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A Taco Tuesday!

It’s officially nearing the end of Session 1 and the end of June, but camp is still just as busy as ever! As campers woke up at 7am, the mountains were chilly but brought a beautiful sunrise. After finishing morning chores, everyone rushed to a delicious breakfast of warm pancakes and sausage. Then after we headed up to chapel to learn about a true story from the gospel of John with Camp Director Adam, 1 st and 2 nd period daily activities kicked off. In the kitchen, girls learned how to cook chicken and waffles with maple or spicy syrup. Nearby at volleyball, girls practiced drills and played a few rounds of Queen of the Court. Over at riding, the girls got to take horses on a long trail ride all around camp and practiced their two-point position and posting trot.

Also today, many different trips headed out of camp all over the North Carolina area. A mountain biking overnight trip left this morning including Kate S., Kathryn C., Gabby K., and Alex V. A waterskiing trip to Lake James went out including Kendall W., Grayson W., Knowltan W., Jana Lane W., Lillian A., and Ava Rose K. A kayaking trip left for the whole day as well with AG H., Allison F., Elizabeth C., Millie M., Catherine D., and Audrey S.

After a busy morning, everyone headed down to everyone’s favorite lunch of “taco in a bag” and a side of peaches, along with many loud tribal songs. After a relaxing rest hour and a busy trading post, girls hurried to their 3rd and 4th period activities. In activities like climbing, gymnastics, soccer, and archery, girls worked hard to finish up their final bars requirements. In swimming, Carly H. got her gold, and Amelia D., Rachael B., and Katherine M. finally got their golds in drama!

At dinner tonight, everyone was met with a delicious meal of Asian food and M&M cookies for desert. As dinner finished, Caroline R., Ellie K., Kate S., and Eleanor E. left for their Solo 13 overnight here at camp, and everyone else hurried outside to start the popular evening activity, Gold Rush! In this tribal event, campers search for gold items (and people!) hidden all around camp while trying to avoid being caught by “bandits,” which are the counselors. If a camper is caught with gold by a bandit, both have to try to argue why they absolutely need the gold to take it for their tribe.

As the day closes out, campers will head to one of their last nightly devotions and nightly activities with their cabins and get a good night’s sleep for an even better day tomorrow. Thanks for sharing your girls with us this summer!

From this Haven,

Emma M.
Tweedle Doe Counselor

Staff Appreciation!

Today was a very special day at Merri-Mac, Staff Appreciation! The oldest girls, Dreams (15) and Sunnyside (16), celebrated staff, and learned a bit about what being on staff is like by taking on some extra responsibilities today. This morning they woke up before the bugle to don their borrowed staff shirts and wake up the campers in their assigned cabins for the day. This morning breakfast was a hardy meal of scrambled eggs, sausage, biscuits, and hash browns, perfect for providing steady energy throughout the morning!
Straight after we went to a wonderful chapel service, where we got to hear another “True Story” with Camp Director Adam Boyd. Soon after, classes commenced with the Dreams and Sunnysiders taking the lead in their chosen classes, serving as the primary instructors (with guidance from the real staff of course!) Staff Appreciation is a wonderful way for the older campers to not only get a taste of what it’s like being on staff, but also create strong and lasting bonds with younger girls.
The “staff” leaders of each activity were assigned because of their prowess in that particular class. In kayaking today, Elise S. instructed on the proper approach to a kayak roll, and in swimming Kate S., Emma J, and Eleanor D. helped their girls through important strokes and then led a fantastic game of Marco Polo. Teaching today allowed Kate S to earn her Gold in our Emergency Water Safety Class! Cooking today proved to be a popular class (they made chicken and waffles!) with various leaders throughout the day; the girls learned how to make perfect mini waffles and batter their own chicken. Close by in pottery the girls began glazing their wonderful creations, so they will be ready to go home with them on Friday. Their finished pieces have added a beautiful dash of color to our pottery room.
Tonight, the girls are attending Fine Arts Night, which classes such as dance, drama, and guitar have eagerly prepared for. It is a truly wonderful evening activity that allows girls who may not be as keen about running to exhibit their own talents. It is personally one of my favorite activities because I think it helps embody the spirit, humor, and dedication that is specific to Camp. Tonight we also have girls venturing out other own on Solo 13’s. These are overnight stays on the Tomahawk trail where the girls, all senior camp members, spend time quietly to learn a bit about themselves. Tonight the girls making the venture are Mary Raines A., Idalia de B, Kathryn N., Shelby C., Avery S., and Cameron P.
Now, I just want to make a note to all of the parents out there reading this, It was really amazing getting to walk around and see your girls in action today. To all the parents of our Dreams and Sunnyside girls, They all filled their role of teacher beautifully. They were kind and patient and very good examples of the quiet leadership we treasure here at Camp. And to the parents of the younger girls, each of your girls is a light, and they make each day at camp brighter for all of us on staff. Thank You for sharing your girls with us this summer!

Marley Davis
Proud Iroquois

Merri-Mac ABCs!

Happy Sunday!  It was clearly a happy day here at camp as evidenced by all the extra free time, girls dressed in white, and chapel songs at every meal.  After an extended chapel this morning where Adam retold the story of Mary and Martha and explained the individual nature with which God treats each of us, the girls went into the ABCs of camp…

Archery: Today during morning free time, Abbie W. and Anna F. worked on their silver bars while Kathryn C. and Sarah Lil P. worked on their bronze bars.  Sarah Lil completed her first box on her score sheet!

Basketball: During afternoon free time, Sophie M. earned a mark by hosting a 2v2 basketball tournament.

Catawba Falls: Between lunch and dinner, the girls in Dreams Begin and Dreams End took a trip to Lower Catawba Falls.  Sources say it was a great time and had beautiful views!

Dance: During free time, many girls practiced their dances for fine arts night.  “We’re pumped for “Fine Arts Night!”  “Our dance is to ‘It’s a Beautiful Day’ by Michael Buble,’” said Molly K.  Adair L. also got her bronze bar in dance!

Earning bars in volleyball: Many girls worked on their bars in volleyball during free time today, but a special congratulations goes out to Blair R. for earning her bronze bar!

Fencing: During afternoon free time, Mary Susan S. and Holladay M. worked hard on their silver bars.

Guitar: After chapel, the girls in Blue Heaven had a great time in their cabin playing the guitar, making friendship bracelets, and doing magic card tricks. They subsequently enjoyed a photo shoot on the Blue Heaven-Moonmist porch.

Hamburgers and Hotdogs: Tonight was cookout, so instead of eating a regular dinner in the dining hall, the girls ate hamburgers and hotdogs outside on the green.  A special thanks goes out to the CITs for serving everyone!

Iced Cinnamon Rolls: For breakfast this morning, the girls enjoyed iced cinnamon rolls.  Blue Heaven thought they were especially yummy, as their cabin ate 90.5 rolls!

Jump in the lake!: This afternoon, most of the campers enjoyed free swim in Lake Doris.  They got to jump on the blob and use the diving boards, which is always a treat.

Kayaking: This afternoon, many girls were in their boats working on their bronze bars including Ashby T, Audrey G, Emily T, Sarah Caulley S.

Lake Tomahawk: This morning Sunnyside and Sundrop cabins took a trip to Lake Tomahawk to walk around and take beautiful pictures.  Mary Elizabeth B. called it “an amazing moment to start off our last week together.”  Lizzie B. said “it was really relaxing.”

Milky Way: This morning after chapel, Milky Way spent the morning playing Uno, writing letters, and enjoying each other’s company.

Naps: As Sunday is a day of rest, everyone (especially the older campers and counselors) enjoyed a full hour of rest hour to nap and rejuvenate.

Out of this world: Tonight the Sunnyside, Sundrop, Dreams Begin, and Dreams End campers enjoyed Sunny-Dreams Prom.  The theme was the future, so all the girls came down to dinner with their hair in buns and wearing shiny clothes.

Perfect Cabin Score: Today Tweedle Dee got a perfect 10 for cleaning their cabin!  Congrats ladies!

Quite an adventure: Mary Dudley C, Ansley D, Liliana E, and Ryan S. had quite an adventure while water skiing during most of the day.

Rainbow: After chapel, all the Rainbow girls gathered in their cabin to play an intense game of Uno.

Soccer Tournament: During afternoon free time, Marina H, Cooper K, and Brooke B. all earned marks for hosting a 3v3 soccer tournament.

Tennis: During morning free time, Mary Paige S, Lillie A, and Sarah B. all worked on their bronze bars while Mary M. and Elizabeth W. worked on their silver bars.

Unicorn: Samantha F. brought a giant, inflatable unicorn down to free swim.  Many girls enjoyed playing with the raft.

Vespers: During our evening activity, Vespers, the girls sang both popular songs and chapel songs and watched silly skits performed by their counselors.  Then Camp Timberlake Director John spoke about how God always knows his plan for us.

Writing Add-ons: Just as each cabin has a cabin song, each cabin has the opportunity to write an add-on to it’s song.  During morning free time, Dreams Begin and Dreams End got together to write an add-on to the tune of various popular rap songs.

EXtra Rested: The girls got a little extra sleep today, as reveille went off at 8:00 instead of 7:00.  I’m fairly certain no one was complaining about the extra hour in bed.

Youngest Campers: Some of our youngest campers, the girls from Tweedle Dot, set up their bunks as a shop during morning free time.  Rumor has it, you can get some great calligraphy from Elizabeth S!

Zig Zag: The Tweedle Dee girls were running in zig zags as they played tag and colors while patiently awaiting a yummy dinner!

From this Haven,

Mary Catherine C.
Extremely Proud Seminole
Tweedle Dot Counselor
Riflery Instructor

Sunrise Hikes & Blueberry Muffins

Good Morning Camp Merri-Mac! The girls were up and cleaning their cabins, ready for another great day at camp. For breakfast, we had delicious blueberry muffins, cheese omelets, and sausage. Then the girls headed to chapel, where Jeannie M. discussed how God takes on our sins.

But before any of this happened, one brave group of campers woke up before reveille (5:45!) to hike the lookout trail. Mary Susan S., Elenor W., Annette L., Isabel D., Christine M., Rose K., Hayden M., and Renee K, enjoyed their breakfast with a view of the sunrise and the mountains.

There were multiple trips out today! A group of Sunnyside and Dreams girls (Anna C., Julia P., JC A., ME B., Claire C., Allison F., AG H., Emma R., Audrey S., Lizzie B., Sydney C., Emily E., Betsy J., Katherine N., Alex V., Catherine D., Anna F., MJ G., Aubrey B., Hannah W.) went to the Black Mountain farmers market to purchase fresh fruit, bread, and vegetables to use in making their own meal at lunch. Their menu consisted of pizza bagels, sliders, kale chips and black berry cobbler. They cooked the meal during their free time and ate every bite.

Cate C., Louisa D., Layne S., Emily S. and Morgan R. went waterskiing on the beautiful Lake James, and Allie M., Avery S., Julia P., Isabel E., Emma J., and Madigan E. went on a climbing trip to Ship Rock.  

In our activities today, many girls were working on their bars. Lizzie B. and Natalie C. led their swimming class and many girls were being adventurous on the blob. Today in the kitchen, the little chefs grilled watermelon and baked pumpkin spice donuts. YUM! In the Tucker Inn, the campers ate mini corn dogs and mac and cheese for lunch and then went to rest hour, patiently awaiting trading post where they could satisfy their sweet tooth.

The girls then headed to their other activities, where the puppies in Paws were given baths and plenty of love and attention. For dinner, the girls devoured cheese ravioli, mixed vegetables, and breadsticks and then participated in their evening activity, The Great Escape, to see which tribe can put all their clues together and find the flag first! After the flag is found, cabins will spend time winding down with devotions before bed. It was another busy but exciting and happy day here at Camp Merri Mac!

From this Haven,
Margaret V.
Milky Way Counselor
Cooking Instructor

Happy Tribe Fest!

Another day at camp began with blueberry pancakes and silly songs. The girls headed to chapel and listened to another true story from Mattie Y. about one of her experiences as a camper. The story of forgiveness was relayed back to the Word and good news of God’s mercy. The misty morning morphed into the sunniest one we have had here in Black Mountain this week, just in time for Tribe Fest. The girls engaged in a variety of tribal games such as swim relays, “Battleball” (dodgeball), and “Tribal Trash Pick Up.” Healthy competition and an encouraging atmosphere is celebrated and cherished here at Merri-Mac. Tribal cheers rang throughout the valley as the girls experienced new things and grew in friends and adventure. After lunch the girls returned for a restful WHOLE HOUR in their cabins!

Choctaw won battle ball and Iroquois won Tribal trash pick up. The winners of Swim Fest games are to be determined!

After years of dedication and hard work Sunny-side camper Julia P. earned her White Feather, the highest rank awarded in our White Feather ceremony. These ceremonies celebrate an array of awards and accomplishments campers can earn here at camp, from going on out-of-camp trips to being named as her cabin-mates as exceptionally kind and helpful. Congratulations, Julia!

A kayaking trip returned from the Lower Green just in time for dinner. Camper Gabriella K. said, “I was a little nervous at first because it is my first year kayaking. But the staff made me feel safe and I am super glad I went.” Sixteen campers embarked on a rafting trip to the French Broad Section 9, while another trip of girls twelve girls left after dinner to sleep at the Shelter, a camping spot off of the Tomahawk trail near camp.

The girls have now ventured up the hill to battle it out one last time for the day in a game of sock war!!
A much needed restful night after evening activity is expected.

Go Noles!
All the love,
Zena D.
Little Dipper Counselor
DIY Instructor

Singin’ in the Rain

It was a beautiful foggy morning today at Merri-Mac! Todays breakfast included tasty biscuits and jam, hash browns, and eggs, followed by a grand amount of singing. Although the day was filled with continuous rain, activities were in full swing! Backpackers learned to hang tarps, kayakers practiced their roll, swimmers mastered their strokes, and chefs made use of the new Patti-O grill for making pizza.

Pizza was popular today at camp, for kitchen staff also made delicious pizza for lunch. After lunch was finished, Mackenzie P. and Katherine M. were recognized for achieving their  gold bar in climbing! PAWS, the puppy training class, took the puppies for a walk around camp while the horseback riders rode around camp. Rain or shine, Lake Dorris was filled with enthusiastic swimmers, kayakers, and canoers. All around camp girls were having fun learning new skills and growing through friendship.

Today was a busy day for trips! Three girls, including Sophie M, Audrey S, and Natalie C. paddled the Upper Green and had a blast. Meanwhile at camp, lots of hungry girls poured into the Tucker Inn for dinner: Mexican casserole and churros for dessert  Afterwards, the girls began playing tribal Minute to Win It! After the evening activity has finished, cabins will spend time together and participate in devotions. During cabin “devo”, campers and their counselors reflect on the message presented in chapel. Then it’s time for the girls to shower, brush their teeth, and get a good nights sleep for another great day at Camp Merri-Mac!


Signing off,

Eiley M.

Camp Merri-Mac: A Poem

A Merri day at camp it was
With evening activity rumors abuzz.

Girls awoke to waffles, sausage, and grits
Loaded with cheese and bacon bits.

We headed to chapel to worship and praise
And Elizabeth C. reminded us of God’s wonderful ways

Campers headed to class to work on their bars
And Abigail S. wrote a song in guitar!

The excitement in kayaking could not be controlled:
Audrey G. learned new skills, and Edie B. got her roll!

In cooking, campers made homemade pizza on the grill
And in DIY, girls created friendship bracelets and chilled.

On a trip to Looking Glass, these girls climbed so high:
Jana Lane W., Arwen L., Mackenzie P., Samantha F., Katherine M., and Madigan E. nearly reached the sky!

At lunch girls feasted on Greek pitas and chips
Awaiting Sarah Kate’s evening activity announcement, they were about to flip!

But first, Avery S.’s birthday we could not forget,
She said spending it with her camp friends made it the best birthday yet!

Finally came the announcement, and to everyone’s surprise,
The evening activity would be Smugglers and Spies!

The girls went to rest time to read and write home
And at the sound of the bugle, down to Trading Post they roamed.

Campers played gaga ball and enjoyed their treats
Then headed on to period three.

Kate S. taught swimming class to work towards her gold
And in pottery girls learned to shape and mold

Dressed in their tribe jerseys, they ate pot roast dinner
Ready to smuggle and spy, which tribe will be the winner?

After evening activity, Sunnyside and Sundrop will embark,
Up past Spencer’s Green to sleep out at the Mark.

Tomorrow we will learn what tribe is the champ
And that ends another great day at camp!

Ari J.
Dreams Begin Counselor

Pirate Ball Mania

June 20, 2017

What a beautiful morning it was at Merri Mac , it was chilly up on the hill and all of us wore extra layers down to breakfast. After a delicious meal of baked oatmeal, a camp favorite, Adam B. delivered a wonderful chapel message about how God will always be enough for us and will begin to fix us when we accept him into our hearts.

Today was the first day of some of our classes. Our skillful counselors gave “safety talks” so each camper will know how to safely perform in each activity. We made new friends and rekindled with old ones all while learning new skills. This morning Mountain Biking practiced going down big hills, Kayaking practiced their strokes and learned how to do a “wet exit”, DIY crafts made friendship bracelets, and Riflery learned gun safety and worked on target shooting.

At lunch we celebrated Kate R’s birthday, complete with everyone singing and a cake covered in sprinkles to share with her cabin. By the afternoon the sun had warmed up the whole mountain and everyone enjoyed rest hour and free time after a lunch of “taco in a bag”. Campers challenged each other in games of tetherball while enjoying a treat from trading post. Campers loved baking snicker doodles in Cooking, canoeing around the lake, and creating pinch pots out of clay in Pottery in their afternoon classes.

Tonight, we broke off into divisions for evening activity. Junior camp is playing on the slip and slide on Mackys Green, Intermediate camp is in an intense game of battle ball on the tennis courts, and senior camp is playing a camp original, Pirate Ball, on the lake front, where campers participate in every waterfront activity, at the same time. Even after a day full of excitement cabins are doing fun activities together. Blue Heaven is going on a scavenger hunt around camp and Moonmist is having free swim and smores with Little Dipper.

Cannot wait to see what adventures tomorrow brings at camp!!

Amy Jameson

Proud Iroquois

Moonmist counselor

A Snikerdoodle Sort of Day

Happy first day of activities from session 1B!  Many of our newly initiated campers came to breakfast wearing their paint or their new tribe jerseys.  At tribe meetings, the campers practiced tribe songs and talked about personal points.  During chapel, Lainey G. spoke about how God treats us with grace and love in our failures.

Today was filled with safety talks, introductions, and name games (shout out to Backpacking class for having the most fun name game- called The Animal Game!).  In cooking, campers baked snickerdoodles, and in pottery, the girls made pinch pots to practice their clay shaping skills.  Climbing met outside the Mike and the girls learned climbing commands, practiced knots, and started climbing on the traverse wall.  In yoga, Kelly talked about how practicing yoga can help us keep our minds on God.  And in fencing class, counselors acted out safety rules in a very exciting game of charades.  

We celebrated two birthdays at lunch: Anne and Christine M. in Tweedle Doe! The birthday girls got cakes to share with their cabin and the whole dining hall sang Happy Birthday and the Merri-Mac Birthday Rap.

All of the tribes banded together against the counselors for a crowd-favorite game: base jumping! The campers carried “secret messages” to special spots in camp while avoiding counselors who could tag them out.  Everyone had a great time, and the rain held out until just after the game! Tweedle Dum made s’mores at the backpacking hut afterwards- a little (or a lot) of rain could not keep us from enjoying those tasty treats!


Anna Mueller

Tweedle Dum Counselor

Opening Day Success!

Camp Article// June 18, 2017

This morning the staff woke up to a very misty morning, the suns rays beaming through the clouds and making camp seem magical. We awoke with our full session campers and drifted down to the kitchen to stuff ourselves in preparation for this great day ahead. After this we had a bit of downtime, then session 1B started to pull in!

Excitement rushing through the counselors to meet their new campers and get everything situated. Taking a walking around camp, one could see campers reunite and start to recap the past year to all their cabin-mates, and thankfully the rain held off! Parents seemed to enjoy strolling through camp, returners and new alike, with looks of joy on their faces, some even envious of where their kids are going to stay for the next two weeks.

Opening went smoothly, and once all the campers had said their see you in two weeks, camp was underway. Starting it off with down time in the cabins to meet one another, and get back into the groove of this place. Evening drew closer, meaning the weekly Sunday fried chicken and mashed potatoes was something to be anticipated. After downing healthy amounts of fried chicken (which, I’m not sure how much that actually is…) we headed up to initiation, getting painted up and marching towards the fire ring is one of the most special moments of camp.

While at the ring, many were brought into the tribes!

For the Iroquois: Anne B, Cadence L, Margaret W, Meseret N, Hannah K, Mary K, Abigail P, and Adeline H.

Seminoles: Lillian B, Elanor W, Cate C, Caroline C, Lila G, Harper L, Annette L, Liliana E, Ruby E, Ava P, Jayne A, and Ashby T!

Choctaw: Lucy C, Caroline F, Ellie H, Ella B, Madison K, Adair L, Zoe F, and Makenzie W!

Welcome, all.

As this opening day comes to a close, one could hear the campers nervous excitement buzzing throughout the cabin, anticipation what tomorrow will bring.

Proud Seminole,

Maddy Mallory