their combat rolls on the river today! This is so impressive and counts as an elective mark towards White Feather!These girls went backpacking: Taylor T., Celia S., Hollis B., Holly H., Maddy N., Abby B., Becca M., Mattie Y., and Millie M. Lastly, the following girls got to go waterskiing: Taylor U., Elizabeth W., Katherine P., Caroline C., Kate T., Ingerid E., Nora C., Julia B., Olivia O., Libby M., Carolyn C., Marie U., Molly F., Copeland R., Gabriella N., Savannah L., Taylor M., and Nora M. I’ve heard nothing but good things from all of these trips!

Because of the stunning weather, all activities were running to their fullest ability with much enthusiasm and energy to go around. In Dance today, Hannah P. led stretches. Over in Fencing, the girls played “Red Light/Green Light” to practice their stances, and then they began to fence! Heather C. and Sandra T. were among the girls to fence today. The smells wafting from the cooking kitchen were too delicious to ignore, and I know all of the girls loved cooking salsa, queso, and quesadillas almost as much as they enjoyed eating them! In Climbing, Ashley P. began to make up her own route in the Grotto, which is one of the bouldering sites on camp.

After such a busy morning, lunch couldn’t come fast enough! Stromboli is a camp favorite, so cheers of joy echoed around camp as the girls filed into the Tucker Inn. Ice cream sandwiches topped off a yummy meal. After some rowdy tribe songs, the winner of Base Jumping, last night’s evening activity, was announced. The Seminoles won both Spirit Points and the actual game of Base Jumping! Seminole pride, woot woot, Seminole power indeed! Iroquois Chief Kristie G. described playing Base Jumping as “feeling like you’re on a mission to save Camp Merri-Mac!” Tonight, we are playing Inferno, another tribal activity that involves keeping tribal fires alive by collecting “wood” from different activities while simultaneously trying to put out the other tribes’ fires. We’ll see who prevailed soon!

Rest time provided some peace, quiet, and naps, and then opportunity to obtain caffeine and sugar from the Trading Post presented itself. In the free time after rest time, many girls schedule tournaments or pick-up games! To earn her gold bar in Volleyball, Alex V. organized a volleyball tournament today, made up of Dreams and Sunnyside campers and counselors. It looked like a grand time! Some girls also use free time to run around camp or on the Tomahawk Trail—Vivian G. and Mary Laci M. did so today! Tweedle Doe campers Martha O., Clare M., Molly T., and Bennett P. enjoyed playing in the waterfall and Tweedle Creek!

In Camp Craft classes today, the girls learned how to fashion “bear bags” to protect backpacking food from bears or other wild animals. In Knitting, Caroline W. continued work on her infinity scarf! In Chorus today, Ellie P., Taylor U., and Maddie L. earned their bronze bars and began work on their silver bars! Earning bars in activities represents learned skills and knowledge and also counts towards White Feather marks that will be recognized at the White Feather ceremony later this week. We believe in encouragement and recognition at Camp Merri-Mac, and this can be found in many facets!

Even after ten years at Merri-Mac, I am continually overwhelmed and blown away by the joy, energy, and love that envelops this place. It is one of the most heartwarming and encouraging places to work as a counselor and provides some of the most memorable summers and meaningful relationships as a camper. Your girls make this place come alive, and we are so thankful that you share them with us for this time. We can’t wait for them to share their favorite memories with you when they return home so that you can get an insight into what it is to be a Merri-Mac girl.


From this haven,


Maddy Mallory

Dreams Begin Counselor

Guitar Instructor

Spirited Seminole

University of Virginia Class of 2017

First Day Smiles

I woke up to the sight of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains at 7am when the bugle first sounded.  Camp Merri-Mac ran on a normal schedule, not a Sunday schedule, so all of our girls could start to experience how camp is normally run. The girls woke up and got ready to head down the hill for breakfast. We all started our Sunday morning with warm and fluffy cinnamon rolls, a camp favorite. After those were gone, within minutes, we sang our morning camp songs, which included Chante  Chante and I’m a Villain. Once we concluded our breakfast, it was time for chapel. We always start chapel by singing Christian songs. It always is uplifting to see all the girls have their eyes closed and starting their day off singing to the Lord. It is the most refreshing way to start camp. Today in chapel, Adam Boyd spoke to the camp about who God is. He used the example of when you have a blanky that is your special blanky. You carry that blanky. everywhere and know every stich. But then you lose that blanket and your parents try to replace it, but you immediately know that the new blanket is not yours. Adam used that comparison to God. The girls were told that whenever they are spoken to, it is coming from the Bible.  Adam went on to explain that we come to know the true God from the Bible, not from anyone’s thoughts or opinions.

After chapel there was a thirty-minute break and then girls headed to the first class period. I loved walking around and seeing the excitement the girls had for their classes and the new skills they are learning. I first went to pottery where girls were learning to throw clay. If you have a daughter in pottery, she was covered in clay today. Then I walked up to DIY crafts where the girls were painting trees on paper and then glued buttons to the tree. Then it was off to cooking where the girls were making monkey bread and quiche. I may have treated myself to some of the food and I must say, it was delicious. Then I walked over to volleyball where the girls were learning to pass and set the ball. I also went over to lacrosse where the girls were playing steal the bacon. I attempted some lacrosse myself and discovered it is an acquired skill that I do not possess, buy many of your girls do. Second period ended at 12:30 and we had thirty minutes of down time before headed to lunch. Lunch consisted of grilled cheese sandwiches, tomato soup, and curly fries. My cabin had a contest to see who had the longest curly fry. I won. We also helped Mattie Y. celebrate her 16th birthday. After that excitement, we ate rice crispy treats for dessert and all stood on the benches to sing tribe songs. Majority of the girls got up to sing the new Choctaw chant and Tucker Inn was filled with song.

It was then time for a much needed rest hour. After a solid thirty-minute nap, the girls all sprinted down the hill for trading post. At 3:30 first period began. In many of the classes, girls were getting their first safety talk. Camp makes sure that there is a safety briefing for every class. I heard bits and pieces of safety talks for riflery, guitar, and backpacking. Meanwhile the campers who have been here for two weeks continued on and are excelling in their classes. I walked by horseback riding where your girls continued to impress me with their ability to control an animal five times their size. I also went to climbing where three young women were working on their silver bar and Kristy G. was working on her gold bar. I then stopped by the dock and saw canoeing, kayaking, and diving. I witnessed a young lady maker her first successful wet exit in kayaking and the excitement on her face made my entire day. Fourth period was cut short because we took the traditional camp photo where the girls are in their whites and the counselors in their uniform. It was then shortly time for dinner where we had fried chicken, green beans, and mashed potatoes, which is my absolute favorite camp meal, as it is for many others. We finished with apple fritters for dessert and cabin songs. The evening activity was Base Jumping. In this activity, the girls are given strips of paper and are trying to get the paper into buckets without getting intercepted by counselors. The winner of this game will be announced tomorrow with much anticipation.

Altogether, it was another great day at camp. The counselors are excited to get to know your girls and share all their knowledge for their class, but much more than that, their love of God. Thank you for sharing your daughter with us. We could not be happier to have them here at Camp Merri-Mac.



Keitt Panuccio


Dreams End Counselor


Faithful Choctaw

Dear Parents,


Welcome to camp!  Merri-Mac started this session with a wonderful opening day.  Ann and I especially enjoyed talking with so many of our parents as you checked your girls in.


After a year of planning we officially started first session with a swim test, followed by dinner and singing.  Sunnyside did a wonderful job leading the cabin songs, but it was clear that the real tension is building for tomorrow’s first tribal cheers.  But before that happens, we had to elect our new tribal officers:


After dinner we went up the mountain for the initiation.


The new Merri-Mac Seminoles are:

Alexandra Di Paolo

Julia Donaghy

Camille Lassiter

Mary Jane Lassiter

Molly Tuttle

Reese Ziegler

Kathryn Carey

Grace Miller

Morgan Healy

Virginia Donaghy

Molly Frye

Bella Cantrell

Maria Ugarte

Anne Cunningham

Fernanda Gonzalez-Alcocer


The new Merri-Mac Iroquois are:

Spencer Cobbs

Davies Summerlin

Cameron Flathers

Morgan Smith

Caroline Perez

Bella Tesoriere

Jessica Gargaro

Avery Moyer

Sarah Hollowell

Katherine Miller

Lauryn Kumpe

Mariah Kumpe

Kennedi Green

Hannah Pierce

Olivia Bledsoe

Sydney Raymond

Millie Saydiowski

Christina Johnson

Gabriela Notzen

Hannah Miller

Libby Morgan

Lexie Johnson

Jennifer Chartier

Anna Grace Austin

Mary Sanford Austin


The new Merri-Mac Choctaws are:

Amelia Murphy

Caroline Fowlkes

Lindsey Bergelin

Ashley L. Pitts

Tallulah Segrave

Addie Furr

Jayne Beth Martin

Cate Lemmon

Avarie Adams

Bennett Phillips

Katie Bergelin

Maddie Lemmon

Maddy Phillips

Kate Wilson

Alyssa Daniels


Later several cabins were seen sneaking out with their staff for their own special cabin initiations.  Lots of girls becoming Merri-Mac insiders tonight.


I wanted to end by thanking you again for sharing your daughters with us; we have a great group of girls.  We also have some very exciting days lined up and we’ll keep you posted each day.


Great Camping!

Adam Boyd


A Very Merri-Mac Thursday

Thursday, July 24th began with the sound of the morning bugle and the smell of pancakes wafting up senior hill. Morning songs included a practice round of Friendship Circle tunes, and a few tears were shed in anticipation of the soon-to-be end of summer. The girls quickly fell into their mourning routines, however, and another day at Merri-Mac was quickly underway. The young ladies in knitting class put finishing touches on scarves and headbands, while the girls of DIY crafts added final embellishments to decoupage journals. Up on the tennis courts, Marquesa C. led the first period class as a requirement for earning a gold bar, and nestled on Little Dipper’s front porch, guitar class celebrated as Morgan G. successfully completed a bronze bar achievement.
Lunch brought the Merri-Mac-ers a happy surprise. An old favorite for returning campers and a new love for first-year girls, stromboli was a marked success in the dining hall. Filled-to-the-brim on the delicious Italian food, the girls tumbled gratefully into bunks and beds for a relaxing rest hour, followed by a rush to the Trading Post for a sweet treat.
Later that afternoon, the ladies in cooking class displayed their culinary talents by creating personal pizzas from fresh ingredients. The soccer class enjoyed a special treat, free swimming in Lake Doris. The girls in drama class enjoyed utilizing their skills of character development in several fun games, including the classic “Party Guest”, where you never know who’s coming to dinner!
Speaking of dinner, grilled chicken and potato au gratin completed the menu. And the ice cream sandwiches were not to be forgotten!
The evening culminated with a White Feather Ceremony, where a gold bar in archery was awarded to Millie M., a gold bar in backpacking went to Maddie M., and Amelia G. received a silver bar in basketball. A silver bar in competitive swimming went to Sophie S., and a silver bar in dance was achieved by Scout L. Maggie D., Scout L., and Mimi M. earned silver bars in fencing, and Anna M. achieved a silver bar in guitar. Gymnastic silver bars were awarded to Claire R. and Sydney H. In riding Grace R., Margaret R., Virginia C., Maggie G., Juliette A., and Claire L. earned silver bars, and Maggie G., Juliette A., and Taylor U. achieved gold bars. In swimming Olivia T., Cole M., Mattie G., Anna Caitlyn A., Anna M., and Isabella S. earned their silver bars, and Emma M. and Olivia T. achieved gold bars. Julia B., Wynne W., and Kate T. achieved silver bars in tennis, and Alice M. and Katherine M. received gold bars. Various bronze bars, commendations, and electives were also awarded.
Immediately following White Feather, the girls participated in a camp-favorite – Sock War! Each tribe battled bravely, contending for spirit points as well as the winning score. But as soon as the game was over, Tweedle Dee, Blue Heaven, and Sunspot girls raced to Tucker Inn to enjoy cabin cakes, the spoils of their victory as cleanest cabins.
As the hour of taps approached, sleepy Merri-Mac-ers nestled down between sheets and under blankets, cuddling pillows and stuffed friends alike, as counselors read bed time stories and prayed blessings over each girl, thanking God for a wonderful, very Merri-Mac Thursday.
Stephanie Graybill | Blue Heaven | Choctaw

Camp freezes over!

The day is finally here! The cabin princesses have been selected from each cabin. And have kept the secret of the theme of tonight’s princess party. All week they have been attending secret play rehearsals during rest hour to practice lines and dances. And after a week of dodging questions from curious campers and staff the camp filed into the mike for the princess party and the theme is finally revealed. It’s Disney’s FROZEN!

The build up to tonight would have been unbearable if it wasn’t such a great day at camp. In climbing the girls were at the lower tower and the grotto for the majority of the day but made a trip to the lake to practice placing gear in the rocks that surround the lake. In pottery they put the finishing touches on their mugs and whistles and glazed all their projects so they could go into the kiln before its time for our two week campers to go home. In lacrosse today they practiced mirroring and ran some really fun drills to practice the fundamentals of the sport. Volleyball today learned how to spike. In PAWs they worked on changing the dogs from walking with harnesses to walking with collars. In riding today they took laps around camp practicing proper technique. Camp craft today went to new heights today as they took they girls up on the high ropes course. In cooking they made their own personal pizzas. Fencing today spent the whole day sparing. In kayaking they worked on their rolls and t-rescues. In fitness they spent the day finding their center doing yoga. And because the mike was occupied all day with the princesses decorating for the party gymnastic had a fun day free swimming in the lake.

After the whole day of build up it was finally time for the princess party! The girls all looked so beautiful dressed up for Anabell’s princess party. The mike looked like a winter wonderland as the room was covered in snow flakes and painted of ice castles covered the walls. As they filled up the mike they began singing the princess song as Anabell made her grand entrance into the mike with her escort Patio. Anabell took her seat on stage and the play began. Our head of swimming Madi played the lead role of Elsa and she was paired with our first session princess who stepped in for another princess party as Ana. The play had us all rolling over with laughter as they changed the lines of the movie to incorporate camp jokes. These jokes ranged from how strong the Choctaw spirit is to the excitement over the Rockmont dance. As the play came to a close and the actresses took their bows the crowd chanted for an encore. The song “Classic” by MKTO blasted through the speakers as the cast jumped into a synchronized dance that was a surprise not only for the crowd but also for the princess. It brought the crowd to their feet as we all joined in for the final chorus. As the girls filed out of the mike even more surprises awaited them. They are received a t shirt that said “Anabell’s Princess Party” on it and a goody bag full of cake pops and snowflake cookies. After taking cabin pictures the girls ran down to the boat house where an ice cream truck was waiting for them. Anabell’s princess party was a hit and a great way to end another amazing day at camp.

Abby Murray

Milky Way Counselor

Welcome Back Sunshine!

The skies cleared for an incredible day at Camp Merri-Mac! From hazy clouds to blue skies, the spirit of Merri-Mac lifted tremendously and the energy in activities was incomparable! So many girls achieved bars in several activities.

The morning started chilly, but campers got up, got ready for the day, and began their daily chores, trying to achieve that “10” for a cabin score that seemed impossible. Breakfast brought smiles with some of the fluffiest camp biscuits ever. The kitchen staff was in high spirits as it was the Head of the Kitchen Monica’s birthday! The entire camp brought her out during lunch to sing happy birthday to her. After breakfast, there was the usual stampede to Chapel to get the best seat. The message was by counselor Christy, where she talked about craving lemonade, and trying to replace it with Crystal Light and Sweet Tea. She explained that she was not satisfied until she finally had the lemonade and how this parallels our desire for Christ.

After Chapel, the girls had a bit of free time before heading off to activities. Cooking made Mac & Cheese from scratch (it was delicious) and knitting worked on their headbands. Across the way in pottery, girls began glazing their mugs and upstairs in DIY crafts, they modge-podged journals using magazines. Backpacking had the opportunity to go to the low ropes course, practicing solo success and group work. Volleyball class worked on serving, specifically to get their bronze. Horse Back Riding practiced their jumping techniques and went on a trail ride!

After their first two classes, the girls headed to lunch where they had everyone’s favorite: Taco in a Bag! For those who don’t know, Taco in a Bag consists of a bag of Fritos (the taco shell), taco meat, salsa, and the usual toppings. Girls can either pour the Fritos onto their plate or they can put everything inside of the bag, shake it up, and then pour it out! Desert was rice crispy treats, and then everyone headed to their cabins for thirty minutes of rest, giving them time to sleep and write letters home. The bugle rang for trading post and girls sprinted to get in line first for candy. Once all the mayhem ended, third and fourth periods began!

At the Upper Tower, girls worked on climbing the tower, as it is one step closer to achieving their bronze in climbing. Next to the tower, girls also had to opportunity to climb a new route on the Boulder. At Puppy camp, girls learned the difference between walking the dogs with harnesses and different collars. Tennis worked on serves and played Queens of the Court. At gymnastics, girls loved the chance to work on the trampoline, learning several different jumps and flips. In riflery, Celia S. got her bronze, and in archery, girls practiced getting a bull’s-eye by aiming for a balloon taped to the center of the target. Margaret P. received her bronze and Millie M. received her gold, which is very difficult to achieve, and takes a lot of work and patience. Guitar serenaded the camp while learning Pompeii and Counting Stars while Hollis B. got her bronze. On the dock, swimming dominated in bars! Isabel K., Sophia S., and Cole M. all received their silver while Emma M. and Olivia T. received their gold! In diving, Janie C. earned her bronze after performing a standing back dive by herself! Kayaking worked on rolls, one of the more advanced steps in the class.

As you can see, classes were a huge success today! After they were finished however, the fun did not stop there. At dinner, girls sang the favorite “We were’s!” This is where girls get to stand up and sing the songs of the cabins they were once in! The older cabins love being able to sing the songs they once sang years ago! Counselors were also able to sing their add-ons to the Sunnyside and CIT songs. After the singing was done, the evening festivities began. Counselors were dressed in black and painted up, hoping not to be found during COUNSELOR HUNT. Once found, the camper who found them pushed them in the lake in front of everyone. At this point, they discover how many points they are worth to the tribe, positive OR negative! Let’s hope everyone found a good hiding spot!

Another amazing day at camp come and gone and the girls will go to sleep tonight with smiles on their faces, excited for the next day. Thank you for sharing your incredible girls with us this summer! They are such a blessing at this camp!

Good night Camp Merri-Mac!

Counselor Amelia Kisling

12 years returning
Tweedle Doe Counselor
Kayaking instructor
Seminoles Best Tribe!


A Glorious Merri-Mac Monday!

 It was a beautiful day today at Merri-Mac. The girls all woke up feeling well rested after their peaceful Sunday. Everyone happily began their chores, except for our oldest girls in Cloud 9, Sundrop, and Sunnyside, who were surprised by finding out their long awaited Sunnyside trip was today! These lucky girls would be in for a day of surprised including a trip to Gravitopia (an indoor trampoline park) and going out to dinner. Our Sunnyside girls were missed today at camp!
  For the rest of the cabins, it was a breakfast of circle eggs, sausage, and biscuits. After the delicious meal, everyone listened to a message at chapel from Adam about living our lives for Jesus. Thankfully, the rain held off for our activities today! In cooking, the girls made pigs in a blanket and mac and cheese. In knitting, the girls were perfecting their headbands and scarves of a variety of colors. In DIY crafts, everyone worked on homemade journals with cut out pictures glued on. The girls in PAWS were lucky enough to take the precious pups on a scenic walk around camp. In backpacking, the girls hit the ropes course and played games such as Simon Says while attempting to keep their balance.
   In basketball, the girls played a game in order to perfect their layups. Archery worked on technique by popping balloons places on targets. Wherever you go around camp, girls are sure to be having fun and learning new skills.
    After a yummy lunch of pizza and cookies (a camp favorite), we discovered the wonder of Saturday night’s Smugglers and Spies was the CHOCTAW tribe. We also discovered that tonight’s evening activity is CABIN NIGHT! This means every cabin has something special planned for the evening. Some cabins are making s’mores, having spa nights, or having dance parties. It’s even rumored that our oldest cabins are sneaking out for a special raid..but Shh! It’s a secret! It’s been a beautiful Monday at camp. Thank you so much for sharing your girls with us this summer!
From this Haven,


Anna Moon

Tweedle Dum Counselor

What does our web site have to do with our philosophy of camping?


Each fall we begin our search for two staff members with computer skills and love for camp that is required to manage our on line articles and photos.  We also hire an extra counselor so that we can pull a different girl out of her activities and cabin each day.  Her job is then to become our camp photographer and journalist.  She begins after our morning staff meeting taking pictures and notes of the day’s events and usually ends her day sometime after taps writing an article to be posted later that night.  Amazingly, all of this does nothing to change your daughter’s camp experience, in fact, that is the point!

Instead we want to give our parents a one-way window into their daughters’ summer.  As parents Ann and I want to know everything that happens with our own camper, but as camp directors we also know how important it is for her to develop a healthy sense of independence.  With this in mind we have developed Merri-Mac’s web site as a way to sneak a glimpse of her camp experience without changing that experience at all.

Chances are that you will find your camper in the photos, but the purpose of the site is not to show individuals, it is to tell the story of camp.  We want our parents to see everything that happens at camp.  We want you to know what the Field Day’s tribal cheers sound like.  We want you to become caught up in the plot of Stardust raiding Milky Way.  We want you to know share the adventure of Tweedle Dum raiding the kitchen.  We want this because these are the things that are making your campers smile and sing and lose their voices laughing and cheering!

Each morning before breakfast I sneak into my office to flip through the most current pictures.  My children’s pictures are not always there, but each morning I learn something about camp that I never knew.   The reason we have a website is because we want our parents to fall in love with camp the same way our girls do, so let us know how we’re doing.  Let us know what parts of camp you would like to see and we’ll make every effort to show it.


Great Camping!


Camp Merri-Mac: Rain or Shine, Camp is still a Good Time

Merri-Mac girls have fun rain or shine. I began today’s journey throughout camp in pottery. There, campers were finishing up their ocarinas and then learned how to throw. I saw the coolest cat ocarina made by Olivia D. I then walked to backpacking and found campers learning how to tie knots. They were also singing some pretty rad songs that they had written about the Leave No Trace principles. I passed the barn as they were painting the horse named Mad Eye Moody. He got many colorful handprints as decoration for the day. We had many brave souls in Lake Doris kayaking, canoeing, and swimming. They were definitely building character out there on the lake today! I got to be the judge for several handstand competitions when I stopped by gymnastics. Scout L. and Clarissa S. were frequent winners.

I heard a lot of beautiful music coming from guitar class. Annie L. was learning one of my favorites, Pompeii by Bastille. Drama class had a bunch of fun energy flowing with girls acting like business women, dogs, and hairstylists. Not quite sure what was going on in there, but I liked it and I definitely wanted to join. Climbing class used the grotto today in order to practice their bouldering skills. They also learned a lot about climbing equipment necessary for the sport.

In the kitchen, campers were making cinnamon twists. There were a lot of scarves being knitted on the Patti-o.

Campers ended the day by playing Smugglers and Spies, an evening activity where campers try to smuggle their secret messages to their home base without being caught by spies from other tribes. Tomorrow we will sleep in until 8 o’clock (praise!) and relax for the day, reflecting on the week and rejuvenating for another one.

OH, and we had s’more pockets after lunch… so you know it was a good day.

Sleep tightly, Merri-Mac families!


Director of CITs

Memories Amidst the Rainfall

The sun is setting amidst the drizzle on another day here at Camp Merri-Mac! And what a joyful day it has been, full of friendship and fun—the rain can’t stop an exuberant day at camp. After a peaceful morning awaking from the pitter-patter of raindrops and breakfasting on biscuits, scrambled eggs, hash browns, and bacon, Camp Director Adam Boyd spoke in chapel about relying on Christ, pulling verses from Colossians and 2 Corinthians. Sweet voices filled the camp as everyone sang songs such as “In Christ Alone.” A little bit of free time prepared the girls for their days’ activities, and then they were off! In Volleyball, Alex K. and others learned about volleyball as a game and how to serve. Over in Pottery, counselors guided the girls in throwing on the wheel to make mugs and bowls—Jarrett B. and Lucy B. especially enjoyed that! The barn was still busy as campers, such as Kate A., learned the parts of the horse and how to groom, and, as the rain tapered off in the afternoon, some rode in the ring.

A lunch of Greek pitas and homemade chips, topped off with M&M cookies, filled hungry bellies, and a much-needed and much-appreciated rest time refreshed spirits. After eating, tribal songs are sung, and today was “Tribal Song Switch Day,” which means Choctaw campers sing songs normally denoted to the Seminoles, and so on. This is always fun for everyone! Some girls wandered down to the Trading Post for a taste of carbonation and sugar right before third activities began. In Kayaking, Lila H. and Katherine H., among others, braved the rain and practiced their hip snaps and T-rescues, wherein one kayaker can help another resurface. Swimmers got to blob each other on the green-and-white pillow in the middle of the lake, and squeals of excitement and surprise echoed all around camp.

On the Patti-O, Knitting classes were enjoying a cozy fire and good conversation amongst their needling. Many girls participated in a knitting tournament this morning! To earn a mark towards the award of White Feather, campers can organize tournaments. Taylor T. organized this one, and the winners were Kaitlin P., Ashlynn T., and Aynsley R! In Archery, Candler C. got a bullseye! Climbing classes met indoors today on the “overhang” rock wall in the Mike and the Grotto, a bouldering site at camp. Campers Kristie G.and Shay A. belayed other climbing campers—a very impressive skill to know!

After a stop by the cooking kitchen to taste the delicious twisted cinnamon rolls and egg cups, I reflected on the past day at camp. Even though the weather encouraged dampened spirits, not one camper nor counselor submitted, keeping energy and enthusiasm all day long to tonight’s evening activity of neon-themed “Battleball” (Dodgeball)! Before Battleball, we held our weekly White Feather ceremony. White Feather promotions are earned by completing bars in activities, accepting camper and counselor commendations within cabins, and achieving electives such as running the trail! Here is a list of the promotions, signified by necklaces with varied bead colors, earned this evening:



Penelope M.

Catherine M. Sophia N.

McKenna N.

Elizabeth W.

Emerson S.

Caroline L.

Margaret J.

Lucy B.

Berkeley Y.

Elizabeth S.

Sahara N.

Elizabeth M.

India S.

Anne Marie S.

Ava L.

Kate C.



Grace C.

Sophie T.

Lexi F.

Adrianna B.

Caroline S.



Gabby W.



Alexandria W.

Jordan C.

Annie L.

Maddie N.

Claire J.

Grace K.

Molly P.

Celia S.

Hollis B.

Marilou C.

Jaden M.

Grace R.

Mary Louise J.

Anna M.

Remy S.

Isabelle S.


Crazy Creek

Lizzie h.

Allie S.


Long Bow

Heather C.

Kathryn G.


Running Deer

Alexis L.

Margaret V.

Grace C.

Allison Y.

Emily K.

Allie W.

Chloe M.

Hanna S.

Ashley W.

Anne D.

Margaret P.

Emily P.

Shay A.


Red Tail

Caroline B.

Emily K.

Rush L.

Marquesa C.


A huge congratulations to all of these girls—White Feather is such a great honor and representation of joy and investment in camp and all it has to offer. I want to thank you for allowing us to form relationships with your loved ones, for entrusting them to us for two or four weeks. Your daughters and granddaughters are making incredible memories they would not be able to make anywhere else, and they anticipate eagerly the moment they are able to share them with you.


Good evening,


Maddy Mallory

Spirited Seminole

Dreams Begin Counselor

Guitar Instructor

University of Virginia ‘17