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Welcome Back Sunshine!

The skies cleared for an incredible day at Camp Merri-Mac! From hazy clouds to blue skies, the spirit of Merri-Mac lifted tremendously and the energy in activities was incomparable! So many girls achieved bars in several activities.

The morning started chilly, but campers got up, got ready for the day, and began their daily chores, trying to achieve that “10” for a cabin score that seemed impossible. Breakfast brought smiles with some of the fluffiest camp biscuits ever. The kitchen staff was in high spirits as it was the Head of the Kitchen Monica’s birthday! The entire camp brought her out during lunch to sing happy birthday to her. After breakfast, there was the usual stampede to Chapel to get the best seat. The message was by counselor Christy, where she talked about craving lemonade, and trying to replace it with Crystal Light and Sweet Tea. She explained that she was not satisfied until she finally had the lemonade and how this parallels our desire for Christ.

After Chapel, the girls had a bit of free time before heading off to activities. Cooking made Mac & Cheese from scratch (it was delicious) and knitting worked on their headbands. Across the way in pottery, girls began glazing their mugs and upstairs in DIY crafts, they modge-podged journals using magazines. Backpacking had the opportunity to go to the low ropes course, practicing solo success and group work. Volleyball class worked on serving, specifically to get their bronze. Horse Back Riding practiced their jumping techniques and went on a trail ride!

After their first two classes, the girls headed to lunch where they had everyone’s favorite: Taco in a Bag! For those who don’t know, Taco in a Bag consists of a bag of Fritos (the taco shell), taco meat, salsa, and the usual toppings. Girls can either pour the Fritos onto their plate or they can put everything inside of the bag, shake it up, and then pour it out! Desert was rice crispy treats, and then everyone headed to their cabins for thirty minutes of rest, giving them time to sleep and write letters home. The bugle rang for trading post and girls sprinted to get in line first for candy. Once all the mayhem ended, third and fourth periods began!

At the Upper Tower, girls worked on climbing the tower, as it is one step closer to achieving their bronze in climbing. Next to the tower, girls also had to opportunity to climb a new route on the Boulder. At Puppy camp, girls learned the difference between walking the dogs with harnesses and different collars. Tennis worked on serves and played Queens of the Court. At gymnastics, girls loved the chance to work on the trampoline, learning several different jumps and flips. In riflery, Celia S. got her bronze, and in archery, girls practiced getting a bull’s-eye by aiming for a balloon taped to the center of the target. Margaret P. received her bronze and Millie M. received her gold, which is very difficult to achieve, and takes a lot of work and patience. Guitar serenaded the camp while learning Pompeii and Counting Stars while Hollis B. got her bronze. On the dock, swimming dominated in bars! Isabel K., Sophia S., and Cole M. all received their silver while Emma M. and Olivia T. received their gold! In diving, Janie C. earned her bronze after performing a standing back dive by herself! Kayaking worked on rolls, one of the more advanced steps in the class.

As you can see, classes were a huge success today! After they were finished however, the fun did not stop there. At dinner, girls sang the favorite “We were’s!” This is where girls get to stand up and sing the songs of the cabins they were once in! The older cabins love being able to sing the songs they once sang years ago! Counselors were also able to sing their add-ons to the Sunnyside and CIT songs. After the singing was done, the evening festivities began. Counselors were dressed in black and painted up, hoping not to be found during COUNSELOR HUNT. Once found, the camper who found them pushed them in the lake in front of everyone. At this point, they discover how many points they are worth to the tribe, positive OR negative! Let’s hope everyone found a good hiding spot!

Another amazing day at camp come and gone and the girls will go to sleep tonight with smiles on their faces, excited for the next day. Thank you for sharing your incredible girls with us this summer! They are such a blessing at this camp!

Good night Camp Merri-Mac!

Counselor Amelia Kisling

12 years returning
Tweedle Doe Counselor
Kayaking instructor
Seminoles Best Tribe!


A Glorious Merri-Mac Monday!

 It was a beautiful day today at Merri-Mac. The girls all woke up feeling well rested after their peaceful Sunday. Everyone happily began their chores, except for our oldest girls in Cloud 9, Sundrop, and Sunnyside, who were surprised by finding out their long awaited Sunnyside trip was today! These lucky girls would be in for a day of surprised including a trip to Gravitopia (an indoor trampoline park) and going out to dinner. Our Sunnyside girls were missed today at camp!
  For the rest of the cabins, it was a breakfast of circle eggs, sausage, and biscuits. After the delicious meal, everyone listened to a message at chapel from Adam about living our lives for Jesus. Thankfully, the rain held off for our activities today! In cooking, the girls made pigs in a blanket and mac and cheese. In knitting, the girls were perfecting their headbands and scarves of a variety of colors. In DIY crafts, everyone worked on homemade journals with cut out pictures glued on. The girls in PAWS were lucky enough to take the precious pups on a scenic walk around camp. In backpacking, the girls hit the ropes course and played games such as Simon Says while attempting to keep their balance.
   In basketball, the girls played a game in order to perfect their layups. Archery worked on technique by popping balloons places on targets. Wherever you go around camp, girls are sure to be having fun and learning new skills.
    After a yummy lunch of pizza and cookies (a camp favorite), we discovered the wonder of Saturday night’s Smugglers and Spies was the CHOCTAW tribe. We also discovered that tonight’s evening activity is CABIN NIGHT! This means every cabin has something special planned for the evening. Some cabins are making s’mores, having spa nights, or having dance parties. It’s even rumored that our oldest cabins are sneaking out for a special raid..but Shh! It’s a secret! It’s been a beautiful Monday at camp. Thank you so much for sharing your girls with us this summer!
From this Haven,


Anna Moon

Tweedle Dum Counselor

What does our web site have to do with our philosophy of camping?


Each fall we begin our search for two staff members with computer skills and love for camp that is required to manage our on line articles and photos.  We also hire an extra counselor so that we can pull a different girl out of her activities and cabin each day.  Her job is then to become our camp photographer and journalist.  She begins after our morning staff meeting taking pictures and notes of the day’s events and usually ends her day sometime after taps writing an article to be posted later that night.  Amazingly, all of this does nothing to change your daughter’s camp experience, in fact, that is the point!

Instead we want to give our parents a one-way window into their daughters’ summer.  As parents Ann and I want to know everything that happens with our own camper, but as camp directors we also know how important it is for her to develop a healthy sense of independence.  With this in mind we have developed Merri-Mac’s web site as a way to sneak a glimpse of her camp experience without changing that experience at all.

Chances are that you will find your camper in the photos, but the purpose of the site is not to show individuals, it is to tell the story of camp.  We want our parents to see everything that happens at camp.  We want you to know what the Field Day’s tribal cheers sound like.  We want you to become caught up in the plot of Stardust raiding Milky Way.  We want you to know share the adventure of Tweedle Dum raiding the kitchen.  We want this because these are the things that are making your campers smile and sing and lose their voices laughing and cheering!

Each morning before breakfast I sneak into my office to flip through the most current pictures.  My children’s pictures are not always there, but each morning I learn something about camp that I never knew.   The reason we have a website is because we want our parents to fall in love with camp the same way our girls do, so let us know how we’re doing.  Let us know what parts of camp you would like to see and we’ll make every effort to show it.


Great Camping!


Camp Merri-Mac: Rain or Shine, Camp is still a Good Time

Merri-Mac girls have fun rain or shine. I began today’s journey throughout camp in pottery. There, campers were finishing up their ocarinas and then learned how to throw. I saw the coolest cat ocarina made by Olivia D. I then walked to backpacking and found campers learning how to tie knots. They were also singing some pretty rad songs that they had written about the Leave No Trace principles. I passed the barn as they were painting the horse named Mad Eye Moody. He got many colorful handprints as decoration for the day. We had many brave souls in Lake Doris kayaking, canoeing, and swimming. They were definitely building character out there on the lake today! I got to be the judge for several handstand competitions when I stopped by gymnastics. Scout L. and Clarissa S. were frequent winners.

I heard a lot of beautiful music coming from guitar class. Annie L. was learning one of my favorites, Pompeii by Bastille. Drama class had a bunch of fun energy flowing with girls acting like business women, dogs, and hairstylists. Not quite sure what was going on in there, but I liked it and I definitely wanted to join. Climbing class used the grotto today in order to practice their bouldering skills. They also learned a lot about climbing equipment necessary for the sport.

In the kitchen, campers were making cinnamon twists. There were a lot of scarves being knitted on the Patti-o.

Campers ended the day by playing Smugglers and Spies, an evening activity where campers try to smuggle their secret messages to their home base without being caught by spies from other tribes. Tomorrow we will sleep in until 8 o’clock (praise!) and relax for the day, reflecting on the week and rejuvenating for another one.

OH, and we had s’more pockets after lunch… so you know it was a good day.

Sleep tightly, Merri-Mac families!


Director of CITs

Memories Amidst the Rainfall

The sun is setting amidst the drizzle on another day here at Camp Merri-Mac! And what a joyful day it has been, full of friendship and fun—the rain can’t stop an exuberant day at camp. After a peaceful morning awaking from the pitter-patter of raindrops and breakfasting on biscuits, scrambled eggs, hash browns, and bacon, Camp Director Adam Boyd spoke in chapel about relying on Christ, pulling verses from Colossians and 2 Corinthians. Sweet voices filled the camp as everyone sang songs such as “In Christ Alone.” A little bit of free time prepared the girls for their days’ activities, and then they were off! In Volleyball, Alex K. and others learned about volleyball as a game and how to serve. Over in Pottery, counselors guided the girls in throwing on the wheel to make mugs and bowls—Jarrett B. and Lucy B. especially enjoyed that! The barn was still busy as campers, such as Kate A., learned the parts of the horse and how to groom, and, as the rain tapered off in the afternoon, some rode in the ring.

A lunch of Greek pitas and homemade chips, topped off with M&M cookies, filled hungry bellies, and a much-needed and much-appreciated rest time refreshed spirits. After eating, tribal songs are sung, and today was “Tribal Song Switch Day,” which means Choctaw campers sing songs normally denoted to the Seminoles, and so on. This is always fun for everyone! Some girls wandered down to the Trading Post for a taste of carbonation and sugar right before third activities began. In Kayaking, Lila H. and Katherine H., among others, braved the rain and practiced their hip snaps and T-rescues, wherein one kayaker can help another resurface. Swimmers got to blob each other on the green-and-white pillow in the middle of the lake, and squeals of excitement and surprise echoed all around camp.

On the Patti-O, Knitting classes were enjoying a cozy fire and good conversation amongst their needling. Many girls participated in a knitting tournament this morning! To earn a mark towards the award of White Feather, campers can organize tournaments. Taylor T. organized this one, and the winners were Kaitlin P., Ashlynn T., and Aynsley R! In Archery, Candler C. got a bullseye! Climbing classes met indoors today on the “overhang” rock wall in the Mike and the Grotto, a bouldering site at camp. Campers Kristie G.and Shay A. belayed other climbing campers—a very impressive skill to know!

After a stop by the cooking kitchen to taste the delicious twisted cinnamon rolls and egg cups, I reflected on the past day at camp. Even though the weather encouraged dampened spirits, not one camper nor counselor submitted, keeping energy and enthusiasm all day long to tonight’s evening activity of neon-themed “Battleball” (Dodgeball)! Before Battleball, we held our weekly White Feather ceremony. White Feather promotions are earned by completing bars in activities, accepting camper and counselor commendations within cabins, and achieving electives such as running the trail! Here is a list of the promotions, signified by necklaces with varied bead colors, earned this evening:



Penelope M.

Catherine M. Sophia N.

McKenna N.

Elizabeth W.

Emerson S.

Caroline L.

Margaret J.

Lucy B.

Berkeley Y.

Elizabeth S.

Sahara N.

Elizabeth M.

India S.

Anne Marie S.

Ava L.

Kate C.



Grace C.

Sophie T.

Lexi F.

Adrianna B.

Caroline S.



Gabby W.



Alexandria W.

Jordan C.

Annie L.

Maddie N.

Claire J.

Grace K.

Molly P.

Celia S.

Hollis B.

Marilou C.

Jaden M.

Grace R.

Mary Louise J.

Anna M.

Remy S.

Isabelle S.


Crazy Creek

Lizzie h.

Allie S.


Long Bow

Heather C.

Kathryn G.


Running Deer

Alexis L.

Margaret V.

Grace C.

Allison Y.

Emily K.

Allie W.

Chloe M.

Hanna S.

Ashley W.

Anne D.

Margaret P.

Emily P.

Shay A.


Red Tail

Caroline B.

Emily K.

Rush L.

Marquesa C.


A huge congratulations to all of these girls—White Feather is such a great honor and representation of joy and investment in camp and all it has to offer. I want to thank you for allowing us to form relationships with your loved ones, for entrusting them to us for two or four weeks. Your daughters and granddaughters are making incredible memories they would not be able to make anywhere else, and they anticipate eagerly the moment they are able to share them with you.


Good evening,


Maddy Mallory

Spirited Seminole

Dreams Begin Counselor

Guitar Instructor

University of Virginia ‘17

Bright sunshiny days!

This week has seen cool mornings and breezy afternoons, offering everyone at Camp Merri-Mac a break from the heat of the summer. The morning bugle echoed out over the crisp valley at 7 am this morning, marking the start of another great day at camp. After each camper made their beds and tidied their cabins, they all headed down to Tucker Inn to get some French toast sticks! After eating their fill, everyone made their way above the lake to the chapel, shining bright in the morning sun. Worship included singing You Are Holy and Blessed Be Your Name; as well as wonderful message from Big Dipper Counselor Lauren B, focusing on Colossians 1:13-14. Shortly after each Iroquois, Seminole and Choctaw had attended and departed their various tribal meetings; first period was in full swing. In riding class, girls were jumping horses. Down by the backpacking hut, campers created fun skits in order to practice rules for leave no trace and camping etiquette. Outside of the kitchen on the patio, Taylor T. and Shay A. were hard at work knitting headbands. Right inside past the patio, girls were whipping up marvelous dishes of baked ziti. Over at the enchanted barn, campers finished up their slab mugs and started working on the wheels. Up the hill on Little Dipper porch, girls were strumming away to “Pompeii” and “How He Loves Us” in guitar class. In the drama room, counselor Steph G. gave a miming tutorial that left everyone speechless. Down on the sand volleyball courts, many were shuffling back and forth, working hard to learn how to correctly set. At 1:00, everyone took a break from all of their adventures to enjoy some pizza, fruit and pasta salad for lunch. After a much needed rest hour, the bell for trading post rang and the stampede of candy-craving girls thundered down the hill. Allie W. reined tether ball queen supreme as everyone enjoyed their various trading post goodies. Before they knew it, it was time for afternoon activities to begin! Tennis class practiced their backhand strokes and ended class with a fun game of jail. At the archery range, girls practiced shooting and scoring their targets. Climbing met at the traverse wall today, and Becca M. from Sunnyside cabin successfully completed the hardest route for her gold bar. Out on Lake Doris, kayakers practiced their hip snaps and soaked up some warm sun. In canoeing class, they practiced deep-water reentry and had fun with some relay races. After a packed day of activities came to a close, everyone dressed up for America Color Wars. Each girl dressed up in various shades of red, white and blue and competed in a patriotic game of sock war, topped off with a delicious ice cream party on Macky’s Green.

Yesterday marked three weeks until the end of the summer. I really cant believe how quickly the summer has blazed by us all, and I can’t imagine leaving this haven we all call Merri-Mac. Where else in the world can one girl kayak, mime, shoot a bow and arrow, walk a dog, ride a horse and bake cupcakes all in one day? But what does make Camp Merri-Mac such a special place are the friendships we all form here. Years from now, we may not be able to recall how to shoot a bulls eye every time we use a bow and arrow, but I am confident that we always be able call up our sisters that we’ve found here at camp and reminisce on our camping days and friendships true.


Davie Boone

Comet Counselor



A Breezy Merri-Mac Wednesday

When the bugle sounded at 7a.m. sharp many girls were clothed in chunky sweaters and comfy socks. The high for this beautiful mountain day was 70 degrees. Despite a bad case of the shivers, we all headed down the hill for a delicious breakfast of biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs, and seasoned potatoes. Once we finished eating we sang three camp songs including the forever favorite, “Rattlin Bog”. The girls all then penguin waddled over to the chapel where we began our chapel with praising our God in song. Counselor Laura M. gave a sermon on who man is. She started with a story of a man who was very wealthy. She folded a piece of paper into the various items he purchased such as a house, a plane, and a jet. At the end of the end of the story the rich man came to the realization that the only thing that could satisfy his soul was the Lord. Laura had then transformed the paper into the shape of a cross. This really captured the campers’ attention and left them thinking about what we value too much and put before God. Laura read Luke 12: 16-21 and closed us in prayer. The campers were dismissed to tribe meetings and then had a bit of free time before going to their first period classes.

        It was great to walk around campus and witness all the different activities that the girls can participate in.  I have not had the opportunity to see all the activities before and I found myself excited for the girls and all that they are learning. Camp is so alive with laughter, joy, and curiosity for all that camp has to offer. The first class I headed to was DIY crafts where campers were making wooden boards that had nails and string which came together into the shape of North Carolina with a point where Merri-Mac is located. Then I walked to dance where counselorJordan was teaching girls the five basic positions of ballet. Many of these girls were eager to show off what they had learned and wanted to be in many pictures. In riflery and archery, girls continued to practice hitting targets. It was great to see young women stepping out of their comfort zones and being so eager about learning traditional male sports. I then went to backpacking where the girls were practicing different hand signals for the rules of backpacking. Many of these young ladies will have the opportunity to practice these signals when they go on overnight backpacking trips. I ended with attending lacrosse where  the girls were practicing throwing and catching. After all these activities, the girls had worked up an appetite for lunch. This included chicken nuggets, waffle fries (a real crowd pleaser), and salad. We had a new dessert today, pretzel sticks, that the girls were quite excited about. The meal was so loved that the campers called the kitchen staff out and thanked them in song. It was then time for a much needed rest hour. The nice breeze made for perfect napping weather. Then as per usual, the bugle prompted the regular stampede of eager campers awaiting their candy at trading post. We then had a bit of free time where one of my campers, Margaret M., gave me a guitar lesson.

        It was onto to third and fourth period. It had warmed up some so I went over to Lake Doris where girls were in swimming, kayaking, and canoeing. Many of these girls are becoming very skilled in their activity and attempting different maneuvers and tricks under the watchful eye of their instructors. As I was walking back down the hill, I passed the PAWS class which was the most entertaining activity to watch. The girls absolutely love the dogs that they are working with and swarmed for photos. The puppies made capturing photos a real challenge though. I then walked over to horseback riding. It amazed me how these young girls have the courage and ability to ride an animal five times their size with such grace and poise. Then it was time for a snack, so I went to cooking class where I watched the girls cooked baked ziti and then shared in their hard work. I know that I will be trying that recipe when I return home. Apparently the girls enjoyed it too because ever bowl was completely empty. In tennis class, the girls where learning backhand for the first time. It was great to see the excitement on a girls face when she first successfully got the ball over the net for the first time. After fourth period we had a bit of free time before it was time for dinner.

        Dinner was fiesta themed with a Mexican casserole served with chips, salsa, and sour cream. It was gone in split second so it was onto apple churros for dessert. It was a special evening for my cabin, Dreams End, because we were able to help camper Allie E. celebrate her 16th birthday. Once our bellies were filled, we sang cabin songs and it was then time…Apache race! Apache race is basically a relay race between tribes where they have to compete in different activities before they can head onto the next one. The activities included the water slide, blobbing, hitting balloons in archery, and human croquet. While the Seminole and Choctaw tribes showed great support for their fellow tribe members, Iroquois pulled in with the win. I was able to hear the Iroquois tribe songs from inside the tech office. The girls are ended this brisk, beautiful day with campfires, s’mores, and devotion. It was just another ordinary, extraordinary day at Camp Merri-Mac.

Thank you for sharing your incredible daughters with us. Sleep well and God Bless!

Keitt Panuccio

Dreams End Counselor

Proud Choctaw!


A day in the life of a tweedle

The bugle sounded loudly from my top bunk in Tweedle Nation. I couldn’t wait to start the day! I finished my chores as quickly as I could, so I could dip my feet into Tweedle Creek before breakfast. When the breakfast bell rang I was welcomed by the wonderful aroma of orange coffee cake, bacon, and baked oatmeal. After finishing our breakfast, we sang, “I love little Willie” and “Chante”. They announced that tonight’s evening activity was Tribal Volleyball, and I couldn’t wait to play for the Seminoles. We ran up the hill to the chapel where Counselor Kaylee aka “Tibby” gave a message on James 1:17.

I ran to Macky’s Green where I met the Seminoles for tryouts! We sang tribal songs and practiced volleyball until first period I went to knitting. I learned how to cast on. Next I went to fencing where I learned how to properly lunge. I also learned the parts of the foil!

After fencing I went back to The Waterfall of Tweedle Creek and met my friend Emily where we built Fairy Houses. Their homes were constructed of leaves, rocks, sticks, and flowers. We headed down the hill for lunch in the Tucker Inn. It was Chicken patties and waffle fries for lunch-MY FAVORITE! I also made a “Tweedle Salad” of cheese, croutons, and sunflower seeds. We also had apple turnovers for dessert! My cabin and I played Merri Mac Trivia for our dessert so I got to learn a lot about the history of camp! The question I answered was “When was Merri-Mac founded?” and I guessed 1945!

After lunch we headed to Rest Time where I could barely wait for Trading Post! I wrote letters to my parents, my grandma, and my dog, and the 30 minutes passed quickly! The bugle sounded and I ran to Trading Post and got Airhead Extremes and Dr. Pepper. I played a thrilling game of tetherball and Sydney beat me. For third period I went to volleyball where my counselor told me about staying hydrated and taught me to correctly pass volleyball in the ready position. After volleyball, I headed to Cooking where I couldn’t wait to make chocolate chocolate chip cupcakes with salted caramel butter crème icing. I begged my counselor to let me eat another one but she didn’t want me to spoil my dinner. I headed to Tweedle Shower Time and my counselor Amelia braded my hair. I donned my Seminole tribe jersey in anticipation for Volleyball this evening. I ran to dinner where we ate Chicken Lo Mein and had Blackberry Cobbler for dessert. We finished the meal with cabin songs and I couldn’t wait to sing the Tweedle Song.

We ran out to evening activity and I’m pretty positive the Seminoles won Volleyball. We will find out tomorrow at lunch and I can hardly wait until then.  After Volleyball my cabin and I went to the backpacking hut to roast smores. We sang campfire songs and my counselor Kendall played her guitar and Chelsea sang to us.  Jordan and Anna helped me make the perfect smore.

Now I am tucked in bed while Allison read the Jesus Story Book Bible and my eyes are gently closing. I can see the fireflies above my window and the crickets are chirping. She prayed for us and told us all goodnight. I’m dreaming big tonight and cant wait for another perfect day at camp tomorrow!


Goodnight and Dream Big from all of us here at camp!


Tweedle Dum Counselor

12 year Merri-Mac Girl

Proud Seminole

And Tribal Competition Begins!

IMG_0177As the bugle rang this morning, the girls hopped out of beds to start the first full day of third session! The girls ran down the hill to enjoy a delicious breakfast of waffle sticks full of toppings such as whipped cream and blueberries. All five of our Sunnyside tables led morning songs like the classic “Boom Boom Ain’t It Great To Be Crazy”. Afterwards, the girls went on to chapel where counselor Maddy led worship. Adam spoke about how God is our father, and that He wants us to truly love Him, and have a relationship with Him. The girls then ran off to their first morning tribe meeting of the session, and got some free time before their first class started.


When the first bugle rang, the girls ran off to start the first day of activities. Since it was the first day for activities, all classes started off with a safety talk and a discussion about how to obtain bars in that specific class. Gymnastics learned basic floor skills, while canoeing played a few rounds of canoe tag on Lake Doris. Archery learned how to hold the bow, and aim at the target, while cooking made delicious chocolate chocolate chip cupcakes.


After the morning activities had come to an end, the girls came to the dining hall for lunch to find one of their favorite meals: taco in a bag and sugar cookies! Tribe leaders hyped up their tribes by leading them in tribal songs. After lunch was over, the girls sprinted out of the dining hall to search for the buried hatchet. Legend says the tribe that finds the hatchet will win the banner at the end of the session. Kaitlin P. of the Seminoles found the hatchet!


Rest “half” hour brought in some rain to cool us off a bit, but let up just in time for trading post. The girls stampeded down the hill to get all the candy they could.


As third and fourth period rolled around, the girls were excited to learn new things. In volleyball, the girls learned how to pass and played a game called queen of the court. The girls in swimming learned breaststroke, and pottery made slab mugs all day. In kayaking, the girls learned the basics and how to wet exit.


Fourth period ran short, as we had to get ready for our camp picture! The girls got in their Sunday whites and the staff in their staff shirts, and we all lined up for the session picture of all the beautiful girls!


With the day almost over and dinner so soon, tummies were grumbling. Our dinner tonight consisted of sausage penne pasta, vegetables, and rice krispy treats – Yum! Cabin songs were then sung around the dining hall.


Since the hatchet had been dug up and tribal competition had officially started, what better way to end the night than with a tribal event? The girls all decked out in their tribal gear ran up to the teepee to start the game Gold Rush. In Gold Rush, the girls run all over camp to collect gold items to bring back to their tribe bucket. Here’s the catch: the counselors are the bandits who are also out searching for the gold. If a bandit tags you, you have to both bring that gold to the judge’s table and tell a story as to why you need that piece of gold. If you win, it goes to your tribe. If the bandit wins, the bandit gets to go re-hide the gold. The tribe with the most gold at the end wins! Stay tuned to find out the winner tomorrow (Go Choctaw)!


Sweet Dreams Merri-Mac!


Counselor Lauren


7th year returning


Big Dipper Counselor


Gymnastics Instructor


Proud Choctaw


Welcome to Camp Merri-Mac!

IMG_0172Dear Parents,

Welcome to camp!  Merri-Mac started this session with a wonderful opening day.  Ann and I especially enjoyed talking with so many of our parents as you checked your girls in.

After a year of planning we officially started first session with a swim test, followed by dinner and singing.  Sunnyside did a wonderful job leading the cabin songs, but it was clear that the real tension is building for tomorrow’s first tribal cheers.

But before that happens, we had to elect our new tribal officers:


  • Chief: Elizabeth Chandler
  • Medicine Man: Gracie Thompson
  • Braves: Ashlynn Tierney, Taylor Tamaccio


  • Chief: Kristie Garren
  • Medicine Man: Alex Vining
  • Braves: Anna Merten, Becca McCubbin


  • Chief: Amelia Gay
  • Medicine Man: Anne Sutton Wright
  • Braves: Marquesa Cope, Katie Gutshall

After dinner we went up the mountain for our first initiation of this session.

The new Merri-Mac Seminoles are:

  • Margaret Johnson

  • Caroline Leahy

  • Elizabeth Matthews
  • Kate Corr
  • Anne Marie Sheppard
  • Emerson Sheppard
  • McKenna Nilan
  • India Smith
  • Mayah Elenora Maxwell
  • Jennifer Golla


The new Merri-Mac Iroquois are:

  • Lucy Barr

  • Penelope May
  • Sahara North
  • Sophia North
  • Elizabeth Sharkey
  • Mary Russell Morrow
  • Candler Cate
  • Annie Wibbelsman
  • Sienna North
  • Taylor Crumpler

The new Merri-Mac Choctaws are:

  • Ava Lane

  • Elizabeth Watson
  • Berkeley Young
  • Catherine Moody
  • Megan Nahom
  • Sarah Weaver
  • Rebecca Moody
  • Allie Lott
  • Anna Katherine Whaley
  • Ryan Whaley
  • Isabel Kump
  • Sabra Dye
  • Lily Hulsey
  • Andie Shull
  • Joelle Sarmiento

Later several cabins were seen sneaking out with their staff for their own special cabin initiations.  Lots of girls becoming Merri-Mac insiders tonight.

I wanted to end by thanking you again for sharing your daughters with us; we have a great group of girls.  We also have some very exciting days lined up and we’ll keep you posted each day.

Great Camping!

Adam Boyd