Special Days

When you are with your best friends every day is special. Some of our favorites are:

Christmas at Camp

Christmas is so special at home we thought, why not celebrate at camp too. On Christmas Eve our oldest girls “baby sit” the others while the staff go cabin to cabin singing carols. The next day Santa arrives with Christmas music and breakfast in bed for all those who have been nice…which is everyone!



Tribefest is to camp what April 15th is to accountants. The tribes compete throughout the session, but Tribefest is when we get a little carried away. Drive by Black Mountain during Tribefest and you are guaranteed to hear cheers echoing off the mountains.


Every family celebrates birthdays a little differently, and so does every cabin. Of course there is always cake and singing with the whole camp, but then there’s almost always some other cabin-wide celebration. Every camper gets a year older every year, and we love it when that happens at camp.

4th of July


We’re really good with special decorations and celebrations, and what’s better to celebrate than the fourth?

Rockmont Dances

Every now and then we get a visit from the boys at Camp Rockmont. This usually involves some young man on one knee inviting our girls to a dance, which is quickly followed with mild hysteria, loud singing and an afternoon of canceled classes and shower schedules.

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